Standard Atlas 
Rawlins County Kansas

 Compiled and Published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. 

This index includes all surnames from the townships in Rawlins County. Any errors in spelling that existed in the atlas were carried over to this surname index, so be sure to check alternate spellings.  Please keep in mind that we try very hard to put accurate information on these pages, but errors do sneak in sometimes.  If you find an error or omission, please let us know.

  If you would like a copy of the land dead or to find out more information such as who your ancestor bought the land from or when they sold it, you can contact the Register of Deeds Office   607 Main, Atwood, KS  67730.  Phone number is 785-626-3172.





Surnames A - B

Last Name First Name Land Section


Abbott Caroline 22 Achilles
Abelbeck D. 26 Rotate
Abelbeck D. 27 Rotate
Achilles   17 Achilles
Ackley H.Z. 28 Burntwood
Adams Geo 20 Grant
Agan E.J. 14 Achilles
Agan E.J. 22 Achilles
Agan Lee 22 Achilles
Agan Lee 23 Achilles
Agan E.J.   Patron's Directory
Albertson Marianne 24 Celia
Aldoes L.V. 25 Mirage
Aldoes L.V. 36 Mirage
Aldons I.V. 31 Grant
Alexander J.E.C. 9 Achilles
Alexander L.F. 12 Mikesell
Alexander L.F. 14 Mikesell
Alexander L.F. 10 Clinton
Allacher J. 2 Herndon
Allacher Mathias 22 Herndon
Allacher Mathias 23 Herndon
Allacher Mathias 26 Herndon
Allen Wm 9 Burntwood
Allen W.L. 9 Celia
Allen J.H. 19 Clinton
Allen Charles 9 Mirage
Allen S.C.   Patron's Directory
Alley C. 29 Beaver
Alley Cora 24 Arbor
Alley Cyrus 14 Mikesell
Alley C. 24 Mikesell
Alley C. 25 Mikesell
Alloust Alb 1 Jefferson
Alloust Alb 2 Jefferson
Amidon J.R. 14 Achilles
Amidon J.R. 15 Achilles
Amsden A.T. 25 Rotate
Anderbaugh L. 26 Arbor
Anders Belle 4 Logan
Anderson Andrew 6 Richland
Anderson And. 7 Richland
Anderson A.J. 31 Herndon
Anderson F.A. 32 Herndon
Anderson John Valinder 32 Herndon
Anderson Anders J. 36 Herndon
Anderson G.H. residence 17 Beaver
Anderson J.W. 5 Laing
Anderson F.A. 5 Laing
Anderson F.A. 6 Laing
Anderson J.M. 13 Laing
Anderson John 26 Laing
Anderson B.S. 2 Logan
Anderson D.W.   8 Logan
Anderson Belle 10 Logan
Anderson D.W. 17 Logan
Anderson S.B. 21 Logan
Anderson I. 30 Logan
Anderson S.W. 31 Arbor
Anderson S.W. 35 Mikesell
Anderson S.W. 36 Mikesell
Anderson G.H.   Patron's Directory
Anderson J.M.   Patron's Directory
Anderson S.W.   Patron's Directory
Andorka Martin 36 Elk
Andorka John 26 Ludell
Andorka Martin   Patron's Directory
Andrews M.A. 14 Celia
Andrews M.A. 10 Celia
Andrews Lewis 32 Mirage
Andrews L. 19 Grant
Andrews Edw. E. 19 Grant
Andrews B.E. 30 Grant
Andrews E.E.   Patron's Directory
Andrews E.E.   Portrait Department
Ankle J 15 Burntwood
Antholz N. 16 Driftwood
Antholz Herman 25 Driftwood
Antholz Harry 25 Driftwood
Antholz H.D. 17 Beaver
Archer J. 32 Beaver
Archibald Joseph 3 Herndon
Arendt L.C. 7 Elk
Arendt L.C. 8 Elk
Arendt L.C.   Patron's Directory
Arlen & Ingerversen   19 Logan
Armbruster Barney 18 Achilles
Armbruster Barney   Patron's Directory
Arneal A.H. 36 Clinton
Arneal A.H.   Patron's Directory
Artery J.W. 33 Laing
Artz Isaac 7 Grant
Asbury H.H. 22 Atwood
Asbury B.B. 27 Atwood
Asbury B.B. 34 Atwood
Ashton Chas E. 6 Atwood
Askins John Y 3 Achilles
Atkins J.O. 29 Union
Atwood   8 Atwood
Atwood Cemetery   8 Atwood
August Albert 33 Celia
August Albert J. 9 Clinton
August A.J. 18 Clinton
August Albert J. 20 Clinton
August Albert J. 32 Grant
August A.J. 10 Mirage
August A.J. 11 Mirage
August Albert J. 34 Mirage
Bacon F.W. 16 Jefferson
Bacon J.F. 16 Jefferson
Bacon J.F. 17 Jefferson
Bacon J.F. 20 Jefferson
Bacon Bros.   20 Jefferson
Badger F. & Co.   Patron's Directory
Badger A.F.   Patron's Directory
Badger Frank   Portrait Department
Bailey A.M. 28 Atwood
Baird Alice  36 Rotate
Baird Robert 36 Rotate
Baird R.H.   Patron's Directory
Baker R.  33 Mirage
Balding Nettie 9 Mikesell
Baldwin Lucy 20 Celia
Bancher Franklin 3 Elk
Banchor Franklin 2 Burntwood
Banchor Franklin 19 Union
Bancroft Lizzie pg. 71 Atwood
Banister W.H. 9 Rotate
Banister J.P. 23 Rotate
Banister W.H.   Patron's Directory
Bank of Inavale   23 Burntwood
Bank of Oberlin   5 Union
Bank of Peoria   35 Achilles
Barenberg Joseph 19 Richland
Barenberg H.F. 29 Richland
Barenberg H.F. 31 Richland
Barenberg Theo 31 Richland
Barenberg Jos 32 Richland
Barenberg Jos 33 Richland
Barenberg Joe 24 Elk
Barenberg Theodore 36 Elk
Barenberg Frank 6 Herndon
Barenberg Theo 7 Herndon
Barenberg Frank 7 Herndon
Barenberg John 7 Herndon
Barenberg Hubert 7 Herndon
Barenberg John 8 Herndon
Barenberg Joseph 8 Herndon
Barenberg A.M. 9 Herndon
Barenberg Joseph 9 Herndon
Barenberg Joseph 16 Herndon
Barenberg John 17 Herndon
Barenberg F 17 Herndon
Barenberg H.F.   Patron's Directory
Barenberg John   Patron's Directory
Barenberg Theo   Patron's Directory
Barenberg John   Portrait Department
Barr F.E. 35 Union
Barr F.D. 13 Clinton
Barrett Wm. 34 Achilles
Bartholomew J. 23 Beaver
Bartholomew C. 26 Beaver
Bartholomew J.R. 26 Beaver
Bartholomew L. 5 Logan
Bartholomew Cora   8 Logan
Bartholomew H. 8 Logan
Bartholomew H. 17 Logan
Bartosovsky Chas & Mary 8 Driftwood
Bartosovsky F. 27 Driftwood
Bartosovsky Chas   Patron's Directory
Bastin E.C. 30 Celia
Bastin E.C. 31 Celia
Batersby J.R. 5 Mirage
Baumfalk T 14 Driftwood
Baumfalk Henry 15 Driftwood
Baumfalk W.T. 15 Driftwood
Baumfalk W.T. 22 Driftwood
Baumfalk Henry 22 Driftwood
Baumfalk Henry 23 Driftwood
Baumfalk Hickey 25 Beaver
Baumfalk Hickey 26 Beaver
Baumfalk Henry   Patron's Directory
Beal Weasley 28 Clinton
Beale M.E. 4 Mirage
Beals J.W. 15 Mirage
Bear C.W. 3 Celia
Beardsley   3 Celia
Bearley W.R. 8 Atwood
Bearley W.R. 9 Atwood
Bearley W.R. 16 Atwood
Bearley W.R. 17 Atwood
Bearley W.R. 8 Beaver
Bearley W.R.   Patron's Directory
Bearley W.R.   Portrait Department
Beattie R.B. 22 Jefferson
Beaver Chas 30 Beaver
Beaver F.M. 31 Union
Beaver F.M. 32 Union
Beaver Valley Ranch   19 Rotate
Beaver Valley Roller Mills   Portrait Department
Beck Mary 16 Arbor
Beck Anna   21 Arbor
Beck Joe   Patron's Directory
Beckman John 18 Burntwood
Beebe E.F. 18 Herndon
Beedy Wm. 30 Clinton
Beedy Ida L. 30 Clinton
Beedy John W. 31 Clinton
Beedy Dan 25 Grant
Beeson W.H. 17 Rotate
Beeson Robt. 29 Rotate
Beham A.H. 6 Logan
Beims A.T. 5 Ludell
Beims Henry 5 Ludell
Beims R.T.   Patron's Directory
Bell G.B. 12 Grant
Benepe Cordelia 17 Achilles
Benepe Cordelia pg. 73 Achilles
Bennett G.W. 12 Logan
Bennett R.S. 13 Logan
Bennett R.S. 16 Logan
Bennett B.N. 16 Logan
Bennett B.N. 20 Logan
Bennett D.W. residence 10 Achilles
Berg A. 11 Atwood
Berg F.G. 11 Atwood
Berg F.G. 15 Atwood
Berger John 5 Richland
Berger Julius 15 Richland
Berger Frank 15 Richland
Berger John 28 Richland
Berger John 29 Richland
Berger Frank   Patron's Directory
Berger John Sr.   Patron's Directory
Berger John Jr.   Patron's Directory
Berger Julius   Patron's Directory
Bergling C. 12 Union
Bergling H.A. 14 Union
Bergling Albert 14 Union
Bergling H.A. 15 Union
Bergquist John 9 Laing
Berndt Theodore 13 Herndon
Berndt Herman F. 36 Herndon
Bidwell W.L. 2 Jefferson
Biltz F.J. 29 Elk
Biltz F.J. 17 Ludell
Biltz F.J. 18 Ludell
Biltz Julius 15 Atwood
Biltz F.J. 18 Union
Binning Nellie 7 Grant
Binning S.L. 17 Grant
Binning George 17 Grant
Binning Nellie 17 Grant
Binning John 17 Grant
Binning George 18 Grant
Binning S.L. 20 Grant
Binning George   Patron's Directory
Bird A 32 Logan
Bird A 33 Logan
Bird G.A. 24 Arbor
Bird G.A.   Patron's Directory
Bird Mr. & Mrs. G.A.   Portrait Department
Birkholz W.A. 16 Rotate
Birky Jacob 25 Achilles
Birrer W.N.   Patron's Directory
Bishop J.W. 36 Rotate
Bishop J.W.   Patron's Directory
Blackmon C.M. 29 Mirage
Blackmore Edward 35 Ludell
Blackmore Augusta 27 Atwood
Blackmore Edward 34 Atwood
Blackmore L.E. 4 Atwood
Blakeman   3 Logan
Blakeman Cemetery   3 Logan
Blark W.M. 15 Atwood
Bliss J.K. 5 Atwood
Bliss James K. 20 Logan
Bliss J.K. 29 Logan
Bliss J.K. 32 Logan
Bliss S.A. 32 Logan
Bliss J.K. 33 Logan
Bliss John 33 Logan
Bliss Benj. J. 15 Mikesell
Bliss J.A. 8 Mirage
Bliss J.K. pg. 70 Atwood
Bliss J.A.   Patron's Directory
Block Moritz 12 Driftwood
Block I.M. 9 Mirage
Block Moritz   Patron's Directory
Blood C.C. 16 Rotate
Blume A.C. 31 Ludell
Blume A.C. 25 Ludell
Blume A.C. 36 Ludell
Blume A.C. 6 Union
Bockhold B.F. 20 Celia
Bockhold B.F. 22 Celia
Bockhold J. 22 Celia
Bockhold J.O.   Patron's Directory
Bohme Tony 17 Clinton
Bohme Tony 18 Clinton
Bohme Minnie 20 Clinton
Bohme Minnie   Patron's Directory
Boillot Amy 9 Ludell
Bolte Aug 26 Elk
Bone T.M. 20 Beaver
Bone A.K. 31 Atwood
Bone J.C. 36 Logan
Bone A.K. 36 Logan
Bone A.K. 6 Arbor
Boozan Richard 21 Elk
Boozan Thos 21 Elk
Bosler S. 6 Union
Bosler S. 7 Union
Bosler S. 18 Union
Bothwell George 8 Burntwood
Bowland Simon 12 Burntwood
Bowland S.J. 14 Burntwood
Bowland J.D. 14 Burntwood
Bowland J.D.   Patron's Directory
Bowland J.D. Chairman Patron's Directory
Bowman S.A. 12 Arbor
Boyer C.W. 28 Clinton
Boyer J.A. 34 Clinton
Boyer C.W.   Patron's Directory
Boyer C.W. residence   Portrait Department
Boysor N.N. 7 Celia
Bradford J.A. 23 Logan
Brant F.E. 8 Arbor
Brechner Kate C. 10 Grant
Brees Vilie L. 24 Achilles
Brennan Hugo 24 Achilles
Bridge John R. 4 Arbor
Brine E. 6 Beaver
Briney Frank W. 7 Beaver
Briney F.W.   Patron's Directory
Briney J.H.   Patron's Directory
Briney J.H.   Portrait Department
Brinkinang F 36 Grant
Britton Geo W. 14 Mirage
Brott W.N. 4 Elk
Brott W.N. 5 Elk
Brown Joseph 5 Herndon
Brown Mary 6 Herndon
Brown W.S. 21 Atwood
Brown J.E. 33 Atwood
Brown J.E. 28 Atwood
Brown W.S. 11 Atwood
Brown R. 31 Atwood
Brown Chas  15 Celia
Brown Oscar 16 Celia
Brown Chas 16 Celia
Brown Oscar 17 Celia
Brown Chas 21 Celia
Brown Chas 22 Celia
Brown Sarah E. 22 Celia
Brown F.W. 27 Celia
Brown S.E. 27 Celia
Brown S.C. 34 Celia
Brown S.E. 34 Celia
Brown R.P. 12 Achilles
Brown T.W. 16 Union
Brown H.C. 18 Union
Brown Chas. H. 26 Achilles
Brown Chas H. 36 Achilles
Brown Jas. N. 25 Arbor
Brown James N. 1 Jefferson
Brown Jas. N. 12 Jefferson
Brown Chas. H.   Patron's Directory
Brown C.L.   Patron's Directory
Brown H.C.   Patron's Directory
Brown J.E.   Patron's Directory
Brown Mrs. S.E.   Patron's Directory
Brown T.W.   Patron's Directory
Brown Sarah E.   Portrait Department
Brown Mr. & Mrs. J.E.   Portrait Department
Bruce C.C. 24 Achilles
Bruce Caroline M. & children 10 Jefferson
Bruce Caroline M. & children 11 Jefferson
Brumm Clara 34 Burntwood
Brumm Peter & C.K. 17 Burntwood
Brumm Peter & C.K. 19 Celia
Brumm Peter & C.K. 20 Celia
Brumm Peter   Patron's Directory
Brunnie J. 31 Beaver
Bryan A.L. 2 Mirage
Bryan A.L. 23 Mirage
Bryan A.L. 35 Mirage
Buchner George   8 Achilles
Bucholz W.C. 24 Rotate
Buck J.W. 19 Celia
Buck J.W. 29 Celia
Buck J.W.   Patron's Directory
Buck J.W. Co. Treas. Patron's Directory
Buck J.W.   Portrait Department
Buckmann John 11 Beaver
Buckmon John 2 Beaver
Bugbee F.E. 33 Union
Bugbee F.E. 34 Union
Builta D.M. 10 Burntwood
Bummer J.S. 29 Herndon
Bunning Sarah L. 11 Clinton
Burk Paul 35 Burntwood
Burk Paul   Patron's Directory
Burk Paul 26 Burntwood
Burke Paul 15 Burntwood
Burkett J.S.   Patron's Directory
Burks U.S. 4 Burntwood
Burks U.S. 5 Burntwood
Burks U.S.   Patron's Directory
Burns E. 3 Clinton
Burntwood P.O.   1 Burntwood
Burton J.M. 5 Atwood
Burton John M. 14 Logan
Burton John M. 23 Logan
Burton John M. 24 Logan
Burton J.M. 30 Union
Burton John M.   Patron's Directory
Burton John M. Rw. Co Bank Patron's Directory
Bushnell M.L. 4 Clinton
Butcher G. 35 Union
Butcher Geo 25 Mikesell
Butler Mary 1 Beaver
Butler C.A. 2 Beaver
Butler Mary 12 Beaver
Butler C.A. 18 Atwood
Butler C.A. 19 Atwood
Butler C.A. Rw. Co Bank Patron's Directory
Bye D.O.   Patron's Directory
Bye D.O. Co. Attorney Patron's Directory

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