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Neosho County Queries January - June 2008

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For faster loading time, the queries for Neosho County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from January - June 2008 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Neosho County, send your query to me, with the new Neosho County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Neosho County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Judith Wood Hinton (judithhinton@yahoo.com)  28 June 2008
I am researching my ancestor, PHOEBE WOOD. She married GEORGE LISLE 10 Oct 1833 in Ohio and accompanied her husband to Kansas. She was born 11 Dec 1814 in Belmont County, Ohio and died in Chetopa, Kansas 6 Jan 1863. I am interested in a death notice or obituary. Her parents were Abraham WOOD and Jane (LEWIS) WOOD. I would appreciate any information or direction that you could give me.

Dan'l Markham (danlm@roadrunner.com)  15 June 2008
The MARKHAM family and the GRAHAM family, my ancestors, came through Neosho County around 1870, to prepare to take the Oregon Trail to Oregon, eventually ending up downriver (Columbia River) from Portland, Oregon, in Ilwaco, Washington.  I am interested in finding whatever information I can about Dan MARKHAM and his son Daniel MARKHAM.  It is unclear how long the lived in Neosho County coming their from Ohio via Illinois, Dan MARKHAM being with the Illinois Calvary, 2nd Regiment, during the Civil War.  I find record of Dan MARKHAM being in Neosho in 1870, but unsure when they arrived and when the left, only knowing they arrived in Ilwaco, Washington in 1879.  The GRAHAM family married into the MARKHAM  family and I assume were in Neosho County as well.

Barbara McIntosh (bgmcintosh@cox.net)  12 June 2008
Would anyone have information on Ceril and Drewsilla FRAKER (sp?)  They migrated from Germany to the Erie/Galesburg area and farmed.  They are deceased.  I would like to know where they are buried and the names of their children.

Brenda Gaskill (childofgod006@yahoo.com)  4 June 2008
I'm looking for info on Lemuel and Eliza DANIELS. Their daughter Mary married Sylvester Robert KING.  Also looking for information on their daughter Iva, who's first marriage was to Samuel EMERY, then married Noah Wilson (Willis) SMITH. She had 2 daughters with Samuel and maybe more with her second husband. She died in Autumn Manor Nursing Home in 1981. I'm also looking for info on a Harry N. LAMB married to an L. Ella WILSON or JACKSON. Thank you for you time.

Patricia Ellis (trishie199@bellsouth.net)  3 June 2008
I am looking for descendants of these heads of family.  Joseph BRIGHAM and Missouri Q. (GARAGIN) BRIGHAM, Floyd E. WATSON and Lavon (BRIGHAM) WATSON. Winnifred BRIGHAM mother of Joseph, Augustus, Henrietta, Henry, and Charity Brigham. Rev. George W. WATSON .

Anna Bertram (abertram@dtccom.net)  29 May 2008
I'm the granddaughter of Berch Louie (BALDWIN) & Harry Clay HUNT, both natives of Neosho Co., Kansas. Harry was a banker, later an abstractor with an office at the courthouse in Erie. Berch was a school teacher but also worked in the bank at Shaw and the courthouse in Erie. I am interested in anything regarding this couple, their relatives and descendants, including allied families -- BURKETT/BURKET, SLAUGHTER, WOOD/WOODS, and others. Will gladly share and exchange information.

Ed Schneck (fairwayed@aol.com)  13 May 2008
John W. OVERMAN (b. 1854) migrated from Jackson County, Indiana to Neosho County sometime between 1880 and 1890. The 1895 Kansas Census has him in Mission Twp with his wife M.E., born in TN and his two daughters, born 1891 and 1893.  His wife evidently died in Neosho County between 1896 when their son John was born and 1900. John has returned to Indiana with his children and is living again in Jackson County with his mother and brother in the 1900 Federal Census. I am looking for M.E.'s burial site and her full name.

Regina Kay (saasbak@yahoo.com)  10 May 2008
Looking for information/pictures of the O'BRYAN Family of Mission and St. Paul. Parents were William W. and Grace. Children include Paul, John, William, Ruth, George...

Dan Carter (ysmtdan@sti.net)  10 May 2008
Find below the names I know and relationship to me:

  • CARTER, Roy LaVerne (Father, born in Chanute KS. October 1920)

  • CARTER, Mary (Peg) (Grandmother; Maiden name RITTINGHOUSE)

  • RITTINGHOUSE, Sue (Great Grandmother; Maiden name Carver)

  • CARVER, Arianna (First name spelling may be with two R’s; Great, Great Grandmother; Maiden name unknown, believed to be full blood Osage)

I am most interested in maiden name of Arianna CARVER, birth date, and Osage bloodline confirmation. Osage Nation Membership Services can help confirm blood line if they know Arianna’s maiden name and birth date.

Darlene Landry (ldbest@persona.ca)  3 May 2008
I am seeking to find relatives of David E MCLELAND and Hannah Harriett MILLER...who may know the facts about son Oliver Morton MCLELAND's wife Alice Josephine LYONS...family and parents.  David E MCLELAND was in 1870 census in NEOSHO County Kansas with family.

David James (djazz@cox.net)  14 April 2008
I am looking for the cemetery where my Great-Grandmother was interred.  Her name was Sarah Mary (Gordin, -on) SMITH. She was born 15 Feb 1861 in Madison Co., OH and died 20 Mar 1917, supposedly in Altoona, KS. However, I know most of her children were born in Thayer, which I believe is in Neosho County.
Her husband was William Edgar SMITH, she had 4 children, Nellie E., Nina R, Harry A, Harley L.  It would also be helpful, if you locate the cemetery, to know the plot, or how to find her in the cemetery.  I would also be interested in knowing in which newspaper(s) an obituary might have appeared.

Marilyn Pickering (wnpick@msn.com)  16 March 2008
I am looking for John W. TROWBRIDGE.  He was in the 1870 Neosho, Kansas census with his son Orson 29yrs, John W. 69yrs, John 19yrs and Winfield Morton 9yrs.  John's wife Caroline M. died around 1870, before this census was taken.  I would appreciate any information you could give me.

Craig Ferguson (caferg4@hotmail.com)  11 March 2008
Willing to share information on Alex and Mary FERGUSON and Malcolm and Julia McLACHLEN families of Chetopa Township. and Thayer, during the late 1800s.

Terry Barker (sletab@peoplepc.com)  11 February 2008
History of BARKER family in Neosho County and surrounding area.  To include the following:

  • Doctor BARKER
  • Oren BARKER
  • George BARKER
  • Albert BARKER
  • Gordon BARKER
  • Terry BARKER
  • Frank BARKER
  • George BARKER

Bryan Baird (baird.bryan@att.net)  1 January 2008
Information on William James Maloney buried in Chanute.  Died May 13th 1934

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