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Neosho County Queries July - December 2007

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For faster loading time, the queries for Neosho County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from July - December 2007 are listed below.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Darlene Landry (ldebst@persona.ca)  31 December 2007
I am asking for help in finding the background of Alice Josephine LYONS born Dec 1874 Kansas.  As she married in Neosho County Kansas to Oliver Morton McLELAND 3 Mar 1895 Neosho Kansas and lived in Walnut Grove as his wife I am assuming that she too was from that general area.  The only family I found that maybe her family is that of J B LYONS who died in 1926 Neosho and was buried (probably by daughter) Rebecca E Wright.  I Would like the census of State  Census lookup on her as well as 1880 Federal Census,.. perhaps 1885 Provincial. This should give me an accurate picture of where she came from.  The 1920 census states both her parents were born in Illinois. She lived in Deerlodge Montana by then; a divorcee as a private housekeeper to the man she later married with her daughter and his mother.  Thank You.

John Leslie (leslie_john@bellsouth.net)  26 December 2007
I am looking for birth information, perhaps how to get a birth certificate, for Marguerite E. SMITH born in Kansas in about April 1904.  Her parents were William Alexander SMITH and Lulu (or Lula) May SMITH. The 1905 Kansas Census shows them living in Thayer City, Neosho, KS. Marguerite's father was a "Preacher" and moved frequently, probably living in Kansas no more than 5 or so years (1902 earliest, 1909 latest) Any help or clues on obtaining additional info or documentation.  Thank you.

Kellie Goode (kgoode245@cebridge.net)  26 December 2007
I am trying to locate the gravesite of William H. GOODE, b. 6 Apr 1821 (KY) d. 27 Apr 1901. (Chetopa Township, Neosho County, Kansas) William's wife Melissa (STERLING) is buried at Round Mound Cemetery in Round Mound Cemetery in Chautauqua County Kansas.  William and family are recorded in Neosho county census of 1870 in dwelling #117 (Sometimes transcribed as "Corde" instead of "GOODE" near the home of Melissa's sister and family, The STERLINGs in dwelling #114.  Anything you can share would be appreciated.

Meghan O'Connor (ravencomeslaughing@gmail.com)  13 December 2007
I am trying to do a matrilineal genealogical search.  My uncle recalls going to a family funeral in Chanute, Kansas when he was little, but he doesn't remember the name of the deceased.  This would have been in the 1930s.  Can anyone find out if there were any REYNOLDS or PHILLIPS that died in Chanute in the 1930s, related to Oliver Dee John PHILLIPS (my grandpa) or his wife, Nellie Faye PHILLIPS, nee REYNOLDS; or maybe Oliver's parents, whose names were likely William PHILLIPS and Susan YOUNG.

Sheila Sargent (gwsargent@hotmail.com)  6 December 2007
I am looking for more information on the DUECY, ROWAN, and RUEN families that lived in Neosho County. I will be glad to share what information I have.

Marilyn Pickering (wnpick@msn.com)  4 November 2007
I am looking for the TROWBRIDGE family in Neosho County from 1870 on.  I have a John W. TROWBRIDGE married to Florence RICHARDSON in 1876.  I am particularly interested in cemetery records.

Kathy (argator2007@yahoo.com)  28 October 2007
Hi! am trying to locate information on the John/Lenna OTT family that located from Iowa to Neosho County in the early 1900's.  They are both buried in Valley Cemetery.  Am also trying to locate information on the birth of Maria Wall (daughter of James and Libby Wall) who married Albert OTT from Neosho County,  I believe they were married at Osage Mission.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as these are my husbands family members.

Cheryl Burkey (caburkey@msn.com)  14 October 2007
According to my research, I found a marriage of ancestors in Neosho County, Kansas. William E. GREENWELL married Retta Della (or Della Retta) Mort on January 1, 1895.  This information was located on the LDS website.  I have a relative who has located a William E. GREENWELL in the 1880 Osage Mission, Neosho County, Kansas census.  It states he was born abt. 1864 in Illinois.  His father was Robert E. GREENWELL born in Kentucky and Ann E. born in Illinois.  I also located a William GREENWELL in the 1880 Grant, Neosho, Kansas census born abt 1859 in Kentucky.  Father was James born in Kentucky and Eliza born in Kentucky.  Is there anyway to determine if the William E. GREENWELL born abt. 1864 is the correct William GREENWELL?  Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Patty (sparrow2pb@aol.com)  6 October 2007
William CARPENTER b.1846 IN. married Melvina ? b1849.  Son John W. (Wesley?) CARPENTER b1867  Jennings, Indiana.  
married Ida Agnes Ayres 1897.
       . Vera A CARPENTER b1898 Neosho, Kansas, married George G. ROLES
       . Charles L CARPENTER b1900 Neosho, Kansas, married Eugena
       . Pearl M CARPENTER b1903 Neosho, Kansas, married Albert Gilmore BUCHANAN
       . Mabel CARPENTER b1906 Neosho, Kansas, married Elmer PITTSER   

John had a brother named David or Davis CARPENTER b.1872 Jennings? IN. This line of CARPENTER lived in Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and Oklahoma, but returned to Kansas around Neosho County.
My Grandmother was Pearl Marie CARPENTER. She and her siblings lived with other families after the death of her mother Ida between 1915-1920 in Neosho County, Kansas. Any information regarding these people would be greatly appreciated.

Donna Keil (donnakeilrn@yahoo.com)  2 October 2007
I am looking for information regarding Ambrose PEERCY.  Also I have discovered a direct connection to the HURTs which founded Chanute - one of my ancestors served as mayor at one time.  We are planning a trip to Chanute and Erie and any information you can give me would be appreciated.

Eileen Bouton (rbouton2183@esagelink.com)  1 October 2007
I am wanting to find some obituaries for relatives that died and are buried in Chanute City Cemetery. 

  • Fred Allan ANDERSON - 1951

  • Ada Elizabeth SHELER - 1946

  • R W SHELER - 1918

  • Glen SHELER - 1918

  • James SHELER - 1969

  • Minnie M. DUERSON - 1980

  • C Arthur DUERSON - 1975

Could you perhaps steer me in the direction to obtain these obits?  These are all part of my Anderson family that came to Kansas in the 1859-1865 time.

Margaret Rennaker (margaret166@cox.net)  29 September 2007
Looking for Mary Elizabeth (SHAW) ASHCRAFT she moved to Chanute, KS in early 1870s.  Supposedly died at Thayer, KS 31 January 1905.

Jeff Meiring (jeff.meiring@yahoo.com)  27 September 2007
I'm looking for the Nicholas & Theresa (MEIRING) STARK family of Osage Mission/St. Paul. Nicholas died Jan 28, 1895, and is buried at St. Francis Cemetery.  Is Theresa there also?
Daughter Anna Caroline STARK died May 16, 1894, she is buried at St. Francis Cemetery also.  Daughter Catherine Mary (STARK) BURNETT died in St. Paul on Feb 28, 1957, where is she buried?  Other STARK daughters unaccounted for are Elizabeth, Rosa and Mary.  Would appreciate any information you have, thank you!

William North (w.north@sbcglobal.net)  8 September 2007
Searching for exact date of death for: William Hibler FLEMING, b. Aug.1838, d. 1909 Walnut Grove, Neosho County, Kansas.  Need cemetery info., h/w Sarah Ann (WILSON) FLEMING, Feb.1844-Jan.1929, Stark Co., Ill., any other FLEMINGs in cemetery near his grave.

Becki Randall (beckirandall@yahoo.com)  24 August 2007
Looking for information about John Wesley CALLAHAN and his wife Carrie Idora (Dora) KIMBROUGH.  Both born in Illinois, lived in Neosho County, 1900ish.  Children:  Rose, Carl, Rolli.

Gary Petticrew (gaccesslp@woh.rr.com)  21 August 2007
I have copies of letters sent by David A. PETTICREW from Canville Township, Neosho County, Kansas dated 1861. I would really like to know how David A. died and where buried. Also any information on three of his children: Daughter Mary b. 1858 (did she marry and to whom), son William Sheridan (b. 1856) and son David A. Jr.

Rise Carter (rcarter59@hotmail.com)  18 August 2007
I was just told that the CARTER family had farms on an island in the middle of Neosho River. I would love to see pictures or hear stories!

D'Ann Still (bocabrats1@verizon.net) 5 August 2007
1875 Census Tioga, Neosho, KS
CASH, S. B. age 27 farmer
CASH, Nancy age 22
CASH, Louanna age 4 - we never knew of this child is there any record of her there or in a cemetery? this is the only census she is named.

Samuel B. and Nancy CASHare my Great-Great-Grandparents and I have found them in all other census. The 1875 I just found!

Lynn Crosley (lyncro@aol.com)  27 July 2007
I would like any information on the GARVINS, WATTS, and WILSON's that lived in Erie, Kansas.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Mary Burrows (mburrows@eoni.com)  15 July 2007
I am searching for the burial date and place of Christine/Christina ALLEN. She was living in Neosho Co after 1875. She was with her son William ALLEN in the 1875 Census then later living with her daughters Ellen (Hiram) VAN ORMAN and Abigail (George) WRIGHT. Any help appreciated.

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