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These obituaries were transcribed and typed into manuscript form by members of the Norton County Genealogical Society from old editions of the Norton newspapers.  They cover the time period April 21, 1881 to December 26, 1929.  Newspapers browsed included the Norton County People, Norton Courier, and the Norton County Champion.  Transcribing members whose names are included in the transcription are Florence Anderson (deceased) and Ellen (Collins) Anderson (deceased).  It is very likely that other members of the genealogy society also worked on the project, including Lydia Bishop (deceased), and others.  This index was created for the Norton County web pages by Sharleen Wurm.

Disclaimer:  It is highly likely that there are errors contained in this index.   If you find an error, and have a source to justify a change, please contact me.  It is evident that these obituaries are NOT a complete record of deaths in the county.  They contain relatively few obits from Almena, Edmond, Lenora and Norcatur, which had their own newspapers or from Densmore, where obituaries were commonly placed in the Logan Republican.  The content of these transcribed obituaries ranges from a single line such as "Mrs. Jones died today" to a complete, informative obituary.

Searching the obituaries: These obituaries are arranged alphabetically - first by the person's surname, then by their first name.  To search for women's maiden or married names, a first husband's name or another relative, I highly recommend that you use Search KSGenWeb Project or click on its button below.  Read how to precisely target your search in the "Search Tips" link.

Obtaining the text of the obituaries:

Please contact Walta Russ, c/o Norton County Genealogical Society, 322 W. Lincoln, Norton, Kansas 67654.  Because the Society is non-profit, you will be asked for a donation in addition to costs for copies and postage.

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