Rawlins County Kansas
The Old Soldiers

From the returns of the assessors, as filed in the office of the county clerk, the following list of soldiers of the War of the Rebellion residing in this county. There are a total of 175 in the county.

Abstracted from the May 24, 1889 ATWOOD CITIZEN, Atwood, KS (Rawlins County Microfilm).

Adams, Ashley H 8th Cavalry Missouri
Aldrich, H.D. H 126th Infantry New York
Anderson, J.W. A 10th Infantry Indiana
Arbuckle, J.C. C 132d Infantry Ohio
Aughinbaugh, H.C. B 25th Cavalry Missouri
Bair, W.R. D. 7th Infantry Iowa
Barenberg, Theodore F 4th Infantry Minnesota
Barnes, Frank A 35th Infantry Indiana
Beals, J.W. C 59th Infantry Illinois
Beals, W.W. K 19th Infantry Iowa
Beam, M. 15th Infantry Ohio
Berry, J.V. F 92d Infantry Illinois
Berry, Ed B 26th Infantry Illinois
Bird, Anderson F 31st Infantry Iowa
Body, Enoch F 59th Infantry Illinois
Body, John G 8th Infantry Minnesota
Bone, A.K. E 21st Infantry Illinois
Bonner, John D. B 18th Infantry Michigan
Bowland, J.D. G 43d Infantry Wisconsin
Boyer, Wm. K 27th Infantry Illinois
Breezely, Henry F. H 78th Infantry Illinois
Brittain, H.H. E 11th Cavalry Indiana
Brown, F.W. G 21st Infantry Illinois
Browning, W.S. D 23rd Infantry Iowa
Bruce, Dan W. F 6th Cavalry Kansas
Bruce, H.M. E 3rd Cavalry Iowa
Brummett, Marion C 35th Infantry Missouri
Bubois, E.N. D 9th Infantry Iowa
Burris, Wm. E. H 123d Infantry Illinois
Burton, J.M. A 156th Infantry Illinois
Cair, Charles F 2d Cavalry Missouri
Caldwell, J.R. A 1st Infantry West Virginia
Cannon, J.C.F. D 71st Infantry Illinois
Copper, J.M. 26th Light Artillery Indiana
Chambers, J.H. H 74th Infantry Illinois
Chessmore, D.A. E 13th Infantry Vermont
Clark, Jesse C 36th Infantry Iowa
Clawson, John A 33d Infantry Ohio
Cockran, J.W. 129th Infantry Ohio
Cotter, E.D. A 13th Heavy Artillery New York
Criswell, D. I 105th Infantry Pennsylvania
Cromwell, L.H. I 21st Infantry Indiana
Cromwell, M.W. I 21st Infantry Indiana
Dimmick, W.H. G 73d Infantry Illinois
Doyle, J.W. A 110th Infantry Illinois
Drahing, J.G. E 34th Infantry Illinois
Duckworth, Pleasant C 120th Infantry Indiana
DuBois, S.T. C 3d Cavalry New York
Duffield, G.W. A 6th Cavalry West Virginia
DuShane, John C 4th Cavalry Colorado
Edmonds, M.A. I. 7th Infantry Iowa
Ellerton, J.R. D 14th Infantry Iowa
Ely, J.R. H 100th Infantry Ohio
Evans, E.P. F 125th Infantry Illinois
Everiss, Luke K 151st Infantry Illinois
Fasnacht, Jacob I 34th Infantry Ohio
Fields, J.C. C 2d Cavalry West Virginia
Finley, Joseph C 172d Infantry Ohio
Finley, Wm. G 31st Infantry Indiana
Franklin, A.J. K 15th Cavalry Kansas
Frisbee, D.C. K 8th Cavalry Iowa
Garrison, F.T. D 7th Cavalry Illinois
Garrison, W.R. D 7th Cavalry Illinois
Garvin, C.A. C 2d Infantry Wisconsin
Gates, Luther D 36th Infantry Illinois
Gaunt, S.W. K 23d Infantry Missouri
Gifford, D.A. L 9th Cavalry Illinois
Giles, John G 1st Cavalry Maryland
Gilmore, G.W. H 67th Infantry Illinois
Ginger, Lew F 57th Infantry Indiana
Goodin, Ebenezer K 10th Infantry Kansas
Goodin, T.J. E 12th Cavalry Missouri
Greason, J.D. 1st Independent Battery Ohio
Grover, M.C. G 1st Cavalry New York
Hacker, John D. I 23d Infantry Wisconsin
Hall, A.G. A 36th Infantry Ohio
Harper, John S. G 6th Infantry West Virginia
Harper, Nathan B 9th Cavalry Kansas
Hawley, Henry C 90th Infantry New York
Hayes, J.E. K 8th Infantry Iowa
Hemming, Albert K 101st Infantry Ohio
Henry, E.E. A 154th Infantry Indiana
Higley, Dorwin C 11th Infantry Ohio
Hill, D.N. A 23d Infantry Missouri
Hill, Ephraim K 11th Infantry Ohio
Hird, R. E 2d Cavalry Missouri
Hobbs, J. E 149th Infantry Illinois
Holcomb, I.N. I 27th Infantry Illinois
Howard, G.S. E 20th Infantry Ohio
Howland, Caleb E 18th Infantry Massachusetts
Hubbard, John A 14th Cavalry Kansas
Hubbard, W.J. C 51st Infantry Wisconsin
Hubbard, William K 76th Infantry New York
Hunter, John B 13th Infantry Iowa
Hurt, William 7th Infantry & B, 2d Cavalry Illinois
Jolly, S.H. E 80th Infantry Ohio
Jones, Orlando E 22nd Infantry Iowa
Jones, Sam I 4th Cavalry Ohio
Kellogg, Frank K 24th Infantry Michigan
Kelso, J.C. B 16th Infantry Indiana
Kilburn, D.M. E 14th Cavalry Vermont
Koch, Peter E 42nd Infantry Indiana
Lee, Hiram C 26th Infantry Iowa
Leeper, G. B 11th Cavalry Kansas
Long, John F 8th Infantry Indiana
Lutz, G.M. A 84th Infantry Illinois
Mallonee, George M. B 52nd Infantry Illinois
Manso, J.G. A 151st Infantry Illinois
Masterson, Esom G 18th Infantry Missouri
Masterson, J.A. M 7th Cavalry Missouri
Mathewson, W.O. H 11th Infantry Missouri
Matson, D. G 24th Infantry Iowa
McCaslin, W.H. C 57th Infantry Pennsylvania
McCaullee, G.M. C 40th Infantry Ohio
McCullough, Wm. T. I 169th Infantry Pennsylvania
McFadden, J.M. F 2d Cavalry Illinois
McLain, S.C. D 13th Infantry Iowa
McLaughlin, W.D. B 33d Infantry Wisconsin
Meek, W.L.K. G 2d Cavalry Missouri
Morris, Wm. E 2d Cavalry Massachusetts
Nichol's, G.W. D 12th Cavalry Illinois
Null, S. C 47th Infantry Illinois
Orr, S.N. I 7th Cavalry Missouri
Packard, Charles H 2d Artillery Illinois
Paine, J.D. Infantry Illinois
Palmer, O.L. K. 47th Infantry Iowa
Park, R.H. F 101st Infantry Ohio
Parker, Elias G 144th Infantry Ohio
Patterson, J.C. 1st Independent Battery Ohio
Peck, G.C. G 1st Light Artillery Ohio
Petteys, S.P. C 9th Cavalry Illinois
Phelps, H.N. L 4th Cavalry United States
Phipps, H.C. A 4th Cavalry Iowa
Pope, John C 59th Infantry Indiana
Price, Alfred Missouri
Randall, O.C.R. A 13th Cavalry New York
Ratcliff, John E 9th Cavalry Indian
Rawlings, C.W. G 70th Infantry Indiana
Reed, J.D. A Cavalry Michigan
Rexroad, A.T. A 34th Infantry Illinois
Rush, S.M. F 71st Infantry Illinois
Rusher, J.H. I 33d Infantry Illinois
Ryan, John I 3d Infantry Massachusetts
Sankey, S. D 134th Infantry Pennsylvania
Scott, O. B 5th Cavalry Iowa
Shelly, Henry I 54th Infantry Indiana
Shirley, W.R. D 23d Infantry Missouri
Siddons, W.H. C 14th Infantry Illinois
Singleton, Stephen G 87th Infantry Indiana
Sitterly, E. H 140th Infantry Illinois
Smith, G.W. G 112th Infantry Illinois
Smith, J.D. F 31st Infantry Illinois
Smith, Samuel G 112th Infantry Illinois
Smith, Spencer A 38th Infantry Indiana
Spear, David G 36th Infantry Ohio
Spear, T.J. H 116th Infantry Ohio
Spear, William G 116th Infantry Illinois
Stephenson, R.J. B 124th Infantry Ohio
Stires, Linus B 189th Infantry Ohio
Stoddard, J.A. F 3d Artillery New York
Swale, C. I 13th Infantry Illinois
Switzer, Peter I 72d Infantry Illinois
Thurman, J.M. G 83d Infantry Illinois
Timbers, Greenup A 57th Infantry Ohio
Tindell, S.H. G 7th Cavalry Iowa
Tracey, S.S. L 2d Cavalry Missouri
Ufford, J.C. C 110th Infantry New York
Underhill, J.W. B 13th Cavalry Ohio
Vandyke, Wilbur G 3rd Cavalry Iowa
Ward, D.M. A 139th Infantry Indiana
Way, Sam G 7th Cavalry Illinois
Wilson, Enos F 21st Infantry Missouri
Wright, O.G. 14th Independent Battery Ohio
Wyant, Wm. K 9th Cavalry Ohio
York, E.D. C 85th Infantry New York

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