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Neosho County Queries July - December 2008

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For faster loading time, the queries for Neosho County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from July - December 2008 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Neosho County, send your query to me, with the new Neosho County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Neosho County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

Neosho County Queries July - December 2006

Ed Miller (edmiller61936@cox.net)  16 November 2009
Do you have anything on John Robert MILLER, buried in Erie, Kansas?

David England (dkemtptom@comcast.net)  8 November 2008
I am looking for anyone with information about Joseph Francis FIANT - especially who his mother was.  Am also looking for information on Bessie M. FIANT and Charles Osey FIANT.

Denise Cofas (dcofas@comcast.net)  22 October 2008
Any information on John Richard McCOY and second wife Bridget (SMITH) McCOY.  He moved to Neosho County in 1901 after the death of his first wife Biddy McCOY.  He had 5 sons and sent 4 of them to Neosho County (from Illinois) and bought 5 farms. Their names are: Charles Luther McCOY, Samuel Lawrence McCOY, Edward Lee McCOY and John Lewis McCOY.  He lived with John for a bit as shown on the census, then married a widow name Bridget SMITH.  Late husband was William.

I would like to find info if possible on the locations of the farms and where the sons are buried.  Anything more would be great as well!

Jim Deeter (sjd@erinet.com)  22 October 2008
I would like to connect with someone who knows this line who may be able to assist in marriage info of the LIGHT children. I am in Greenville, Ohio Thank you very much!!

Peggie Culbertson (little_but_Short@yahoo.com)  19 September 2008
Looking for anything ,you have on Rhoda and Alfred B. JOHNSON, also went by A.B. JOHNSON and children.  Would like graves for both of them.

Janice Maloney (earljanice@yahoo.com)  11 September 2008
Looking for any information on these 2 families.

Lynda Stark (lstar@shaw.ca)  6 September 2008
Researching my lineage from Neosho and Labette counties mainly.

John ROSS m Anela __ > Winfield "W. S." ROSS m #1 Maggie McCOY and #2 Ida May KING in Neosho County, Lincoln township > Claude Lee ROSS "C. L." m Bertha Lucille "Bea" CORMANEY > Claude Lee Jr "Bob" ROSS m Neoma A. "Patricia" HASH > Lynda Sue ROSS.   Ida King married William F. VANZANT after W. S. ROSS died.

 I have more info and am anxious to connect and share information.

Ruth Lucchesi (ruth@lucchesi.org)  23 August 2008
I am tracing Truman T. GILBERT (born Oct 1830, unknown city, New York) and his wife Elmira (Almira) (MARTIN) GILBERT (Born 19 Mar 1834 Southwold Township, Ontario Canada) who lived for many years in Neosho County.  I find them listed as follows:

  • 1900    Walnut Grove Township

  • 1880 Walnut Grove Township

  • 1870 Erie Township

Elmira died 19 Mar 1904, probably in Neosho County.  I don't know when Truman died, but neither of them are listed in the 1910 census for Neosho county.  Can you locate either cemetery or death records for this couple?

Additionally, I found two children born to this family...Annie/Anice (born ca 1857) and Owen (born ca 1863) both born in their prior residence of Rock Grove City, Floyd County, Iowa.  The 1900 census lists Elmira as having 3 children, 1 of whom is living.  Both of these children disappear from the census after 1870; the girl because she married and the boy perhaps because he died.  Do you have any death records for these children?  Do you have any birth/death records for the illusive third child? 

Assuming that Annie/Anice was the child who lived, might there be any marriage records for her?

Hallie Garner (hallie_garner@gmail.com)  29 July 2008
I am trying to get information about a woman named Kittie/Kitty Mae SCHISLER. Her maiden name was LAWSON and she was from Hancock County, Tennessee. This has been a fairly consistent spelling, but it a name that has lots of variations. I can find nothing on the Social Security Death Index, although relatives say she definitely died. She was alive in 2004--would be in her 80s now or when she died.

Ethel Beard Simons (bboopbeard@aol.com)  25 July 2008
I'm looking for marriages for Brookie CRISSMAN who may have married a BEILAND, Ada B., Gertie and Susan who did marry George GREALEY.  The marriages would have occurred shortly after 1900.  Any help will be most appreciated.  Thanks ahead of time.

Neal Wilkerson (newpaw@sbcglobal.net)  14 July 2008
Trying to locate Great-Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James BECKMAN graves. They once lived in Thayer, Kansas

Mary Knudson (m-knudson@charter.net)  10 July 2008
I'm looking for information on Elmira SHREVE. My Elmira was the daughter of Israel SHREVE and Rebecca EGGMAN.  She was born in Tazewell County Illinois abt 1858.  She is included in the 1860 and 1870 census with her parents.  Searching the web, I found an entry under "Complete Name Index to History of Neosho County, Kansas" for a SHREVE, Elmira (Tucker), 297.  Two of the brothers did move to Kansas.  They died in Saline County Kansas.  Could you provide me with any info on Elmira (SHREVE) TUCKER?

Jim Carter (jcarter21@charter.net)  7 July 2008
George Hagan and Agnes (BUTLER) SMITH are my maternal grandparents.  I am trying to get their official birth dates.  Both were long-time residents of Stark, Kansas.  George passed away in 1986, Agnes in 1996.  Thanks in advance for your help.

James Mincks (slyfox52@peoplepc.com)  4 July 2008
I am trying to locate the grave of Mary HOWARD, who died in Neosho County, Kansas in the year of 1868, at age 30. Her husband was Charles H. HOWARD. They originally came to Kansas from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Burkett (cygnuswa@comcast.net)  4 July 2008
I am still searching for persons with information concerning the forebears of Riley A. BURKETT, Allie G. KINCADE, Henry LAWRENCE, and Olive GLEASON.  I would also like to locate descendents of these individuals.

For Comments and/or Suggestions please contact Kenneth Thomas

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