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Two Years of Populism Quite Enough for Gerhard A. Wall.


There is probably no young man in Reno county better known than Gerhard A. Wall of the Golden Eagle clothing house.  He was raised in the Buhler neighborhood in the north part of the county and has friends in all parts of the county.  He is a fine example of what a poor boy alone and unaided, can make out of himself.  He was born of German parents in Southern Russia and when 8 years old his parents died and he was left an orphan.  In 1879, when 9 years old, he was brought to this country with the colony that settled around Buhler.

When a boy he had to work early and late and was rarely ever able to go to school.  But he wanted an education and as he grew up he saved money, worked his way through school and spent three years at the State Normal school in Emporia.  Then he was a year a professor at the Salina University and returned to Reno county three years ago.  He is well educated, talks high and low German, as well as English, and is nearly always district court interpreter in German cases.  He has not only earned his own way to an education and in business, but he has also earned the confidence and esteem of everybody.

Up to 1896 Mr. Wall was an active Republican.  He was a student of history and politics.  That year he decided that the Populist party was the best, joined it and worked for it.  Two years experience has satisfied him.  He is back in the Republican party working for its success.

In talking over the matter with a News reporter, Mr. Wall said:

I have always taken an interest in politics and I joined the Populist party because thought it was right.  The events of the last two years, the better times, the improvement in business and the failure of the Populists to do what they promised or stick to their principles, convinced me I was wrong and when I find I am wrong I am ready to admit it and get right.  I have read American history and my experience recently has proven it, that we have good times when the Republican party is in power and that the Republican party does what it ways it will.  The told me the Populist party was the poor mans party.  The Republican party has done more for the poor man than talk, and that is all I can see the Populists have done.  Two years ago I voted for Bryan and Sampson.  This year I am for McKinley, the Republican ticket and Chester I. Long.


Hutchinson News (Weekly)
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas
Thursday, October 13, 1898
page 5 *** column 2

Submitted by
Rose Stout on March 16, 2007.

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