Arvey (Reed) Graves

Arvey (REED) GRAVES was ordinary man who lived in the Rooks county area for some of his life. His Father, Matthew William REED and mother, Jemima L. MCCLINSEY moved the family moved the family to the Kansas area around 1890. They were originally fromthe Clearfield Co.Pennsylvania area. Arvey was a REED but was adopted by the Martin L.GRAVES family and raised in Plainville. He went to school inPlainville. He was in the Kansas home Gaurd (Military). He died in Herrington Dickinson Co.Kansas (9 Sep 1919) when a train exploded and caught his clothing on fire. The obituary for Arvey shows that he was born in Plainsville, Rooks Co Kansas 17 Dec 1890. He married Alice McPhail and they had three children: Gretta, Hazel and Helen.  

Arvey had an adopted sister named Bessie Rusella Graves. She married Aaron L. Harter.

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