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Visiting Tribes to be with Winnebagoes Saturday Night.
Winnebago tribe, No. 11, Improved Order of Red Men, will kindle a special council fire on "Saturday sleep warm moon".
Gray Eagle tribe of Sterling, Uma tribe of Turon, Blackfoot tribe of Halstead and some of the Orchita tribe of Wichita will be on hand to confer the degrees of adoption, warriors and chiefs.
After the work is over there will be plenty of corn and venison to eat and calumets to smoke.
The Red Men are growing rapidly in numbers in Hutchinson and on the neighboring reservations, and when they meet to have a good time they certainly have it.
Hutchinson Daily News
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas
Friday, March 30, 1906
page - 11    column - 4

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Rose Stout on October 2, 2005.

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