Norman Cemetery
(AKA Turkville and Saline Valley)

Last Updated June 22, 2008

Catharine N. Township
(AKA Saline Township)
Section 12-11-17
Saline River Road
Ellis County, Kansas

For the most part these records include people who died in Ellis, Osborne, Rooks and Russell Counties KS

To get there from Hays, Ellis County, Kansas, go North on Highway 183, approximately 18 miles to the Saline River Road.  You will turn (East) right, and travel about 9 1/2 miles.  The cemetery is located on top of a small hill on the (North) left side of the road.

To get there from Codell, Rooks County, Kansas, go South out of town on the Codell Road to where it intersects with the Saline River Road.  You will turn (East) left and continue on the road.  The cemetery is located on the top of a small hill on the (North) left side of the road.

Plot Number, Name, Birth Date, Where, Death Date, Where, Deceased Information
Ellis County Records furnished the plot numbers.

Plot Numbers



TURK, Benjamin Newton;  B. January 12, 1879, Kansas;  D. Infancy, Turkville, Ellis County, Kansas, 8th Child of Benjamin Newton and Susan Rebecca (King) Turk

KING, Albert Lewis; B. March 06, 1879, Kansas; D. October 06, 1880, Turkville, Ellis County, Kansas, 2nd Child of Erastus Edward and Sarah Ellen (Bowin) King

THURSTON, Infant; B. (Stillborn), Kansas; D. October 18, 1915, Codell, Rooks County, Kansas;  Infant son of Chester Arthur and Josie Wilda (Reedy) Thurston. Infant son is buried with his mother.

THURSTON, Josie Wilda (Reedy); B. March 03, 1896, Kansas; D. October 23, 1915, Codell, Rooks County, Kansas;  Wife of Chester Arthur Thurston, 10th Child of William and Lillie Frances (Jewell) Reedy



8 THURSTON, Daniel; B. March 26, 1841, Michigan; D. June 05, 1933, Natoma, Osborne County, Kansas; Husband of Julia Ann (Howell) Thurston, 3rd Child of Solomon and Merch Ann (Stebbins) Thurston, Civil War Veteran.   He was an early Ellis County settler. Buffalo hunter, Farmer

THURSTON, Julia Ann (Howell); B. February 14, 1845, New York; D. November 03, 1911, Ellis County,  Kansas;  Wife of Daniel Thurston, Daughter of Ira and Rachel (Landin) Howell

10 RUMSEY, Stephen; B. Unknown; D. November 13, 1886, (Age 24), Kansas; (Son of Steven and Emma Rumsey?), Civil War Veteran. He was an early Ellis County, Kansas settler



13  MOCK, Mary Ann (Bracey); B. March 06, 1818, North Carolina; D. November 23, 1902(Oct 28, 1902), Ellis County, Kansas; Wife of William Henry Mock; Mother of Philip Francis Mock

14  MOCK, Oliver Ray; B. July 12, 1881, Kansas; D. September 13, 1881, Ellis County, Kansas; Infant Son of John Samuel (Samuel John) and Maggie (Margaret Elizabeth Duncan/Dunkin) Mock

15  MOCK, Margaret E. (Duncan/Dunkin); B. January 11, 1852, Tennessee; D. October 14, 1881, Ellis County, Kansas; Wife of John Samuel (Samuel John) Mock

16  MOCK, Louis Edward; B. November 18, 1888, Kansas; D. November 18, 1888, Ellis County, Kansas; 3rd Child of Philip Francis and Ladora Kate (King) Mock


18  ABBOTT, Mary; B. Unknown; D. February 09, 1905, Ellis County, Kansas; (Infant son is buried
with her.)

ABBOTT, Infant Son; B. February 09, 1905, Kansas; D. February 11, 1905, Ellis County, Kansas


20   CRESS, Enid Rosalie; B. October 15, 1915, Kansas; D. October 16, 1915, Ellis County, Kansas; 2nd Child of Hugh Irvin and Pearl (Simpson) Cress

21   CRESS, John Ellison; B. September 20, 1913, Kansas; D. February 14, 1916, Ellis County, Kansas; 1st Child of Hugh Irvin and Pearl (Simpson) Cress

22 CRESS, Virginia Fay; B. July 31, 1929, Kansas; D. June 23, 1934, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas; 8th Child of Hugh Irvin and Pearl (Simpson) Cress

23 CRESS, Hugh Irvin (Irving); B. May 10, 1884, Nebraska; D. September 25, 1947, Ellis County, Kansas; 2nd Child of Ellison and Mary Maude (Kerr) Cress; Wife of Pearl (Simpson) Cress; Teacher, Farmer

CRESS, Pearl (Simpson); B. November 22, 1892, Kansas; D. November 19, 1977, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas; Wife of Hugh Irvin Cress; 7th Child of Francis Alexander and Julia Harriet (King) Simpson. Teacher

24 CRESS, Donald Thomas; B. September 12, 1916, Kansas; D. August 25, 1971, South Bend, Indiana; 3rd Child of Hugh Irvin and Pearl (Simpson) Cress; 1st Marriage Bentha (Skoglund) Cress; 2nd Marriage Helen (Lepaces) Cress. Electrician, Computer Expert, Army  WW2 Veteran

25 CRESS, Robert Randall; B. January 20, 1919, Kansas; D. May 09, 1976, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas; 4th Child of Hugh Irving and Pearl (Simpson) Cress; Husband of Rosemary (Bowen) Cress; 2nd marriage was to Bertie (Curran) Cress.   Electrician.  Navy  WW2 Veteran

26 MILLER, Baby; Information unknown

27 MILLER, Anna; B. 1840, Unknown; D. 1912, Unknown

28 MILLER,  Baby; Information unknown



31 GUMBLE, Anna E.; B. 1856, Unknown; D. 1896, Ellis County, Kansas; Wife of Abraham Davis Gumble

32 GUMBLE, Abraham Davis; B. 1847, Unknown; D. 1885, Ellis County, Kansas; Husband of Anna Gumble.  Son of John C. and Ann (Davis) Gumble, Farmer

33 GUMBLE, Infant: B. Unknown; D. 1884,Kansas; Infant daughter of Abraham D. and Anna E. Gumble


35 BOWLBY, Infant; B. September 20, 1884, Kansas; D. September 24, 1884, Ellis County, Kansas; Infant baby of Sebastian L. and Katherine (Staggers) Bowlby

36 JOHANSEN, Maria; B. March 28, 1881, Unknown; D. October 08, 1932, Kansas

37 CRESS, Andrew Wilfred; B. March 03, 1921, Kansas; D. March 13, 1986,  Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma; 5th Child of Hugh Irving and Pearl (Simpson) Cress, Civilian Conservation Corp,  Retired  Army and WW2 Veteran

38 SMITH, Louisa S.; B. 1881; D. 1907, Kansas


40 DOHM, Lurilla M.; B. Unknown; D. December 14, 1904, (Age 21 years) Ellis County, Kansas;   Wife of Fred Dohm; Daughter of R. G. and Angilin (Angiline) Finch

41 FINCH, Volney J.; B. Unknown; D. May 31, 1904, (Age 24), Ellis County, Kansas; Son of R. G. and Angilin (Angiline) Finch

42 FINCH, Madena; B. Unknown; D. July 05, 1898, (Age 31 years), Ellis County, Kansas; Daughter of R. G. and A. Finch

43 GUMBLE, John C.; B. February 22, 1816, Unknown; D. April 16, 1904, Ellis County, Kansas; Husband of Maria (Davis) Gumble. Farmer

44 GUMBLE, Maria (Davis); B. December 20, 1817, Unknown; D. May 19, 1897, Ellis County, Kansas.   Wife of John C. Gumble

45 GUMBLE, James G.; B. July 06, 1881,Unknown; D. June 05, 1900, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas


47 GUMBLE, Bert J.; B. March 05, 1878, Unknown; D. August 13, 1906, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas


49 HOAGLAND, M. Jane; B. 1886; D. 1975, Unknown;  Wife of Clifford R. Hoagland

49  HOAGLAND, Clifford R.; B. 1884; D. 1964, Unknown;  Husband of M. Jane Hoagland

50 SIMPSON, Harry Elmer; B. December 10, 1879, Kansas; D. July 16, 1970, Osborne, Osborne County, Kansas.  3rd Child of Francis Alexander and Julia Harriet (King) Simpson.  He was the twin brother to Perry Commodore Simpson; Farmer

51 SIMPSON, Victor Hugo; B. February 19, 1878, Kansas;   D. April 24, 1929,  Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas; 2nd Child of Francis Alexander and Julia Harriet (King) Simpson.  Farmer

52 SIMPSON, Clarence Edwin; B. May 29, 1890, Kansas; D. April 01, 1960, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas.  6th Child of Francis Alexander and Julia Harriet (King) Simpson.  Husband of Emma Anna (Riesen) Simpson; 2nd marriage to Verda Ester (Overholser/Teasley) Simpson; Truck Farmer.

52  SIMPSON, Emma Anna (Riesen); B. July 01, 1893, Oklahoma; D. May 02, 1935, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. Wife of Clarence Edwin Simpson

53 TEASLEY, Orma Nadine; B. May 19, 1927, Kansas; D. October 14, 1938, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas;  1st  Child of Roy and Verda Ester (Overholser) Teasley.  Stepdaughter of Clarence Edwin Simpson

53  PERKINS, Verda Ester (Overholser); B. March 10, 1900, Kansas;   D. February 15, 1900, Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas. Wife of Roy Teasley, 2nd Marriage to Clarence Edwin Simpson, 3rd Marriage to Vinton  A. Perkins.  6th Child of Wilbor J. and Tulia (Edson) Overholser

54 SIMPSON, Kelly Keith; B. August 20, 1957, Kansas; D. August 22, 1957, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas; 1st Child of Edwin Keith and Evelyn May (Dwinelle) Simpson

55 SIMPSON, Nathan Joel; B. April 17, 1958,Kansas; D. April 18, 1958, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas; 2nd Child of Edwin Keith and Evelyn May (Dwinelle) Simpson

56 SIMPSON, Edwin Keith; B. December 08, 1926, Kansas; D. July 15, 1975, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas; 2nd Child of Clarence Edwin and Emma Anna (Riesen) Simpson. Husband of Evelyn May (Dwinelle) Simpson.  Farmer, Army veteran

56  SIMPSON, Evelyn May;  B.­ Oct. 3, 1934, Russell County KS; D. September 30, 2001, Daughter of Leo and Bertha May (St. Aubyn) Dwinelle;  Wife of Edwin K. Simpson; He died in 1975. She married Gayle Richmond on Sept. 2, 1977.

57 SIMPSON, William Arvie; B. September 19, 1911, Kansas; D. May 26, 1927, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas.  2nd Child of Perry Commodore and Eva Ethony (Reedy) Simpson

58 SIMPSON, Eva Ethony (Reedy); B. June 24, 1891, Kansas; D. June 25, 1922, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas; Wife of Perry Commodore Simpson; 8th Child of William and Lillie Frances (Jewell) Reedy

58  SIMPSON, Perry Commodore; B. December 10, 1879, Kansas; D. April 26, 1948, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas.  4th Child of Francis Alexander and Julia Harriet (King) Simpson.  Husband of Eva Ethony (Reedy) Simpson.  Farmer, Twin brother to Harry Elmer Simpson

59 GRIFFITH, Arthur H.; B. Unknown; D. July 23, 1906 (Age 23 years), Kansas

60 SIMPSON, Francis Alexander; B. September 22, 1849, Tennessee; D. October 05, 1925, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas; Husband of Julia Harriet (King) Simpson; Son of Harvey and Eliza Jane (Dennis) Simpson. Farmer

60  SIMPSON, Julia Harriet (King); B. January 02, 1854,Tennessee; D. November 09, 1937, Saline Township, Ellis County, Kansas.  Wife to Francis Alexander Simpson.  6th Child of Allen Lewis and Amanda  (Weesner or Weisner) King.  She helped raise several of her grandchildren

61 MCAULEY, William J.; B. January 01, 1820; D. February 22, 1905, Kansas.   Early Ellis County, Kansas settler, Veteran

62 KING, Allen Lewis; B. June 03, 1823,Tennessee; D. November 04, 1909, Turkville, Ellis County, Kansas; Husband to 1st Marriage, Amanda E. (Weesner or Weisner) King; 2nd Marriage, Elizabeth Lydia (White/McCarroll) King; Son of William and Martha (Crouch) King.  Early Ellis County, Kansas, settler; Founder of Codell, Motor City, Turkville, Hays and Fairport, Kansas, Baptist Churches. Minister, Teacher, Farmer

62  KING, Elizabeth Lydia (White/McCarroll); B. August 26, 1839,Tennessee; D. January 21, 1927, Ellis County, Kansas. 2nd Wife to Rev. Allen Lewis King

63 STONE, Amanda Cora Ann (King); B. October 14, 1863, Tennessee; D. October 31, 1908, Ellis County, Kansas.  Wife of Alfred Frank Stone, 10th Child of Allen Lewis and Amanda (Weisner or Weesner) King

63  STONE, Alfred Frank; B. March 04, 1855,New York; D. October 09, 1931, Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas.  Husband of Amanda Cora Ann (King) Stone, Son of William Gardner Stone,   He worked for the Kansas Power Company.

63  STONE, Nellie; B. April 15, 1905, Kansas; D. April 15, 1905, Ellis County, Kansas. 10th Child of Alfred Frank and Amanda Cora Ann (King) Stone.  (THIS IS AN UNMARKED GRAVE except for a blank marker).

64  FINCH,  Ormande Hupp, (Orman); B. September 05, 1859; D. April 15, 1917; Place:  Rural Natoma, Kansas.  Husband of Florence Belle (Thurston) Finch.  (Son of Frederick and Phoebe Finch?);  Farmer, Postmaster of Finch Post Office 1907-1908, Ellis County, Kansas

64  FINCH, Florence Belle (Thurston); B. August 16, 1870, Missouri; D. February 01, 1960, Osborne, Osborne County, Kansas. Wife of Ormande Hupp (Orman) Finch, 2nd marriage to F. M. Lundy.  2nd Child of Daniel and Julia (Howell) Thurston

65 FINCH, Eulah Blondabell; B. 1914(?), Kansas; D. March 23, 1930, Ellis County, Kansas. 12th Child of Ormande (Orman)  Hupp and Florence Belle (Thurston) Finch

66 THURSTON, Walter Joseph; B. March 05, 1941, Kansas; D. March 07, 1941, Ellis County, Kansas.  4th Child of Philip Sheridan and Muriel Bertha (Doughtery/Nederland) Thurston

NOTE:  FOR SOME REASON THE PLOT NUMBERS NOW START WITH 104.  This was the way the spreadsheet was written that I received from Ellis County Records, Hays,  Kansas.

104 GFELLER, Adella Viola; B. February 16, 1932, Kansas;  D. December 11, 1992, Ponca City, Oklahoma; Wife of  Loren L. Gfeller.  9th Child of Hugh Irving and Pearl (Simpson) Cress



107 CRESS, David Arthur; B. July 31, 1925, Kansas; D. December 14, 1988, Oklahoma.  7th Child of Hugh Irving and Pearl (Simpson) Cress.  Barber. Korean Army Veteran

108 SIMPSON, Charles Franklin; B. September 24, 1915, Kansas; D. November 12, 1992, McAllen, Texas.  Husband of Louella (Thurston) Simpson.  4th Child of Perry Commodore and Eva Ethony (Reedy) Simpson.  Farmer, Oil Field Worker, Civil Conservation Corps

108 SIMPSON, Louella (Thurston); B. May 1, 1919, Kansas; D. August 22, 1996, Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. Wife of Charles Franklin Simpson; 10th Child of Philip Sheridan and Bertha Kate (Clarkson) Thurston



201 THURSTON, Chester Earl; B. April 18, 1919,Kansas; D. September 18, 1997, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. Husband of Edna Lenora (Every) Thurston. 2nd Child of Chester Arthur and Effie Phoebe (Reed) Thurston.   Oil Field Worker, Trapper, Civil Conservation Corps, Army-Air Force


203 THURSTON, Marvin Dale; B. January 09, 1948, Colorado; D. February 31, 1995, Russell, Russell County, Kansas. 4th Child of Chester Earl and Edna Lenora (Every) Thurston. Crafter, Camera Buff

204 CHRISLER, Hettie Belle (McConnell); B. January 08, 1905, Kansas; D. 1998, Kansas; Wife of George Oren Chrisler;  10th Child of Fred and Hettie Bell (Evans) McConnell; Teacher

205 CHRISLER, George Oren; B. October 25, 1905, Kansas; D. 1998,Kansas; Husband of Hettie Belle (McConnell) Chrisler, Son of Melvin and Martha (Matheson) Chrisler,  Farmer

There are known to be 14 unknown, unmarked graves in the Norman Cemetery.  Research by Janice L. (Simpson)  Reading, and Julia E. (Simpson) Bond has turned up the following names and information:

KING, Albert Lewis; B. March 06, 1879, Kansas; D. October 06, 1880; Place: Turkville, Ellis County, Kansas; 2nd Child of Erastus Edward and Sarah Ellen (Bowin) King.

MCCARROLL, Infant; B. Unknown…He is believed to be buried along the north fence line.  Son of Ben  McCarroll.

MCCARTER, Ruth; B. August 25, 1911, Kansas; D. September 02, 1911, Kansas;    1st Child of Francis Fern and Eva May (Stone) McCarter.  Granddaughter of Alfred Frank and Amanda Cora Ann (King) Stone

STONE, William Gardner; B. 1822, New York; D. 1903, Kansas; Father of Alfred Frank Stone

STONE, Nellie; B. April 15, 1905, Kansas; D. April 15, 1905, Ellis County, Kansas. 10th Child of  Alfred Frank and Amanda Cora Ann (King) Stone.  (THIS IS AN UNMARKED GRAVE except for a blank marker).



Located South 1/2 of Section 12, Saline River Road, Ellis Co., Ks

Abbott, Infant son of R. R. & Mary Abbott
Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven

Bowlby, Infant Baby of S. L. & K. M. Bowlby
Died 09/24/1884 Aged 4 days

Chrisler, Hettie Belle 1905 - 1998

Chrisler, George Oren 1906 - 1998
 (this is husband & wife)

(One Stone
Cress, wife, Pearl Simpson
11/22/1892 -11/19/1977
 Husband, Hugh Irving 05/10/1884 - 09/25/1947

Cress, Virginia Fay 1929 - 1934

(These three stones are located immediately
 South of above stone for Pearl & Hugh Cress)

Cress, John E. 1913 - 1916

Cress, Enid R. 1915- 1915

Cress, Robert R. 01/20/1919 - 05/08/1976

Cress, Donald T. 09/12/1916 - 08/25/1971
 (This still had small metal marker w/ 1915 - 1971)

Cress, David Arthur (CPL. US Army, Korea)
 07/31/1925 - 12/14/1988

Cress, Andrew W. (S. Sgt. US Army)
 03/03/1921 - 03/13/1986

Dohm, Lurilla M. wife of Ferd Dohm, Daughter of
 R. G. & A. Finch died 12/14/1904 21Y 10M 28D
Peaceful be thy slumber, Thou no
more will join our number.
Thou no more our sorrows know

Finch, Eulah B. 1914 - 1930

(One Stone
Finch,  Orman H. 1859 - 1917
Florence B. 1870 -1960

Finch, Volney J.
(son of R. G. & A. Finch)
Died 05/31/1904 Aged 24Y 6M 18D
Peaceful be thy eternal
rest my dear departed children.

Finch, In Memory of Madena,
 Dau. of R. G. & A. Finch Died 07/05 1898
 Aged 31Y 7M 9D
She died as she lived believing
that to make others happy was the
highest duty incumbent on humanity.

Griffin, Arthur H. D. 07/23/1906 Aged 23 years
In My Father's House Are
Many Mansions

(One Stone
Gfeller, Adella V. Cress
 02/16/1932 - 12/11/1992
Loren Lester 04/14/1928 -
Married Aug 22, 1955

Gumble, Infant daughter of
A. D. & Anna Gumble 1884

Gumble, Abraham D.
Died 05/31/1885 Aged 38yrs 28d's
There will joyful welcome greet us,
In that heading of fadeless flight,
Where our loved ones want to greet us,
In  their robes of spotless white.

Gumble, Anna E. 1856 - 1896

Gumble, John C. , Husband of M. D.

 Gumble 02/22/1816 - 04/16/1904
FATHER Gone but not forgotten

Gumble, Maria Davis,
Wife of J. C. Gumble
12/20/1817 - 05/19/1897

Gumble, James G. 07/06/1881 - 06/05/1900

Gumble, Bert J. 03/05/1878 - 08/13/1906

(One Stone
Hoagland,  M. Jane 1886 - 1975
Clifford R. 1884 - 1964

Johansen, Maria 03/28/1881 - 10/08/1932

(One Stone
King,  Allen L. 06/03/1823 - 11/04/1909
Lydia E. (His wife) 08/26/1839 - 01/21/1927

McAuley, William J. (Co. F 20th Regt. CT. Vol)
01/12/1820 - 02/22/1905

Miller, Anna
1840 - 1912 Oldenburg, Germany
 (Two small stone with Baby Miller on each side)

Mock, Mary A. C.
03/06/1818 - 10/23/1902
Dearest mother we hope to meet thee,
 When the day of life has fled.
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee,
Where no farewell  tear is shed.

Mock, Oliver Ray
Infant son of S. J. & Maggie
 Mock 07/12/1881 - 09/13/1881
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,
 God called thee home,
He thought it best.

Mock, Margaret E. 01/11/1852 - 10/14/1881
Dearest mother thou hast left us,
 Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But tis God who hath bereft us.
 He can all our sorrows heal.

Mock, Edward L.,
Infant son of P. F. & L. K. Mock

Perkins, Verda Simpson
In loving memory
 03/30/1900 - 02/15/1990
My children Elwyn & Orma Teasley

Rumsey, Stephen (Co B 13th Mich. Inft.)
Died 11/13/1886, Aged 24 yrs
Gone but not forgotten.
No pains, no grief, no anxious fear,
can reach our father sleeping here.

(One Stone
Simpson,  Francis A. 1849 - 1925
Julia H. King, his wife 1854 - 1937

(One Stone
Simpson,  Eva A. 1891 - 1922
Perry C. 1879 - 1948
William A. 1911 - 1927, Their Son

(One Stone
Simpson,  Louella 1919 - 1996
C. Frank 1915 - 1992

Simpson, Harry E. 12/10/1879 - 07/16/1970

Simpson, Victor H. 1878 - 1929

(One Stone)
( located to left of Harry E. Simpson stone)
Emma A. (Mother) 1893 - 1935
Clarence E. (Father) 1890 - 1960

Simpson, Kelly Keith 08/20/1957 - 08/22/1957
Son of Edwin & Evelyn

Simpson, Nathan Joel 04/17/1958 - 04/18/1958
Son of Edwin & Evelyn

Simpson, Edwin K. 12/08/1926 - 07/15/1975
Evelyn M. 10/03/1934 -

Smith, Louisa S. 1881 - 1907
Gone but not forgotten

(Area surrounded by concrete curbing)
(Small stone to left of large stone w/nothing on it)
(Four other small stones in same area, nothing
 or only C.A.S. on them)(One Stone, Large)

Cora A., wife of A. F. Stone 10/14/1863 - 10/31/1908
A. F. 03/04/1855 - 10/09/1931

Teasley, Orma N. 1927 - 1938
(located to right of Verda Simpson Perkins)

Thurston, Walter J. 03/05/1941 - 03/07/1941

(One Stone)
Thurston,  Daniel 1841 - 1933
Julia A., His wife 1845 - 1911

(One Stone)
Thurston,  Josie Wilda, 03/03/1896 - 10/23/1915
Infant son of C. A. & J. Thurston
(Death record states, stillborn 10/19/1915; obit states 10/23/1915)
A precious one from us has gone,
 a voice we loved is stilled.

(One Stone)
Thurston,  Chester Earl 04/18/1919 - 09/18/1997
Edna L. 08/12/1923

Thurston, Marvin D. 01/9/1948 - 02/31/1995

Turk, Benjamin N.

This was made of limestone, cracked and broken, laying on top of flat
limestone slab, which is resting on four other limestone sides.  All that's left on headstone is N Turk, no dates, but believe he was first person buried in this cemetery.

According to the Ellis County Records, there are 14 unknown plots in the  cemetery.  The following names are known to be buried in the Norman Cemetery, in unknown, unmarked graves.

King, Albert Lewis 1879 - 80
son of Erastus King Stone

William Gardner 1822-1903
father of Alfred Frank Stone

Stone, Nellie 04/15/1905-04-15-1905,
 Daughter of Alfred F. and Amanda Cora Ann (King) Stone

McCarroll, Infant (Infant is buried along the north fence line.)

McCarter, Ruth 08/25/1911-09/02/1911
Daughter of Francis Fern and Eva May (Stone) McCarter

Taken from the More Obituaries  See Obituary section as being buried in the Norman Cemetery:

Evelyn M. Richmond 3 Oct 1934-30 Sep 2001 

Charles "Chuck" Durlin Reading 28 May 1938 - 18 Jun 2008

Please send any corrections to:
Janice L. (Simpson) Reading

1240 S. Quivas St.
Denver, Colorado 80223-3024
Phone: 303-934-6206

We would like to know if anyone could add names to the unknown buried at this cemetery. Also, if there is any corrections to be made, please let Janice L. (Simpson) Reading know.


Janice L. (Simpson) Reading, Julia E. (Simpson) Bond, Kathy Mock,
King Family History by Evelyn (Dwinelle) Simpson, Cress Family History by Adella (Cress) Gfeller

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