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Alden Baptist Church

Church Organization

On the evening of March 24, 1888, quite a number of the members of Raymond Baptist Church living in the vicinity, and near Alden, Kansas, met at Deacon Mason Caywood’s to consider the organization of a church at Alden, Kansas.  A committee was appointed to solicit the names of those desiring letters of dismission from the Raymond Baptist Church.  Ernest Edmonson was chairman and T. T. Moore was secretary of this meeting.  On April 4, 1888, those members of the Raymond Baptist Church favoring the new organization met at S. P. Stout’s.  Forty-three persons desired letters and these were granted.  A committee was appointed to draw up a code of articles of Faith.  This committee was Mason Caywood, S. P. Stout, S. C. Stout, and T. T. Moore.

Minutes of First Business Meeting

Alden Baptist Church

Saturday, April 8, 1888

Such members as had received letters from Raymond Baptist Church, and those names are recorded on the record of this book, met at Liberty School House on the above date, at 2 o’clock, for the purpose of organizing themselves into the Baptist Church at Alden, Rice County, Kansas.  Rev. J. N. Barbee, pastor of the Raymond Baptist Church, was chosen moderator and T. T. Moore, Clerk pro tem.  The clerk then proceeded to call the names of members that had received letters from Raymond Church and out of 43 names, 22 responded present.  Motion carried to have the articles of Faith read and adopted article by article.  The articles were accordingly read and adopted;  the first article only being amended.  (These may be found in the 1961 constitution.)  A number of resolutions were then offered the organizaiton [sic] for their consideration, and were adopted.  They are as follows:  Be it resolved by this Church that:  First – We receive no alien baptism into our Church fellowship.  Second – That we put the finances of this Church on the following basis, that all monies received by the Church shall be paid to the clerk;  he giving receipt for the same;  audit the amount and turn it over to the treasurer taking his receipt and placing it on file;  that no monies shall be paid out of the treasury except on presentment of order issued and signed by the clerk, who must have been ordered by the Church to do so.  These resolutions were adopted by Alden Baptist Church, as drafted by committee;  at their first regular business meeting on Saturday, April 8, 1888.  The following motions were carried:  1. To name the organization, “Alden Baptist Church”.  2. To hold the regular business meetings on Saturday before second Sunday in each month at 2:30 p.m. from April to October and 11:00 a.m. from October to April.  3. To elect officers by ballet.  4. To proceed immediately to the election of officers:  which election resulted in favor of T. T. Moore for clerk and W. M. Stout for treasurer.  5. That the clerk and treasurer be appointed as a committee to solicit funds and purchase the necessary books and blanks for their official use.  6. To adjourn.  (The above is as recorded in the original minutes.)

Rev. J. N. Barbee, the pastor of Raymond Baptist Church, came to Alden one Sunday afternoon a month and held services in the Liberty School House.  (School house stood where cemetery now is.)  Seven members would constitute a quorum to do business.  A clerk and treasurer to be elected annually in the month of January.

Mason Caywood, S. C. Stout, and Ira Stubbs were the first elected Deacons.  The first elected trustees were S. P. Stout, John Ross, and T. T. Moore.  Rev. J. G. Smiley, of Stafford, was secured as first pastor.  He took over in December of 1888 and continued to serve until the end of 1895.  He drove over from Stafford in his buggy for services once a month.  He came in time for the Saturday afternoon business meeting, returning to his home Monday morning.  He was paid $7.00 a trip.  It does not state how long he drover over from Stafford.

In September of 1888, Mason Caywood, S. C. Stout, and Ira Stubbs were delegates to the Association with a letter from the Alden Baptist Church asking for admittance in the Arkansas Valley Association, which was organized in 1878.  Ira Stubbs and S. C. Stout were the first ordained deacons of the Church.  They were ordained on Sunday, January 27, 1889.

In April of 1889, the trustees purchased ground for the erection of a Church.  This is the ground we own today.  Total membership for year is 49.  In 1890, they held meetings in the new school house in Alden, Kansas.  (This was located where the Charles Thomas house is to the south edge of the block.)  Each year after having joined with the Arkansas Valley Association, the Church has sent delegates to these meetings and also money for the printing of associational minutes.  The first amount sent is $1.00.  A Sunday School Convention was held this year also.  In 1891 they first mention having a young peoples group and they go to an associational meeting.

In 1892, G. T. Kerfoot, S. P. Stout, Annie Ross, and Clara Atwell were to solicit funds to build a new Church House.  In June, Mason Caywood, S. P. Stout, and George Fair were to submit plans for this building and work was begun.  It was finished in 1893 and dedicated in July of this year.  It was built at a cost of $1800, and Sam Caldwell was a carpenter hired to do part of the work.  The minutes read that the debt on the Church building was paid off in 1900.  George Fair gave the pews for the Church.  Carpet was purchased, an audit committee appointed to go over the books.  This is done down through the years.  The Church borrowed $300.00 at this time from the American Baptist Home Mission Society.  Records do not say, but we wonder if it was not to help pay on the Church building.  In 1894 the Church purchased a school type organ at a cost of $75.00.  The Western Cottage Organ Company, from whom it was purchased, would donate $35.00 ofthis amount, leaving the Church $40.00 to pay.

In reading through the early minutes of the Church we have found that when a committee is appointed and when the work they were to do is finished they are dismissed or else someone else takes over.  The same is true of moderators and clerks not present, someone from the meeting takes over for that meeting.  Many times during these years people who have done wrong in the eyes of the Church have been called upon and either have made public admittance of their wrong or if the wrong is contrary to the belief of the Church they have been dismissed or excluded.

In 1895 they decided to have an annual roll call.  Membership that year was 51.  In June of 1896, Rev. W. W. Richardson was called as pastor and he was with them until June of 1897.  In May they called Br. T. T. Moore to preach.  The Church had licensed him to preach in October of 1896, and ordained him in August of 1897.  In this year they changed the number of trustees from three to five.  Rev. Moore stays with the Church until May of 1900.  At the end of 1898 they had a membership of 83.  In 1899 the membership was 76.

In May of 1900 was the first time insurance of property is mentioned and they raised funds to insure the Church.  Bro. E. M. Armstrong was called as pastor in July of 1900 and he was here until July of that year and then was called for half time service.  He left the early part of 1902.  In 1901 they changed a quorum to five instead of seven.  In August of 1902 Bro. F. G. Wilkerson and Bro. T. J. Neal were to supply the pulpit at different times;  however in September of this year they called Bro. Neal as pastor and he is here until October of 1903.  His salary is $177.00.  The Church had licensed C. L. Daily to preach in 1897 and they ordained him in January of 1902.

John Ross is the first Sunday School Supt. mentioned and he was elected to office in 1903.  The Sunday School was also given treats at Christmas time.  Rev. F. G. Wilkerson was called as pastor in November of 1893 and was with the Church until October 17, 1907.  In 1904 the bell was bought for the belfry.  In 1904 they raised $451.50 and built a parsonage.  Two carpenters were hired to help with the work.  It was paid for in March of 1905.  F. G. Wilkerson, S. C. Stout, J. B. Shepherd, and S. P. Stout were the building committee.  Lights were added in 1906, and new steps added to the Church in 1907 at a cost of $7.00.  The Church has been without a pastor for several months and then they call Rev. T. S. Mosher of Abbyville in May of 1908.  He is with the Church until May 1, 1911.  He is not living in the parsonage for a while as they made an addition to the house.  The salary mentioned that year is $345.00.

In 1909 a phone was installed in the parsonage, and a fence was constructed around the Church.  The pastors [sic] salary has been increased to $400.00.  There are 48 members in the Church that year.  In May of 1909, T. T. Stout and George Ross were ordained as Deacons.  In 1910 is the first time it mentions a financial plan of giving by the month and later the envelope plan was tried.  In 1911 the Church was insured for $1500 valuation and the parsonage for $600 valuation at a cost of $57.45 with the National Insurance Company.  That year they were without a pastor after the first of May and the trustees were to see about the parsonage yard and were also to make garden.  They called Rev. T. T. Moore in May of 1912 and he was asked to resign in December of that year.

Rev. A. L. Stanfield came as pastor in April of 1913 at a salary of $736.00.  He was pastor of the Church until March 1, 1916.  Berta Proffitt is licensed to preach in 1914.  That year they have a membership of 118.  Current expenses amounted to $939.00.  Mission giving us [sic] $70.61.  E. M. Hoover is called as pastor in April of 1916 and was here until February 1, 1917.  The Church was without a regular pastor until January of 1919 when Rev. J. J. Via was called.  He was with the Church until August of 1920.  The Church was wired for electricity in 1919 and the cost was at least $52.40.  During the war years the monthly business meetings were often not held and in these years they are without a regular pastor.  From the way the minutes read, times have been rather hard.

Rev. P. W. Bryan was called as pastor in March of 1923 and he was with the Church until July 30, 1925.  His salary was $1200.00. with $50.00 for moving expenses.  That year it was decided that the Church or pastor give thirty days notice in case a change is to be made.  That year the Church agreed to pay quota of thirty-five cents per member to support Association Missions.

In 1924 the Church had a budget of $2000.00 of which $1400.00 is pastors [sic] salary, $100.00 for missions, the rest for general expenses of the Church.

Bro. W. H. Hall was called to preach in November 25, 1925 and left in August of 1926, at a salary of $1300.00.  Total membership in 1925 is 141 with 31 of these non-resident.  Rev. J. E. McGuire was called as pastor in November of 1926 and leaves the Church in November of 1927.  That year the membership is 140 with 38 non-resident.  In 1928 Rev. Oscar Davey was called as pastor at a salary of $1500.00 and $50.00 moving expenses, provided he subscribe $100.00 on our subscription list.  He is with us until March 11, 1934.  In 1928 the membership was 175 with 32 non-resident members.  They had an average attendance at Sunday School of 74.  They were to build a coal house for the parsonage.  In 1929 the trustees were to lease the Church grounds for oil through a Wichita Brokerage, A. M. Star for $25.00.  In 1930 a cement porch was added to the entrance of the Church.  In 1933 the Church licensed Faye Parker to preach.  A call was given Rev. Ralph Shelton in April of 1934 and he is here until July of 1935.  That year they stated [sic] using the second Sunday of each month as Mission Sunday with all undesignated money going for missions.  The Church year is again changed from January-December to May to May.

In March of 1936, Rev. A. L. Stanfield is given a return call to be pastor of the Church and he is here until June or July of 1939.  On November 10, 1936, the Church ordains Faye Parker to preach.  He graduated from Moody Bible Institute.  Rev. V. L. Trail is called as pastor in August of 1940 and stays with the Church until January 3, 1943.  His salary is $840.00.  The Church is without a regular pastor until August of 1944 when a call is given Rev. Arthur Smith, of Colby, Kansas.  He is with the Church until October 30, 1947.  During that time the Achievement Plan is adopted, and workers conferences are held and the Church very active.  A Board of Education is mentioned for the first time in 1945 and also paid $3.00 for each camper.  Seventy-eight names are on the roll.

In 1946 a printing machine was purchased at a cost of $39.50.  Lumber was bought and book racks were added to the backs of the pews.  Individual subscriptions to the Kansas Baptist were taken at $.25 per family, $1800.00 for pastor salary, $150.00 for M & M, total budget is $2625.00.  In 1947 it was decided to put the entire weekly offering on the Church register instead of just Sunday School offerings.

Rev. F. E. Carter comes as pastor in March of 1948 and is here until October 30, 1949.  His salary is $2000.00.  In April of that year the Church was raised and tractors, shovels, and men appeared on the scene for digging of our new basement.  Cement blocks for the walls were hauled in and cement was run for the floor.  Walls were plastered, rest rooms and kitchen built.  A new automatic heating system was installed.  The kitchen was furnished with built-ins, electric stove, running water, drains, dishes, glasses, pans, silver, and other things.  One hundred new folding chairs were bought for the dining room.  Then the vestibule was added to the auditorium.  In December of that year, $5580.86 had been spent on this project.

In 1949 we took the project of fixing up the sanctuary.  A platform is put in the front of the Church and a baptistry is added.  New oak floors are laid, walls are plastered, carpet laid, venetian blinds added.  The total cost of this project is $1841.02.  Total budget for the year, $3040.00.  Rev. C. E. Bodenhamer is called as pastor in November of 1949 and he is here until June 29, 1952.

The picture “Christ in Gethsemane”, an art glass window for the east windows of the Church, is given by Zella Mosher and Mabel Peck in honor of their parents, J. L. and Anna Stout.  This was done in March of 1950.  The number of Deacons was changed from two to four that year and a sign was placed in the Church yard bearing the name of the Church, etc.  The giving of pins for perfect attendance was started that year.  Total budget for that year was $3414.00.  We were unable to use our basement for several months that year due to the flood water that came up through the floor.  Our kitchen was badly damaged and many other articles were destroyed by dampness.  Promotion Sunday for the children was changed from October to the first Sunday of July.

A call was given Rev. Charles Burns of Sharon, Kansas, in August of 1952 at a salary of $2800.00.  He is here until November of 1954.  The Church had licensed Jim Stout to preach and he filled the pulpit for the months of July and part of August.  Jim Stout also gave the Church a 16 millimeter movie projector.  The Church bell, having been removed from the main part of the Church building, has been placed in the yard and can be rung by pushing a button inside of the Church building.  A lovely picture was painted on the back wall of our baptistry by Charlene Wisby.  On October 18, 1952, the roof of the Church caught fire and did considerable damage to the roof.  Other damage was from water.  The insurance company allowed $1800.00.  The men were burning trash back of the Church building and evidently a spark lit on the roof.  Services were held in the old school gym while repairs were made on the Church.

In 1953 the number of Deaconds was changed from four to six.  It was also decided we needed more room within our Church and a building program was put into effect with Hugh Stout as chairman of the project.  A goal of $10,000.00 was set and by October of 1953, $6430.00 had been raised, either cash or pledge.  The work was not finished until 1954 when the North Wing was dedicated on July 11, 1954.  Many hours of labor were donated by the men and women of the Church in order to lower the cost of hired labor.  Norman Harrison was the hired carpenter to keep building work going.  New folding chairs were added and other items of need.  In 1954 the total budget was $8486.00 with $3200.00 as pastor salary and $2400.00 as Mission goal.

Maynard Peck was licensed by the Church to preach on November 4, 1954.  Jim Stout acted as our pastor for the months, February 1 to September 1, 1955.  Rev. Darrell Sanford was then called on September 1, 1955, and was with the Church until February of 1958.  His first year salary was $3200.00.  In 1955 the Church year is changed again to the regular calendar year.  We entered into the YBA or Year of Baptist Achievement.  We were saddened by the loss of our pastor’s daughter, Dara Jean.

Hand rails were installed on the stairs in the Church, made by Howard Williford.  Pastors salary that year is $3300.00 and the total budget is $8155.00.  Church election to be in December in order to take office the first of January.  We entertained the Arkansas Valley Association Meeting in January of 1957.  We also entered into the KEY program or Kansas Enlargement Years.

In 1955 a parsonage building committee, John Stout, Alma Fair, Gene Fair, and Doris Caywood, were appointed to find plans for this project.  A goal of $10,000.00 was set to be raised.  It wasn’t until August of 1957 that these plans were put in effect.  Marion Miller’s name was added to the committee.  He and his brother Norman Miller were the hired carpenters along with many men and women of the Church helping with the building and finishing of the parsonage.  Sallie Fair gave a house from the VanArsdale place so the men of the Church tore this and the old parsonage down before work was started.  The following committees appointed for this project:  Buying building material – Marion Miller and John Caywood;  Heating, plubing, and wiring – Hugh Stout and Ray Page;  Interior decorating – Phyllis Ward, Alma Fair, and Madaline Sanford;  Landscaping – Twila Proffitt, Chris Fair, and R. B. Shepherd;  Temporary housing – trustees and they rented the Werner house for the pastor.  The new parsonage was completed inJune of 1958 with a dedication service held on September 7, 1958.  Materials -- $7430.08;  Labor $2230;  Electricity -- $6.19;  Landscaping -- $113.90;  Grand Total of $9800.17.

In June of 1958, Rev. E. C. King came as our pastor from Slate Valley, Kansas.  He will have been with us five years this June.  His first salary was $3400.00 with $430 for M & M, over the years this has been increased.  He was the first pastor to live in our new parsonage.

An organ fund had been started in 1958 and in the fall of 1959 an organ was installed.  The money on hand to be the down payment and the remainder to be paid out by the month.  It was completely paid for in September of 1961 at a cost of $1995.00 plus interest.

Water had been in the basement and the walls of the class rooms had been ruined and in 1960 these walls were removed and cinder blocks replaced.  The men of the Church did this work and later the walls were painted and new doors hung.  Shingles were given to the Church for the outside of the old part of the Church.  The men also did this work with Marion Miller as the hired carpenter.  Total cost was $586.68.

In 1960 it was decided to give Bibles for Wedding gifts and to send cards to the sick rather than flowers.  The boxes to the service men changed to chards sent also.  In 1961 a new constitution was adopted by the Church.  This committee was Fred Fair, John Caywood, Glenna Fair, and Mildred A. Stout.  The floors of the basement have been painted and a new worship center and curtains added to the BYF and children’s Sunday School rooms.

In December of 1962, a new limed oak Story and Clark piano was purchased and added to the beauty of the sanctuary.  It’s [sic] cost being $663.00.  In January of 1963, a new carpet was installed at the cost of $549.00.

Also in January remodeling was started on the kitchen.  New sink, burners, oven and cabinets were built.  Other articles have been added and five folding tables donated.  Total cost of this project is $1270.30.

We have grown in numbers during these 75 years.  Today our enrollment is 140.  Our current budget is $7021.00 plus goals, $9162.  Many are the members who have given faithfully of time, talent, and means during these years.  Six hundred and thirty-seven names have been on the Church roll throughout these years.  We have had 13 different persons as treasurer with J. L. Stout serving for 29 years.  Two of our present members have served many years also.  Emma Page has been Church pianist since 1926 and Glenna Fair has served as clerk since 1946.  Inez Fair, our charter member, is one of the first forty-three members who carried on so faithfully in the early years of our Church so we might have what we have today.

We have been thinking of the past and now may we look onward to the future.  May we all have been inspired to do more for our Master.  Live closer, serve better, and give Him the glory for all that has been accomplished these past 75 years.

The preceding pages of the History of the Alden Baptist Church from March 24, 1888 to April, 1963 was prepared for the Church’s 75th anniversary celebration.

The following pages of history were prepared by Mildred A. Stout for the First Baptist Church of Alden’s 100th Anniversary celebration.

Our 75th Anniversay [sic] was celebrated on April 7, 1963 with 125 persons in attendance.  Former pastors present were:  Rev. Oscar and Evelyn Davey, Hutchinson;  Rev. Chester and Viola Bodenhamer, Wakeeney;  Rev. Darrell and Madaline Sanford, Wichita.  A complete 75 year Church history was done and placed in record books given to the church.  A shorter history was made for each church family.  We lost the last charter member, Inez Caywood Fair on July 8, 1963.  We thank her for her faithfulness.  The year’s income was $10,111.12 and expenses were $11,775.18, leaving a year end balance of $863.56.

Rev. E. C. King leaves the last of March.  Rev. Curtis and Jolene Fike and children Gary, Jerry, and Cindy arrive June 1, 1964.  He is ordained on June 10th at the Church in Council Grove, Kansas.  They remain with the Church until February of 1966.  Starting salary was $4420 plus $550 M & M.  The parsonage was redecorated.  12 Bibles [sic] were purchased for Church use.  A floor buffer was purchased, trim on Church and parsonage painted, and Church was connected to the city sewer system.  Income $10,384.83, expenses $11,040.84.  Average Sunday School attendance 103.

In 1965, liability insurance was taken out at a cost of $45.  A memeograph machine was purchased, cost $343.  The middle basement stairs were fixed, cloth curtains were purchased for classroom doors in the basement.  A nursery was started.  For the first time, we feel a need to lock the Church doors.  Gifts given were:  new Communion set, typewriter stand, file cabinet, sliding doors north annex, Hymn board.  Keeping in touch with service men.  The youth continue the annual Easter Service with Methodist Church.  Sunday School average 95.  The old Communion Set was given to a Mission in Mexico.

The Church was air-conditioned in 1966 at a cost of $3,787.  Since we did not have a pastor, many fill-ins were hired until the pastor of the Sterling Baptist Church, Rev. Robert Fly, became interim pastor until May of 1967.  Services were held at 9:30 a.m. $6.00 [sic] was given to campers.  Fred Long took charge of prayer meetings.  A typewriter was purchased for Church use.  $2,626 [sic] was given for Missions.  Sunday School average attendance 85.  Members on roll 117, resident members 105.

Rev. Robert and Linda Box, our WMS Scholarship student, was pastor from May 30, 1967 to September 13, 1970.  The Parsonage was redecorated;  painted the sanctuary, halls, and entryway of the Church.  We helped the Sterling Baptist’s host Jr. BYF with lodging and meals.  We now have three active ushers.  Every May we have a graduate supper.  Rev. and Mrs. Alvin Koons, our WMS Special Interest Missionaries entertained, Alvin is a newphe of Russell Koons.  Rev. Box salary total $6,853.60.  The gifts of the Pulpit and two chairs was given that year.  Missions $3,103.27;  7th in percapita giving.  Members 122, resident members 93.  Sunday School average 82.

In 1968 a school of Missions was planned for all ages.  Children also have a special activity once a month.  We have a Jr. Choir with Chris Roberts as director.  The World Mission Campaign was entered;  pledges of $4,987.00 were given over a three year period.  Joint Holy Week services celebrated with Methodist Church.  Daughter Melinda June Box arrived April 18th.  Rod and draperies were added to the front of the baptistry at a cost of $77.00.  Gifts given were red carpet for the north hallway, cost $225.00;  70 x 70 Lenticular screen, cost $79.00;  five folding tables.  A Bible School was held and 6 children went to camp.  That was the first year we passed the Communion tray down the pews to the people.  Average Sunday School attendance 75.  Membership 136.  The Association honored Glenna Fair for her 10 years as Association clerk.

In 1969, we again had a school of Missions for all ages.  Pastor Box and delegates attended association meetings, as is done in most every year.  We continue Holy Week services with Methodist Church.  Bible School is held for 2 hours after school for one week in May.  We share our pastor for preaching services with Raymond Church.  All age groups use American Baptist literature that year.  Chatter groups are held two nights a month in place of Prayer meetings.  All monies on Mission Sunday go for missions unless otherwise marked.  Income for year $14,646.  Total Missions $4,118.00.  A member Stephen Mosher is in seminary preparing for the ministry.  Membership 109, resident 89.  Sunday School average 61.

1970 – Chatter groups are no longer held.  For the first time, the Church no longer has prayer meeting that we have record of.  We hold potluck suppers the first Wednesday of each month to have enough people for a business meeting.  Bible School was again held after school in May.  $10.00 was paid for each campers expenses.  We continue Holy Week services with Methodists.  Rev. Box has left and Maynard and Mabel Peck have returned to the Church.  Maynard became our interim pastor in September and was paid $60.00 a week.  He preached at Raymond also.  We sold the old lights and replaced them with new ones at a cost of $89.00.  A gift of carpet for outside the east and south doors was given at a cost of $108.12.  A memorial gift replaced the round east window with art glass.  The dining room windows were painted.  Income $14,814.00, expenses $10,312.00, Missions $3.541.00 (6th in per capita giving).

On August 25, 1971, a copy of the Alden Baptist Church’s history was placed in a time capsule near the flame at the northeast corner of Court House Square in Lyons, Kansas to be opened in 2071.  Rev. Dale and Anna Gates come as new pastor on May 31st.  Starting salary $7,637.00.  The members of the Church redecorated the Parsonage.  The first Communion cloth was made.  The Parsoage [sic] insurance was upgrated to $13,500.  We continue to honor graduates in May and have Holy Week services.  Bible School was held June 7-11 with Pastor Gates and his wife in charge.  A Local Mission Fund was opened, money to be used to help local persons in need (Deacons to decide when needed).  Income for year $15,624.  Over a three year period $4,758.45 was total giving to the World Mission Campaign fund.  Church ranks 6th in mission giving.

30 [sic] new members joined the Church by letter or baptism in 1972.  Special meetings are held giving the Church a renewed spirit.  Stephen Mosher and Timothy Gates were licensed to preach.  Stephen was ordained at Plains, Ks. And is pastor there.  New pew cushions, a Memorial gift were added.  Christian Boys Service League for boys 8-11 was taught by Harlan Wyborny and two college boys.  Floors in dining room were painted, new curtains and drapes to childrens opening exercise room put up, and a new hot water heater installed.  BYF sponsored again with help of Fred Long.  Gifts:  Nativity set for Church yard, and new hymnals.  Easter and Thanksgiving events held with Methodist Church.  Total giving for year was $16,770.00.

1973-Delegates go to Association meetings and state meetings.  The Church works with the PRIDE organization in the community.  Underflow flooded the basement of the Church in fall of that year.  Church pays one half of campers [sic] expenses.  A water softener was installed in Parsonage.  Memorial gifts:  Memorial book and case, carpet for platform and steps, large gold cross and gold vases on each side of pulpit, refrigerated water fountain, reversible blackboard/corkboard, 40 steel folding chairs, $2095.00 revolving scholarship fund.  Total income for year including memorials $23,303.00;  $6,568.00 to the Unified Budget.

In 1974, new carpet was installed over the entire floor of the sanctuary, south entry and steps (this was a gift).  We had joint East services with the Nethodist congregation.  Ten new trees were planted on the Church and Parsonage lawns (this was our PRIDE project).  New curtains were hung at all the basement windows.  Four new “Welcome to Alden Churches” signs were placed at town limits (financed by Methodist Church, Baptist Church and PRIDE).  12 [sic] new members and lost 7 by transfers.  1974 budget was $16,566.86.

In 1975, pastor Gates gives up his services with the Raymond Church due to health problems.  Vietnamese refugee family, Mr. and Mrs. Hung Dao, Hai and Dink Dao, making their home in Alden.  Refugee fund established to help foreign friends in the community, administered by the Deacons.  Easter services were held with Methodist friends.  Special dinners for older members were held once a quarter.  Purchased a new water pump.  Storage cabinet was built near kitchen for silver tea set, snack trays, etc.  It was built by Pastor Gates at a cost of $268.00.  Budget for year was $18,376.86.

Since 1976 was the Bicentennial year of our nation, the Church constructed an outside bulletin board.  The Church participated in the community Bicentennial celebrations.  We painted the outside trim on the Church and parsonage, reshingled the Church roof, and put turf carpet on the east Church steps.  We paid the entire camping fee for 12 children;  and had a Junior Choir that year.  We also sponsored a 3 minute Radio Ministry on KLOQ three times a week with Rev. Gates giving the message.  The local Fire Department donated a fire extinguisher for Church use.  That year found an active BYF and men and women’s groups.  Delegates attended Association, State etc. meetings.  Budget was $20,843.11.

Rev. Dale Gates leaves the Church June 1, 1977.  The Radio Ministry was discontinued.  Special meetings were held and seven made decisions for Christ.  Scripture Memory program began with children learning Bible verses to earn their way to attend camp.  The Church paid the entire cost of camp.  We hosted the annual Association meeting with 100 in attendance.  The Parsonage was redecorated with painting and new carpets in the living room, kitchen and utility room.

The new pastor Rev. James and Eleanor Hamilton arrived in January of 1978 and are with the Church until January of 1981.  Starting salary of $10,900.00 which included cash, M & M, car expenses, utilities, education and convention converage.  Our 90th Anniversary was observed on April 16 with former pastors and members invited for the special day.  Scripture memory continues with 7 children taking part.  Pierce McIntosh was hired as youth director for the High School age youth.  8 [sic] youth and 4 adults took a trip to Kansas City to visit Baptist Seminary.  The walking bridge south of the Church was repaired as our PRIDE project.  New refrigerator added to kitchen, handicapped parking sign put in parking area, gift of storm window in north annex.  Added 13 new members, lost 6 by letter and one by death.

In 1979, China was our school of Missions them [sic].  Missionary James Holt, Phillipines was a guest in our Church.  Former member Stephen Mosher and wife Sandy were commissioned as missionaries.  Six children completed Scripture Memory class.  We received a plaque for 11th per capita mission giving.  North annex was carpeted through a gift at a cost of $761.17.  a new trash container outside was our PRIDE project.  A storm window was purchased for the large picture window at the east end of the sanctuary, cost $1,174.10.  A new mimeograph was purchased.

In 1980 the children attended Bible School in Sterling with the Sterling Churches with Gail Wenos (a former Alden school teacher) and her puppet Ezra as leaders.  Good Friday services were held with the Methodist Church.  Ten children earned their way to camp through the Scripture memory program.  Four commentaries were sent to Stephen and Sandy Mosher, missionaries in the Phillipines.  Special meetings were held and we had a missionary speaker during the year.  Marion Miller shingled the parsonage roof at a cost of $1,432.50.  A pine tree was planted in the Church yard as our PRIDE project.  We added 6 new members and granted letters to nine.  Four dropped from roll having joined other churches and lost one by death.  Budget for the year was $26,881.00.  Unified budget goal was $6,000.00.

With the leaving of Pastor Hamilton in January 1981, we are without a pastor until November when Bob Bethell, Admissions Director of Sterling College, becomes our interim pastor until July 3, 1983.  Cluster C meetings which include area Churches, are held on the fifth Sundays throughout the year.  Financial aid was given to Troy Browning family after fire destroyed part of their home – no one was injured.  Painting was done in the basement and a curtain was made to conceal storage area in the opening exercise room.  Our PRIDE project was painting the Pastors [sic] study.  A new air-conditioner and furnace for the parsonage was purchased form Anderson Sheet Metal, Lyons, Ks. At a cost of $2,361.79.  Stephen and Sandy Mosher were home from the Phillipines;  they shared experiences with us at the Graudate supper.  Shirley Duft and Donna Zimmerman directed a youth choir.  Ten children earned their way to camp through Scripture memory program.  $5,320.00 was pledged by Church members for renovation at Central Baptist Seminary through the New Century Campaign program.  Letters were granted to three.

We are doing well under leadership of interim pastor Bob Bethell in 1982.  $115.00 [sic] was given to Camp Christy swimming pool fund.  Former pastor Rev. Dale Gates died May 2, 1982 at Kingman, Ks.  (He was our pastor from May, 1971 to May, 1977).  Installed a new furnace for the basement and sanctuary, purchased from Anderson Plumbing and Heating, Lyons, Ks.  Six youth attended Camp Christy.  Twenty-five children attended Bible School.  We hosted Missionary John Scott from Zaire.  Sterling College men and women’s basketball teams were our guests at a monthly Church supper.  A ceramic Nativity set and an Advent wreath were gifts to the Church in memory of Scot Stout through memorial money.  Added 6 new members.  Lost 5 and 2 by death.

In 1983 the Church continues to be very active under the leadership of our interim pastor Bob Bethell.  Dick Worley, missionary to Thailand was a guest at a Church supper.  One college, four High School and five eighth grade graduates were honored at the annual graduate’s Church supper in May.  Harma McKenzie, Central Region ABW President was honored with a Church reception.  Seven children went to camps earned through Scripture Memory classes.  Our PRIDE project was a replacement of broken sidewalk and a fence around the trash barrel.  Bible School was held with the Methodist Church.  On June 26, 1983 Rev. Mason L. Brown was called as pastor and installation services were held on July 24th.  Bob Bethell and his family were honored with a reception for appreciation of the last one and a half years service to our Church.  Nina Schafer was recognized for her thirty years as teacher in the Cradle role class.  New gifts were given to this department in her honor.  Sandy Mosher, missionary to the Phillippines [sic], Dr. Fred Thompson, executive minister of ABCCR, Rev. Philip Gage, were guest [sic] in our Church;  Rev. Gage by telephone hook-up.  Painting was done on the Church and the parsonage by Bob Bethell and helpers.  The Memorial book was up-dated [sic].  Some memorials for the year were:  Advent wreath, Church sign, carpet for the dining room, light, punch bowl tray.  New members – 2 by letter and 6 by baptism.  Lost 2 by death, 1 by joining another Church, 3 by transfer.

In February of 1984, Rev. Brown invited families to a “Hearty Party” where the theme of Love was studied.  The Sterling College women’s basketball team were our guests for a potluck dinner.  Fire extinguishers were purchased for the Church.  Memorial gift of two taper lighters was given to the Church.  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services held with the Methodist Church.  Jerry Nichols family were guests at our ABW Sunday supper using Indian recipes for the meal.  Forty-three pupils were enrolled in the Alden Community Bible School.  The Church basement was designated as available for a storm shelter.  Alden hosted the Cluster C picnic in August.  After much prayer and discussion, the Church decided we could no longer support a full time pastor.  Rev. Brown was allowed 6 months at full salary to find a new position, if it should take that long.  Rev. Brown is with us until June of 1985.  Received 3 new members by letter, lost 5 by transfer of letter, 3 joined another Church, 2 by death.

1985.  Rev. Brown left the Church in June after finding a pastorate in Wellington, Ks.  The pulpit committee was selected and we voted to hire Bob Bethell as interim pastor for an indefinite time.  Bob Bethell was licensed by the Church on June 2, 1985.  Updated insurance coverage on the Church and parsonage to 80% of their value.  Gave $653.85 to aid storm victims in the Phillippines [sic], distributed by our Sandy Mosher, missionary there.  Members of the Church continue to attend ABW and Church area and state meetings.  Rev. Wayne Shireman, a short term missionary to Japan, was a guest speaker, showing slides of his work.  Rev. John Blyth, Ottawa University, was the speaker at our Graduate supper.  One college student, 3 High School students, and 1 eighth grade student were honored at that supper.  The Church held the licensing service for Bob Bethell on June 2, 1985.  Easter services were held with the Methodist Church.  20-25 [sic] children attended the Community Bible School.  The PRIDE project that year was reseeding the Church lawn.  A greeters program was started with famlies taking turns as greeters on Sunday mornings.  A Constitution committee was chosen to update the constitution.  Gifts given:  piano lamp, carpeting the basement opening room, and wooden flower pedastals [sic] for the pulpit.  2 [sic] new members by baptism, lost 1 who joined another Church.  Average Church attendance is 52.  Average SS attendance is 42.

January 1986 finds the Church very active.  A Canon copier was purchased.  The new Church constitution was given to members.  A used riding lawn mower was given to the Church.  Second Sunday of each month’s offering is designated for a special Mission need.  The PRIDE project was carpet on the outside east steps.  Three ceiling fans in the basement were gifts of the ABW.  We enjoyed the visit of Stephen and Sandy Mosher and family home from the Phillippines [sic] on furlough.  Juan (John) Cano, foreign exchange student from Spain, living with the Ed Fair family was our honored High School graduate at the graduate supper in May.  Three ceiling fans, donations from members, were installed in the Sanctuary.  A new stained glass window and cover in the south vestibule was a memorial gift.  A photograph album of Church members was sent to Juan Cano.  A new Rogers organ was purchased and installed with member and memorial money.  4 [sic] new members by baptism.  Lost one who joined another Church.

January 1987, Bob Bethell continues to serve as Interim Pastor.  Our Church centennial will be celebrated in April of 1988, committees are appointed to start making plans for that day.  Easter sunrise services were held at Belden’s pasture, community was invited.  Missionaries Delores Nelson and Ray Lindland were guests.  Eleven graduates from Jr-High to College were honored at the graduate supper in May.  Donations of $2,000.00 was given to the “Alive in Missions” campaign.  It was voted by the Church to rent the parsonage;  the trustees drew up guidelines that met with the approval of the congregation.  The children were honored at the childrens [sic] program following Bible School.  A community celebration commemorating the 200th year of the signing of our National constitution was held in our Church yard;  5th and 6th grade children joined us and the Church bell and other bells were rung for 3 minutes.  School athletes in our Church from grade school to college were honored at a Church supper.  Several special Sunday evening services were held during the year.  During the Christmas program the children enacted the Nativity story and the Choir provided special music.  The highlight of December was the ordaining of Bob Bethell into the ministry at the Mt. Hermon Church in Jay, Oklahoma on December 13.  Six of our members attended and helped in the service.

January of 1988, the Church is now under leadership of Rev. Bob Bethell.  We will continue to be an active Church in many Baptist programs.  The Centennial committees are very busy getting ready for the big day April 10th, when we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary with former pastors, friends and the members who now belong and attend First Baptist Church of Alden, Kansas.

Now the time of bringing thoughts of the past 100 years is coming to an end.  Many names have not been included, many events were not listed, many things have been done that have not been told about here.  However, a more detailed history of these past 100 years can be found in the complete history and is available to those interested in more details.  These books are not loaned out, but information can be copied and given to those interested.

Other notes of interest:  Four couples now attending Church and have for many years, have celebrated a 50th wedding Anniversary, with another to celebrate this summer.  Several other couples reached the 50 year mark but have now gone to be with our Lord.  We have had 808 children, youth, and adults on our membership roll.  Membership for 1988 is 106, with average attendance for Church 50.  Church budget for 1988 is $22,435.00.

After the faithful who brought us to 50 years, 75 years, 90 years and now 100 years, we must not stop here but must go forward as those before us have done.  They put thrust and faith in the Lord to get this far and now we must go forward with that same trust and faith doing whatever the Lord wishes each of us to do for Him.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.



On the evening of March 24, 1888, quite a number of the members of Raymond Baptist Church living in the vicinity, and near Alden, Kansas, met at Deacon Mason Caywood's to consider the organization of a church at Alden, KS. A comittee was appointed to solicit the names of those desiring letters of dismission from the Raymond Baptist Church. Ernest Edmonson was chairman and T. T. Moore was secretary of this meeting.

On April 4 1888, those members of the Raymond Baptist Church favoring the new organization met at Samuel Parke Stouts.

Forty three persons desired letters and these were granted.  A comittee was appointed to draw up a code of articles of Faith.  This comittee was Mason Caywood, Samuel Parke Stout, Shipman Craig Stout, and  Rev. T. T. Moore. (This would be the son of James Mason Moore and Angeline (BALL) Moore)


Thomas Thornton Moore (son of James Mason Moore)

Shipman Craig Stout  (Son of William Parke and Mary (Willoughby) Stout

Ira Stubbs (grandson of William Jonathan and Cese [Cecilia Moore] Stout)

Nancy Melissa (Veach) Caywood (widow of Elzay Caywood)

Sarah E. (Stout) Hate (daughter of Shipman Craig & Sarah (Caywood) Williams Stout

James Lindsay Stout & wife Anna (Ross) Stout (James the son of Shipman Craig and & Sarah (Caywood) Williams Stout)

Lydia (Stout) Ross (a daughter of William Jonathan and Cese [Cecilia Moore] Stout)

Wm Fair (William Fair married Inez Caywood the daughter of Elzay and Nancy Melissa (Veatch) Caywood) Nancy Melissa was the daughter of Ai Veatch and Mary Ann (MOORE) Veatch. (Mary Ann was the oldest sister of Thomas Thornton Moore.)  Thomas married Delilah (Stout).

Cese [Cecilia Moore] Stout (the widow of William Jonathan Stout, and daughter of Thomas Moore and Rebecca Davis)

Nancy Hickman (daughter of Cese [Cecilia Moore] and William Stout)

Nathan West & wife (Carrie (Moore) West (a grandaughter of Delilah Stout Moore.  Carrie was sister to the Rev. Thomas Thornton Moore.  The Reverend was a son of James Mason Moore a brother to Elizabeth Ann Moore Caywood)

James M. Stout (son of Cese [Cecilia Moore] and William Stout)

Mary E. Stout (grandaughter of Cese [Cecilia Moore] and William Stout)

Martha Stout (Grady) (a daughter of Cese [Cecilia Moore] & William Stout)

Aletha Munson (daughter of Joseph Ball  & (Susan Davis) Shepherd.  Susan Davis' mother and father were Jesse Sanders Davis and Leah Stout.   Leah being the youngest of William Parke and Ann (Umstadt) Stout.

Martha Stewart; Bettie Stewart

Sarah A. Williams (daughter of Cese [Moore] and William Jonathan Stout.   She married Reuben Williams on 21 Jan 1886 Alden, Rice, KS, the son of H H Williams and Sarah Caywood Williams.  She was not the daughter of Sarah (CAYWOOD) Williams Stout.)

John E. Moore (Do not know if he is connected to the Moores of KY)

John Mason Stout (son of Cese [Cecilia Moore] & William Stout)

Mary Delilah Stout (daughter of Cese [Cecilia Moore] & William Stout)

Earnest Edmunson (son-in-law of Cese [Cecilia Moore] & William Stout)

Mason Caywood (son of James Lindsay Caywood and Margaret Mildred Courtney)

Elizabeth A Caywood (wife of Mason (daughter of Thomas Thornton Moore & Delilah (Stout) Moore)

Wm. Caywood (Son of Mason & Elizabeth Moore Caywood)

C. M. Mason

Mary D. Monson (daughter of Cese [Cecilia Moore] and William Stout)

Rubertie ( Monson) Frederick a grandaughter of Cese [Cecilia Moore] and William Stout)

William Mason Stout (son of Shipman Craig Stout and Aletha Emeral Moore)

Elzay C. Caywood (Elzay Courtney Caywood, son of Mason Caywood)

C. C. Caywood (Cleon Clifton Caywood, son of Mason)

John S. Shepherd (son of Joseph Ball Shepherd). John married Chloe Stout the daughter of Samuel Parke Stout (Samuel was the youngest son of Lawson & Chloe Zuriah (DAVIS) Stout)

Mary (Roberson) Stout (Wife of Samuel Parke Stout)

Mrs. C. N. (Francilia) Fair

C. N. Fair (Christian Norman Fair & Francilia was the son of James Henry Fair and Elizabeth Norman)

Thomas E. Stout (This should be Thomas Thornton Stout, son of Shipman Craig Stout and Aletha Emeral Moore Stout

Flora M. Stubbs

12 Men Licensed to Preach

1896 – T. T. Moore

1897 – Clarence Daily

1914 – Berta Proffitt

1925 – Dale Hoover

1933 – Faye Parker

1952 – Jimmy Stout

1954 – Maynard Peck

1957 – Eldon Stout

1964 – Jon Sword

1972 – Timothy Gates

1972 – Steve Mosher

1985 – Bob Bethell

(Steve Mosher ordained while pastor at Plains)


Our Missionary

Former member Steve Mosher and wife Sandra were commissioned as missionaries in 1979 at National Convention in Carbondale, Ill. To the Phillippines [sic].


Ordained Three to Ministry

1897 – T. T. Moore

190 – C. L. Dailey

1955 – Darrell Sanford


Ordained Four as Deacons

1888 – Ira Stubbs and S. C. stout

1909 – T. T. Stout and George Ross


Other Information

1893 – The Church building erected – cost $1800.00

1904 – A parsonage was built – cost $451.50

1948-49 – Basement added, Baptistry installed.

1953-54 – North educational wing and basement added.

1958 – The present parsonage was fininshed.

1959 – An organ and a new piano were purchased.


“O give thanks unto the Lord for he is good;  for his mercy endureth forever.”  Psalm 107:1


Record of Pastors

J. H. Smiley            December 1888 – September 1894

T. T. Moore            October 1894 – January 1895

J. H. Smiley            February 1895 – February 1896

A. W. Richardson            June 1896 – May 1897

T. T. Moore            May 1897 – May 1900

E. M. Armstrong            July 1900 – April 1902

T. J. Neal            September 1902 – September 1903

F. G. Wilkerson            November 1903 – October 1907

T. S. Mosher            May 1908 – May 1911

T. T. Moore            May 1912 – December 1912

A. L. Stanfield            May 1913 – March 1916

W. M. Hoover            April 1916 – February 1917

J. J. Via            January 1919 – August 1920

P. W. Bryan            March 1923 – July 1925

W. H. Hall            November 1925 – August 1926

J. E. McGuire            August 1926 – November 1927

Oscar Davey            June 1928 – March 1934

Ralph Shelton            April 1934 – July 1935

A. L. Stanfield            March 1936 – July 1939

V. L. Trail            August 1940 – January 1943

Arthur Smith            August 1944 – August 1947

F. E. Carter            March 1948 – October 1949

C. E. Bodenhamer            November 1949 – June 1952

Charles Burns            August 1952 – November 1954

R. J. Stout            Rebruary 1955 – September 1955

D. J. Sanford            September 1955 – February 1958

E. C. King            June 1958 – March 1964

Curtis Fike            June 1964 – February 1966

Robert Fly            June 1966 – March 1967

Robert Box            March 1967 – September 1970

Maynard Peck            September 1970 – May 1971

Dale Gates            June 1971 – May 1977

James Hamilton            January 1978 – June 1981

James Hamilton            January 1978 – June 1981

Bob Bethell            November 1981 – June 1983

Mason L. Brown  June 1983 – June 1985

Bob Bethell            June 1985 –

“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things.”  Romans 10:15b