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Queries January - December 1998

Agler, Boland, Brooker, Brown, BuntingGroves, Guy, Hartnett, Hoffman, Jenkins, KeelerKoontz, Lutz, Miller, Ogle, Peacock, Preist, Roberts, Seevers, Smith, Taylor, Wightman, Winkler,   


Laverne Galeener-Moore Brieuc@aol.com Sat., May 2, 1998

I will gladly share info on the family of Augusta Elmer BOLAND of Rose Valley, Stafford County, Kansas and his wife Charity BOLAND. Their children: Charles D. BOLAND, Henley N. BOLAND, Ora M. BOLAND, Luella T. BOLAND. They arrived in Stafford County after 1865. Augusta d. there on 6 Jan 1926 and his wife d. the next day. Both are buried in Stafford Cemetery.


Cindy Koegel ckoegel@zipnet.us [Email address is no longer active.]Sat., May 2, 1998
I have some information on the family of Sarah Rachel OGLE b 8-19-1868 d 9-21-1957. She married Martin William HOFFMAN and lived in Stafford, Stafford County during the late 1800's and into the early 1900's. Her parents were Cummins and Susan (KEISER) OGLE. She had a brother James E. OGLE who married Martin's sister, Maria (Mary) HOFFMAN in Stafford, Kansas. Both Mary and James OGLE are buried in Stafford Cemetery.


Cindy Koegel ckoegel@zipnet.us [Email address is no longer active.] Sat., May 2, 1998

Lloyd Hunt and Mae Captore (GARDENER) KOONTZ settled in Stafford County in the early 1900's. Most all of their children were born there. I have some information on them but am looking for more.  Both Lloyd and Mae were born in Missouri. William and Nancy Belle (GRIFFITH) ROBERTS lived in Stafford County around the late 1800's and into the early 1900's. Some of their children were born in Stafford County. I have some information on them and am looking for more. Am willing to share what little I have.


Paul E. Foster pfoster@nctc.com Wed., July 22, 1998

Benjiman Fredrick GUY, living in Stafford County 1945 age 88, wife's name was Nellie.   Would like to know when he died and where buried.  He was born in Allen County, KY 1857 and went west when he was young.  Any information would be appreciated.


Betty BShum26477@aol.com Sat., July 25, 1998

Charles MILLER came to St. John, Kansas in the early 1890's.  Lived there until the middle 1900's.  If anyone is searching this family, I have information I will be glad to share.

Joseph BROWN lived there until the 1930's.  I also, have information I will be glad to share.

And would appreciate in return any information you might have on these families.


Jerry L. Winkler JWINKLER@prodigy.net Fri., August 7, 1998

I would be interested in finding any information of William Henry WINKLER and Harry Thomas WINKLER.  Both lived and I believe were buried in Stafford County, Kansas.  I know that Harry Thomas WINKLER died in about 1923.  Any help would be appreciated.


Harold Priest hpriest@computerland.net Tue., August 25, 1998

Looking for information about Elijah PRIEST.  He came to Stafford County in the 1800's.  Don't know much about him.  Trying to tie him into my line.


Margaret Binning b1108@citizen.infi.net Wed., Aug. 26, 1998

Caleb PEACOCK and his wife Phoebe DILL moved to Kansas about 1873.  Their son, Millard F. PEACOCK and his wife Laura F. BOEHME were living in Stafford at the tome of the birts of their children: Leona Albertha (b. 17 Mar 1878), Lela Herbert (b. 17 Mar 1880), Edith Irene (b. 6 Oct 1884), Edna W. (b. Aug 1886), Chester (b. Oct 1891), and Paul.
Caleb PEACOCK died 6 Mar 1892 in Stafford County, Millard PEACOCK died about 1906 and in buried in Stafford County.  Laura BOEHME PEACOCK died about 1907 an is also buried in Stafford County.  Thanks for any assistance with this family.


Brian and Michelle Kristek eagle5@fn.net Fri., Oct. 2, 1998

Researching Stapley and Amanda BROOKER family and all related.  Two of their children, Lauretta (Etta) BROOKER and Calvesta (Vesta) BROOKER were twins and born in St. Johns, Kansas, 07 may 1886??.  If anyone has any info pertaining to this family contact me.


Jay Wade amullet@modex.com Sat., Oct. 10, 1998

Looking for information on Jonathon TAYLOR, he lived in Stafford, Stafford County, Kansas in 1895.  All I know is that he was a son of John F. and Sarah (PETERSON) TAYLOR from Crawford County, Pennsylvania.  Thanks for any help.


Mark Agler jamer@hot1.net Wed., Oct.14, 1998

I am researching my great- grandfather.  His name was Knute AGLER and in buried in Stafford County.  My grandfather was born August 26, 1902 in Stafford County near Macksville.  Any help would be appreciated.


Wanda J. Karnes Family68@aol.com Fri., Oct 16, 1998

I am searching for descendants of the Charles Henry and Mary Jane LUTZ HARTNETT family in Stafford County, Kansas.  Charles and Mary Jane are both buried in Stafford Cemetery in Stafford.  I would like to exchange information.


Clifford Voelker cvoelker@webtv.net Fri., Oct 30, 1998

My mother's families all lived in Stafford County.  Her name was Norma KEELER, father Clifford, mother Erma BUNTING KEELER.  Their parents were John and Amanda KEELER and Henry and Lola BUNTING.  Any info, especially on the KEELER family would be great.


Linda Groves lgroves@tracy.com Sun., Nov. 29, 1998

I'm looking for information on GROVES and SEEVERS.


Roger Smith rstrap@feist.com Mon., Dec. 28, 1998

I am researching my descendants, especially my great grand parents; Horace P. SMITH and Pauline E. WIGHTMAN.  They are both buried in Hazen Cemetery as I have been there to verify.  I am looking for any information on them and/or their eight children; Charles Alfred b. 1857, Albert W. b. 1859, Emma Sylvia b. 1862, Edgar b. 1863, George b. 1867, Dellmer C. b. 1869, Henrietta b. 1872, and Ethan Allen b. 1873 (my grandfather).
Horace was to have been born in Albany, New York 10 Sept 1835 and died 6 March 1896 near Stafford, Kansas.  He married 25 Sept 1855 to Pauline E. WIGHTMAN.  She was born 22 may 1857 in Plainfield Twp., Will County, Illinois and she died 28 March 1920 here in Wichita, Kansas.  I have the WIGHTMAN descendants researched back to the 1480's but don't have anything of Horace's parents or beyond.
Horace and Pauline came from Illinois in 1882 or 1883 and settled in Reno County.  They finally settled and lived near Sylvia, Kansas. 


Sharyn sharynj@fls.infi.net Thurs., Dec. 31, 1998

I would like to know if there are any descendants of the JENKIN's clan in Stafford, we are from Wales.

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