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History of Republic County

A History of Republic County, Kansas,
Embracing a full and complete account of all the leading events in its history,
From its first settlement down to June 1, '01.

by I. O. Savage

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Kansas Humanities Council

About the Kansas Humanities Council Kansas Flag

Founded in 1972 as a nonprofit organization, KHC has helped Kansans tell their stories and appreciate those of other times, places, and traditions.

Believing in the power of ideas to open minds, spark imaginations, and nurture community, KHC programming provides opportunities for lifelong learning and encourages informed participation in civic life . Both are fundamental to the future of our state and nation.

Small towns, rural communities, and the state's urban areas all enjoy humanities programs funded by the Council. Every year KHC supports programs that reach over 500,000 Kansans. All 105 Kansas counties have hosted activities underwritten by the KHC.

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Online Genealogy - Gedcoms/Databases

If you have a website that has information about ancestors who lived/developed Republic Co., KS, please feel free to e-mail Patricia Adams for a link to be added here. The only requirement is that the website must be of content in compliance with the rules/regulations of the Kansas Library system.

Patricia Adams

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If anyone has had a reunion of families whose ancestors lived/developed Republic County and would like to have a link put here to your website about your reunion, please e-mail me - Patricia Adams

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Cemeteries - Republic County

Ada Cemetery / Rosehill Cemetery / Union Cemetery

Ida Cemetery

  National Cemetery

St. George Cemetery

Comprehensive List of Cemeteries on the Net

Courtesy of Joseph and Joelle Blecha:
Tabor Cemetery, Republic County, Kansas, transcriptions
New Listing Completed:
Alphabetical Listing

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E-Mail Lists for Kansas

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Republic County Queries

Mailing Lists at Rootsweb

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Historical Societies

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Military Resources

Republic Co. Military Casualties - WWII

Kansans in the Civil War

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Native American Research

Native American History
Indian Graves and Cemeteries in Kansas

Kansas American Native Genealogy

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To view the Index to HISTORY OF REPUBLIC COUNTY, KANSAS, 1964, Printed by the Belleville Telescope in Belleville, KS, click on the sunflower graphic to your left.

Swedish Churchbook - Seapo, KS - 1878

Transcription: COLLEGE SYMPOSIUM of the Kansas State Agricultural College - 1891

Kansas Veterinarian List - 1941

List of Kansas Book Transcriptions Online

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Medical Side Affect of Genealogy
Does it sound like this is going to be a joke? It's not. It is a real problem that may occur for people.

Symptoms: sore throat, lasting for several days; deep, dry, non-producing chest cough; nasal/head congestion; fluid in ears (ear ache); achiness, then possible fever. The symptoms may not appear all at once, but may escalate.

Diagnosis: Throat infection and complications from mold spores entering the body's system. When viewing old books and old pictures (as well as visiting old homes, with cellars - courhouses and other old buildings), mold and mildew is very likely to be present. Mold produces air bound spores which can be breathed into the body's system. Some people react to this more than others, and you do not have to suffer from allergies to have this occur (although persons with allergies are more likely candidates).

Possible Prevention: (Giving up genealogy is not an option for me. I enjoy it too much!) Some people have achieved success in controlling this by placing plastic over the object they are viewing. Since the complications to my allergies turn into more serious problems, I have begun wearing a mask over the nose and mouth area whenever I enter old homes and view genealogy materials (at the libraries, family history centers, courthouses, etc).

Please - if you experience the sore throat or any other symptoms after working with your genealogy materials, consult your doctor. Don't try to wait it out and risk the more complicated affects that can be associated with ear-nose-throat problems. Antihistamines may or may not be needed, your doctor will know best. Be careful, safe, and enjoy your genealogy!

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I am the Kansas County Coordinator for
Clay County
Dickinson County
Wyandotte County
I hope you will stop by those county pages.

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