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If there is one thing in life that I love as much as my family, genealogy and web development, it's my cats. They are lifelong friends, who are always with you. They are your friends, with no questions asked - they comfort, they love, they soothe, they enjoy.

Patricia Adams - Familytreemaker Site with Reports

The Kansas City, "Kansan" Newspaper Articles begin in 2004 and continue through 2006.  They are available from "The Kansan" newspaper in Kansas City, Kansas

The Web vs. The Library

At this time, I maintain several web sites:

History of the Wyandotte County Public Schools, 1844-Present

The Scottish Connection in Kansas and Around the World

The Swedish Connection in Kansas

Clay County, KS Web Site
Dickinson County, KS Web Site
Republic County, KS Web Site
Wyandotte County, KS Web Site

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