The Consolidated Telephone Company

Atwood, KS

Directory July 1917

For a copy of the directory contact Rawlins County Genealogy Society

Box 405, Atwood, KS  67730 or e-mail

Last Name First Name  
Atwood Hotel Office
Allen S.C. Res
Andrews Mrs. E.E. Farm
Andrews Mrs. E.E. Res
Anderson Chas. Farm
Anderson Mrs. Cy Res
Anderson Ward Farm
Antholz Herman Farm
Antholz Henry Farm
Ankle John Farm
Atwood Clothing Company Store
Atwood Electic Company Shop
Bacon Mrs. J.E. Res
Bacon Edd Res
Bank, Farmrs National Office
Bank, Atwood State Office
Bank, Rawlins County Office
Barrett Ora E. Rest.
Bartholomew Lew Farm
Bartholomew Jas. Farm
Bastain Store Store
Bastain  Geo Res
Baumfalk Will Farm
Baumfalk Hick Farm
Baumfalk Henry Farm
Bearley Will Res
Bearley Harry Farm
Beardsley Equity Elevator Office
Beaver Chas. Res
Beaver F.M. Farm
Beamgard D.W. Farm
Beck Joe Farm
Beedy W.F. Farm
Beedy A.C. Farm
Bell Joe Farm
Bird A.D. Farm
Birrer Will Res
Blackmore A.J. Farm
Bliss Geo Res
Bliss Ben Farm
Bliss Jas. Farm
Bliss Jno Farm
Blood C.C. Res
Blood Waldo Res
Blood Tire & Battery Station shop
Blume A.C. Farm
Boden F. Farm
Bohme Frank Farm
Bohme Chas. Farm
Bone A.K. Res
Bosler Nick Farm
Bosler S.A. Farm
Borst Fred Res
Briney & Son Office
Briney   J.H. Res
Briney Frank Farm
Bricker Frank Res
Briney's J.H. Farm
Browhard M.I. Farm
Brown Clarence Res
Brown Chas. Res
Brown Ray Res
Brown Harry Farm
Brown Frank Farm
Brown Joe Farm
Brown Tom Farm
Brown Will Farm
Brown Ben Farm
Browning W.S. Farm
Buck Jim Farm
Buck's Garage Office
Burkett J.S. Farm
Burton Bank Office
Burton  Mrs. S.L. Res
Burton Mrs. S.L. Farm
Butcher Andrew Res
Burkett Ben Farm
Bus Barn Office
Cahoj Steve Farm
Chambers Chas. Office
Chambers Chas. Res
Chambers Miss Nettie Res
Chance Steve Farm
Chance H.M. Farm
Chance Levi Farm
Carlson F.M. Farm
Cashman D.C. Store
Cashman D.C. Res
Chessmore & Co. Office
Chessmore   D.O. Res
Chessmore Ray Farm
Chessmore D.A. Farm
Chessmore V.A. Farm
Chessmore Jack Farm
Chicago Lumber Company Office
Citizen-Patriot Office
Chleborad Mrs. Mary Farm
Chleborad Elmer Farm
Christenson Jno Farm
Chvatal Frank Farm
Chvatal Joe Farm
Clemens L.E. Res
Cloe Jas. Farm
Coghill J.W. Res
Cochran Edd Res
Cole Robt. Res
Commercial Club Office
Conlon J.A. Farm
Conner R.M. Farm
Cooper Joe Farm
Cooper C.C. Farm
Cooper Wilber Farm
Correll Mills Office
Correll Wm. Res
Cox Joe Res
Cox Ray Farm
Crist J.A. Farm
Crawford J.A. Farm
Curtin Jno Farm
Court House Phones
County Clerk Office
County Attorney Office
County District Clerk Office
County Superintendent Office
County Sheriff Office
County Register of Deeds Office
County Probate Judge Office
County Treasurer Office
Davis John Farm
Davis Mrs. Res
Denny G.H. Farm
Denny Art Farm
Denny Guy Farm
Depot Office
Devers Mack Farm
Dostal Antone Farm
Doty Mrs. Edd. Res
Dominy E.P. Farm
Dominy E.E. Res
Downing Dan Farm
Dowler Dr. Office
Dozbaba Joe Farm
Dozbaba A.A. Farm
Dunn Willard Res
Ebeling Hardware Store Office
Ebeling   Chas. Res
Edwards J.F. Farm
Egelston Edd Res
Egelston Mrs. Anna Farm
Electric Theatre Office
Eicher Mrs. Mary Farm
Eirwin Y.D. Farm
Elevator Linn Office
Elevator Farmer's Equity Office
Elevator Gooch Blakeman
Elevator Farmer's Equity Beardsley
Elevator Farmer's Equity Blakeman
Ellis Howard Res
Elmore Chas. Res
Escue H.E. Farm
Evans Mrs. Res
Evins J.L. Farm
Falconer C.A.P. Res
Farmer's National Bank Office
Farmer's Elevator Equity Office
Farmer's Elevator  Blakeman
Farmer's Elevator Beardsley
Fleishacker Math Farm
Fisher Frank Farm
Fiken Herman Farm
Finley Nort Farm
Focke Herman Farm
Foster Lumber Company Office
Foster Lumber Company Beardsley
Franklin Ben Farm
Franklin O. Farm
Fraternal Hall Office
Freeman Res
Frisby D.S. Farm
Fry Henry Farm
Frick Chas. Farm
Friday W.E. Farm
Garage Buck's Office
Garage Youngblood's Office
Garage Youngblood's Shop Shop
Garage Howard's Office
Garage Lillie's Office
Gatlin I. Farm
Gatlin I. Res
Gaunt Geo Farm
Gaines Mrs. Res
Gerold Mrs. Res
Ginther E.J. Farm
Giles John Farm
Giles Will Farm
Giles Guy Farm
Gish Sam Res
Gish Produce Company Office
Gillaspie C.A. Farm
Gloss Store Store
Goldsworth R Farm
Graves Dr. Res
Graves Dr. Office
Greason Frank Office
Greason Frank Res
Greason Mrs. E.L. Res
Green Joe Farm
Green Mrs. J. Farm
Green Joe Res
Grout Robt. Farm
Grout Sam Farm
Guy Ralph Res
Guy Frank Res
Hacker Floyd Res
Haller Paul Farm
Haller Adam Farm
Harper Garfield Farm
Harper Lewis Res
Harmon Geo Farm
Harvanek Mrs. Oletha Farm
Hasty M. Res
Hastings Mrs. N.N. Farm
Hastings Ora Farm
Hastings Claude Farm
Hastings O.F. Farm
Haskey Chas. Farm
Havel Joe Farm
Havel Fred Farm
Hayward's Store Office
Hayward  F.H. Res
Hayes J.E. Farm
Headrick A.C. Farm
Heaton Frank Farm
Heble Mrs. Mary Farm
Hemming Mrs. J. Res
Hendricks R.S. Res
Hendricks R.S. Farm
Henderson Clark Farm
Higley Earl Farm
Higley Ray Farm
Higley Dorwin Res
Hensley Frank Res
Hiltabidel Claude Res
Hill Will Res
Hill Mrs. Chas. Farm
Hill A.V. Farm
High School Office
Holly Porter Farm
Home Café Rest.
Horton W.R. Office
Horton W.R. Res
Horinek John Farm
Horinek Edd Farm
Horinek R.E. Farm
Horinek Cyril Farm
Horinek Frank Farm
Horinek Joe Farm
Holcomb Will Res
Holthus Henry Res
Hotchkiss Ray Farm
Hotchkiss Ray Res
Hotel Atwood Office
Howard's Garage Office
Howard  Fred Res
Howard Earl Res
Howard's Bank Office
Howland Warren Farm
Hrnchir Joe Farm
Hrouda Frank Farm
Hudgens G.W. Farm
Hurst Lewis Res
Innes P. Res
Jesch V.T. Farm
Jones Nolan Farm
Kacirek John Farm
Kelly A.W. Office
Kelly A.W. Res
Kendell Will Farm
Kisling Mrs. Anna Res
Kisling Chas. Farm
King Geo Hotel
Kletchka Joe Farm
Kletchka John Farm
Knudson J.P. Farm
Koontz J.W. Farm
Kopriva Joe Farm
Koski John Farm
Koski Steve Farm
Kyte Joe Farm
Lamback Joe Farm
Lanning J. Farm
Larson H.F. Farm
Larson L.J. Farm
Latimer J.W. Farm
Leebrick Chas. Farm
Leeper Green Farm
Lewis W.O. Farm
Lewis Will Farm
Lillie Walker Res
Lillie's Garage Office
Lillie W.S. Farm
Lillie D.S. Farm
Litton Dr. Gay Office
Lintner Monte Farm
Linter Dona Farm
Lintner Fred Farm
Lindamann Dick Farm
Luther Fred Office
Loar City Electrician Office
Lovelace D.S. Farm
Lyons N.B. Farm
Light Plant Office
Madsen Andy Res
Madsen Cris. Res
Macho W.H. Farm
Mahorney Dave Farm
Malone Tom Farm
Marietta Dr. Farm
Marrietta Grant Farm
Marrietta L.D. Res
Marlow Jno Res
Marlow J.W. Farm
Mason Mrs. Mary Farm
Masonic Hall Office
Mather Jess Farm
Mather Dell Res
Matisek Joe Farm
Makings Frank Farm
Mettler Chas. Res
Mettler's Bus Barn Office
Mettler Ora Res
Mettler John Farm
Messmaker Mrs. Etta Farm
Micek Antone Farm
Mikesell Pete Res
Minney Webb Farm
Minney J.H. Farm
Miller Roy Res
Minney Dan Res
Miner Lula Res
Moore Joe Farm
Montgomery Jim Farm
Morgan L.L. Farm
Morgan Frank Farm
Morton J.J. Res
Morphy Mrs. Res
Morse J.B. Farm
Most J.W. Farm
Mosier Will Farm
Motherhead Otto Farm
Morley's Café
Morland D.W. Farm
Munger's Store Office
Munger  Frank Res
Munger Mrs. Olivia Res
Mullen Fred Res
Myers O.C. Farm
Myers John Res
MacFee M.A. Res
McCain Mrs. M.E. Farm
McDonald Dan Res
McDougal Andrew Res
McDougal Sam Farm
McDougal Dennis Farm
McDougal Geo Farm
McDougal Roy Farm
McDougal G.J. Farm
McIrvin Dr. Res
McKinney & Son Grocery Store
McKinney & Son Dry Goods Store
McKinney & Son Res
McKee Dan Farm
McKee Geo Res
McKain Roy Farm
McKnight R. Res
Nash Rev Res
Nelson Nels Farm
Nelson Pete Farm
Nickols A.B. Res
Nickols J.E. Res
Nickols Newt Farm
Niermeier Fred Farm
Ohlson Henry Farm
Osman Dick Res
Otto Dr. Farm
Orthman Fred Res
Paden H.L. Drug Store
Paden H.L. Res
Parsonage Christian Res
Parsonage M.E. Res
Parsonage, Congregational Res
Palmer Hank Farm
Parker Pete Farm
Paulson Geo Farm
Paulson Earl Res
Pancake J.L. Farm
Paterson F.G. Farm
Pentico E. Farm
Peterson John Farm
Peterson Al Res
Pearson Rube Res
Pierson N.W. Res
Pilnacek Shop Meat Market
Pilnacek   A.E. Res
Pinegar Joe Res
Pinneo Bert Res
Pitner Antone Farm
Pitner Jas Res
Pochop R.P. Farm
Phelps J. Farm
Pooler Geo Res
Power House
Powell C.O. Farm
Preder's Jewelry & Millinery Store
Preder's   John Res
Price Frank Office
Price Frank Res
Prickett Emery Farm
Prochazka Frank Res
Prochazka John Farm
Prochazka Joe Farm
Purvis Jim Flour and Feed
Purvis Jim Res
Purvis F.O. Farm
Ramey Harrison Farm
Randolph Hotel
Ratcliff W.J. Office
Ratcliff W.J. Res
Reed Phil Res
Reeves & Son Hdw.
Reeves   Reno Res
Reeves Mrs. W.H. Res
Reeves Netto Res
Reunitz Fred Farm
Rhamy J.F. Farm
Robinson Frank Office
Robinson Frank Res
Robertson L.M. Store
Robrecht Fred Farm
Robert's Bros. Farm
Rogers H.A. Farm
Roesch Chas. Farm
Roesch Fred Farm
Rooney John Farm
Rooney Mark Sr. Farm
Rooney Mark Jr. Farm
Ruda Joe Farm
Ruda Frank Farm
Rummel Mrs. Herman Farm
Rummel Theo Farm
Ryan T.P. Farm
Ryman D.B. Farm
Ryba Frank Farm
Sabatka J.F. Farm
Sabatka Joe Farm
Sampson Bros. Farm
Sankey W.W. Res
Sawer W.H. Res
Sawer Brough Farm
Sears J.A. Farm
Schroeder August Farm
Schroeder Aug. Res
Schmidt Walter Farm
Scott & Son Office
Scott  Dempster Res
Scott Chas. Res
Scott Oren Res
Shaffer Fred Res
Shaffer Will Res
Shannon Perry Farm
Shannon James Farm
Shippert Will Farm
Shippert John Farm
Short J.T. Res
Sill Fred Farm
Sites Rev. Res
Simminger Nick Farm
Simminger J.C. Farm
Skolout W.J. Farm
Skolout John Farm
Spear Will Farm
Spear David Farm
Spence Blacksmith Shop
Smith Mrs. Anna Farm
Smith Newt Farm
Smith Jack Farm
Smith J.P. Farm
Snyder Fred Res
Sramek Will Res
Sramek Jas Res
Sramek F.E. Farm
Sramek John Farm
Sramek J.F. Farm
Stafford Earnest Res
Stamp Andy Farm
Staples Store Beardsley
Steele Jno Farm
Stoney Paul Farm
Storm Chas. Farm
Studer John Farm
Studer J.M. Farm
Studer Phil Farm
Sturgeon Mrs. Mary Farm
Square Deal Printing Office
Swartwood Link Farm
Swartwood Mrs. Chas. Res
Taylor Till Res
Taylor Robt Farm
Thomas Jim Farm
Thomas Mrs. M.L. Res
Thomas J.C. Res
Thomas Edd Farm
Thompson G.L. Farm
Thomas Amos Farm
Tillitt Geo Res
Tillitt's Barn Office
Tillitt Aura Res
Tillitt Mrs. Phoebe Res
Tillitt's Jewelery Store Store
Tombough L.L. Farm
Tucker A.P. Res
Turner Madsen Res
Turner Frank Farm
Turner R.T. Farm
Urban Frank Farm
Vap Lewis Farm
Vap Fred Farm
Vernon O.C. Farm
Vinzant Frank Farm
Water Work
Wallace Wm. Res
Wallace Mrs. Thomas Res
Waltz E.E. Res
Walker C.E. Farm
Wheeler M.L. Farm
White Rev Res
Whiteside Farm
Whisman H.T. Farm
Wimer Dr. Res
Wilson M.A. Office
Winters Minnie Res
Winters Tell. Res
Winters Edd. Farm
Winters M.D. Chardon
Windle Max Farm
Windle Dave Farm
Wolfe John Res
Wolters Henry Farm
Wolters Herman Farm
Wolters H.F. Farm
Woofter J.W. and Edd. Farm
Yager Dan Res
Youngblood Garage Office
Youngblood Garage Shop