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Queries January - December 1999

Allyn/Allen, Andrew, Beeman, Bleazard, Bowman, Brownlee, Campbell, Capell, Carver, Casey, Chaplin, Charles, Claflin, Cook, Cotton, Culberth, Davis, Delker, Drake, Duncan, Dunshee, Dutton, Emrie, Gailey, Gibson, Goodman, Grant, Hardy, Hufford, Hughes, Jackson, Johnson, Keenan, Lamb, Leeper, Long, Love, Lutes, McCabe, McCandless, McComas, McGinty, Miller, Mills, Neill, Pound, Pryor, Richardson, Risk, Salee/Sallee, Shields, Stevens, Swires, Thorpe, Trinkle, Wall, Ward, Welker, Workman, Yoder


Karol Dunshee dunshee@home.com Sat Jan. 16, 1999
In 1900 census, Lemuel DUNSHEE, age 76, and his wife Rebecca Catherine (SWIFT) DUNSHEE (Listed as Roas C.), age 63, were living with James Melville DUNCAN and Cora Belle (DUNSHEE) DUNCAN, their daughter, in Stafford County, Kansas.   By 1908 Lemuel was dead and Rebecca was living wiht Alfred Madison ATWELL and Louwilda (DUNSHEE) ATWELL (another daughter) in Woodward County, Oklahoma.  Woodward Co. probate reveals guardianship application for Rebecca's estate by ATWELL, but nothing further.  Especially seeking information related to location of death and burial of Lemuel and Rebecca, but any DUNSHEE or DUNCAN information appreciated.
Of further interest, in 1900 census James Melville DUNCAN's occupation appears to read "Peddler Medicine", although the writing is difficult to read.  Would like to learn more details about this interesting occupation.

Seeking information about James Melville DUNCAN (b. ca 1858, Indiana) and his wife, Cora Belle (DUNSHEE) DUNCAN (b. 29 Sept 1861, Iowa) who married in Pratt County 13 Nov. 1893.  They reportedly moved to Syracuse in the early 1900's.   James was listed as a "medicine salesman" on the 1900 Stafford County, Kansas census.  Children: Jessie )b. Sept 1882); William L. (b. Dec. 1891); and Lloyd (b. June 1897).
Cora's parent's Lemuel and Rebecca DUNSHEE were enumerated
with the DUNCAN's in 1900. James was first married to Cora's sister, Laura Elmy (DUNSHEE), who probably died in Pratt County, Kansas ca 1892.


Steven B. Mills steven.mills@net.ntl.com Sat., February 20,1999
The family I am looking for are the Wirt MILLS and his wife.  I would also appreciate any other MILLS and GIBSON's.  Wirt MILLS is my grandfather.  I live in the United Kingdom and could use any help.


Kathleen Rizer rizerk@erinet.com Fri Jan. 22, 1999
Susannah WELKER died in Stafford County, Kansas, 17 March 1893.   She was the dau of David ASKREN  and Nancy DAVIS and was born 7 June 1835 in Indiana.  Susannah married James Henry WELKER.  Did any of their children marry in Smith County?  These were Nancy Ellen b. 1856, Margaret b. 1857, Ida b. 1858, Mollie b. 1860, Bertha b. 1864, Henry b. 1868. Chloe b. 1869, John Edward b. 1870, and Jesse b. 1876.


Paula Severance mutating@earthlink.net Sat Jan. 23, 1999
I am looking for the SALEE/SALLEE family of Hudson.  Nancy Lee (Nannie) WRIGHT (b. after 1861) m. Ed SALEE of Linn/Chariton County, Missour.   They were in Hudson as of 1917, when Nannie's father died.  Any record of this family in Hudson?  Any help appreciated!


Everett Thorpe EThorpejr@aol.com Fri Feb. 5, 1999
Seeking information on any THORPE's in Stafford County.   Specifically Everett THORPE, Sr., my father.  He was born around 1887 and eventually migrated to New York, dates and reasons unknown.  Information verifying dates of birth, marriages, deaths, etc., would be helpful.


Hamish McGrigor cjlh169@ihug.co.nz Tue. Feb. 9, 1999
We are trying to locate descendants of Peter HUGHES of Stafford, Kansas.  He was born Feb. 15, 1842 and died Dec. 1901.  We are from New Zealand and mum is looking to get in touch with some of the living descendants to widen the tree a little and apparently this bloke is my great grandfathers brother.   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Wayne Sutton WVDRSUTTON@prodigy.net Mon Feb. 15, 1999
I am looking for all the information on Logan CULBERTH in Stafford County.


Kathy Miller kmiller@ronan.net Thurs. Feb. 18, 1999
My great grandfather William Henry GRANT was born October 15, 1848, in Leiganer, Noble County, Indiana, died April 9, 1928 in Macksville, Kansas.  He married Ella E. ALLYN born August 28, 1852, Chaleston, Ohio, died July 6, 1899 in Macksville, Kansas.  They married October 2, 1872.  Any help would be appreciated.


Mary McCabe Tippetts imtippetts@earthlink.net Thurs Feb. 25, 1999
My ancestors in Stafford County, Seward area are McGINTY, McCABE, and KEENAN.  I would be interested in any family histories.


David Sterling Pryor DPRYOR@upmail.com Sat Feb. 27, 1999
I am looking for the surname PRYOR and specifically Sterling Clinton PRYOR.  I believe he was from Stafford County.  He married Mabel BECKEL from Woodbine, Kansas.  Thanks for any information!


Pam Pamsbrowse@aol.com Sun., Mar. 7, 1999
I would like information on DRAKE, CAMPBELL, RISK, and WORKMAN all from Stafford County, St. Johns, Kansas.


Randle M. Bridge rbridge@ria.net Fri Mar. 19, 1999
We are looking for any information on the NEILL family, once located in Stafford County, Kansas.


Nina Pezolt ninapezolt@pcisys.net Thurs April 1, 1999
I am looking for information on the CAPELL family.  My grandfather was William CAPELL, he lived in Stafford County for many years in about 1920.


Phyliss Fast darphoto@cjnetworks.com Thurs April 1, 1999
I am looking fro the cemeteries my ancestors are buried in.   I also have a BROWNLEE book of those who came to Sylvia in 1880.  My great grandmother was Nancy BROWNLEE JACKSON (b. about 1850) who bore my grandmother Lavina JACKSON and her twin brother Brownlee JACKSON (b. 1880).  There were 8 other children.  James and Nancy BROWNLEE JACKSON are buried in Stafford County, but I don't know where.  I would like to find their graves if possible.


Kathy D. Miller kmiller@ronan.net Fri April 2, 1999
Ella E. ALLYN, Born 8/28/1852 in Charleston, Ohio, died in Macksville, Kansas on July 6, 1899.  She married a William H. GRANT, died in Macksville also in 1928.  Any information would be helpful.


? TomJayHawk@aol.com Sun., April 18, 1999
Gerald Leslie Ward born in St. John on January 11, 1922.


Larry M. Brizendine LBrizen717@aol.com Tue., May 11, 1999
Candus DAVIS (BEDEMAN)? was living in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas in 1954 - 1958.  She was born in Missouri in 1894, Daughter of Wilburn DAVIS.  She had a brother named Lucious L. DAVIS of Lawrence and he visited her in a rest home in about 1954.  Any help would be appreciated.

Renee RHerdt9166@aol.com Thurs., November 4, 1999
My Aunt and Uncle, Charles and Candus GAILEY lived in St. Johns, Stafford County, Kansas for many years.  I have reason to believe they passed away in the 1950's.  She was born in Missouri, probably in Newton County in September 1894.  She is shown as Candia L. DAVIS, age 15 in a 1910 Census for Newton County.  She was the daughter of Wilburn and Mary Etta Kelly DAVIS.  children of Candia:  Mary Margaret, Alma, Delbert, Daniel.  Any help would be appreciated.  



Frank and Linda Berry flberry@gorge.net Mon., May 17, 1999
We are researching my husband's family.  The information we have so far are:   Alfred Soldier COOK - b. June 18, 1836, m. Rebecca HARDY b February 23, 1846.   Their children were John W. b. in Clay County, Illinois, Edwin Chester b. April 30, 1873 in Kansas, James Franklin b. 1876, William, Fannie Mae b. November 6, 1884, Julett T. b. April 3, 1886 in St. Johns, Kansas.  Any info would help.

Colonel Dan ColonelDan@worldnet.att.net Sun., December 19, 1999
Wanting to make contact with any current descendant of Alfred and Rebecca HARDY COOK.   They came to the US about 1853 with dad and brothers/sisters via NY, then Dayton, Ohio, where some stayed, others went to IN., IL., MO., and KS.  Alfred ended up in the vicinity of KS/OK border.  His brother's daughter, also ended up in the vicinity, but I think they lost track of each other.  

Many area names are COOK, BOYLE, BERRY, HARDY, CLIFF, CONYERS, PARIS, LUSCH, HOOD, MURROW, DURKEE, STENGLE, ZOOK, GAMBLE, are all related, thru the two branches of families.

Alfred came to St. Johns area about 1870. Not sure if his wife's family, the HARDY's went also, or if they stayed in Clay County, Illinois.


Laurie E. Castillo lewcastillo@uswest.net Wed., May 18, 1999
Am searching  for descendants/ancestors of Yost YODER and Mary MILLER, and their son Rudolph YODER b. 28 January 1845 in Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio and his wife Sarah Jane MILLER b. 5 April 1850 in Waynesboro, Green County, Pennsylvania.  Rudolph YODER came to Kansas in 1877-1878, after having spent several years in Indiana.  They mainly lived in Stafford County, Kansas, where the later children were born.  

They had children:  Hanna b. 1870 Indiana, Millo A. b. December 1872 Indiana, Ellen b. 1875 Indiana, Annettie b. 1879 Kansas, and Alta Doris b. 1887 Kansas.  There may be some more in the big gap.  


Laurie E. Castillo lewcastillo@uswest.net Wed., May 19, 1999
John Franklin EMRIE b. April 28, 1854 (son of Samuel EMRIE and Harriet CHAPLIN) and May SWIRES (dau. of John SWIRES and Hannah Ellen CLAFLIN) m Nov 11, 1875.  They had the following children:  Hattie b. Aug 12, 1876, William Harlo b. Mar 14, 1880, Florence b Dec 6, 1882, Lyman J. b. April 17, 1882 in St. Johns, Kansas, Alpha P. b. Oct 4, 1889 in St. Johns, Kansas, and Alta Pearl b. Jan 21, 1896 in St. Johns, Kansas. 

William Harlo EMRIE married Alta Doris YODER (dau. of Rudolf Yoder and Sarah Jane Yoder) Jan 3, 1904 in Stafford, Kansas.  William and Alta had the following children all born in St. Johns, Kansas:  Helen Pearl b. Sept 2, 1904, Chester John b. Mar 25, 1906, Laurance Alpha b. Sept 27, 1907, Lois, and William. 

Am looking for the marriage, spouse and child information for William Harlo EMRIE's brother's and sister's and any information on the previous generation.


Nancy Baker nbaker@dmrtc.net Mon., June 7, 1999
Searching for descendants of Joseph and Catherine Riley CHARLES.  They were married in Martin County, Indiana June 8, 1879.  Catherine died in Stafford County in the 1930's.  She is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Stafford.  Catherine had a daughter that taught school.  Catherine was my Great-Great-Aunt.  Any information would be appreciated.


Mary Tippetts imtippetts@earthlink.net Thurs.,June 10, 1999
Thank you for posting my query on McCabe, McGinty, and Keenan.  I am also interested in the Lash CASEY surname who lived in the Seward or Great Bend area in the early 1900's.   He worked at eh Walnut Creek Mill.  Any information would be appreciated.   


Jessie McCandless Baker Fri., July 2, 1999
I am currently doing research on GOODMAN, LONG, and McCANDLESS in the Stafford County area.  Any help would be appreciated.


Ken Reed ken@verdenet.com Tues., July 6, 1999
Looking for  information on the family of Daniel Rice POUND b. 6/7/1830 d. 5/28/1899 and Isabella Anna TRINKLE b. 2-22-1833.  Daniel was the son of Thomas POUND and Nancy JOHNSON.  Isabelle was the daughter of Gordon TRINKLE.  Last known to have resided near Stafford, Stafford County, Kansas.  Children:  Cyrena, Mary A., Sarah, William M., Elizabeth C., John M., Samuel E., and Thornton O.

Looking for information on the family of Thornton O. POUND b. 10-3-1874 and Mary E. DUTTON b. 8-5-1873. Thornton was the son of Daniel Rice POUND and Isabelle TRINKLE.  Mary was the daughter of Abram DUTTON and Mary BOWMAN.  Last known to have resided in  Macksville, Stafford County, Kansas.  Child was Pearl Marie POUND.

Looking for information on the family of William H. JOHNSON b. 3/5/1840 and Mary Artemesia POUND b. 12/23/1854.  William was the son of William JOHNSON and Mary STEVENS.  Mary was the daughter of Daniel Rice POUND and Isabelle TRINKLE.  Last known to reside near Stafford, Stafford County, Kansas.  Children: Julia A., Daniel E., Arthur E., and George A.   


Sally Carroll sade@ddaccess.net Thurs., July 22, 1999
Looking for a Robert H. BLEAZARD b. 1823 that supposedly belonged to a religious group that broke away from the main Mormon group traveling to Utah with Brigham Young.  I found information in a history book that "a schismatic group separated from the main group in 1875."  They settled in Stafford County, Kansas and became know as the "Bickerites."  Family legend has it that he was born in England.  He later married a Melinda J. (probably Jane) b. 1836.  Twin sons, Robert and John W.  were born to the couple in 1865.  The family then moved to St. Joseph, Missouri.  If anyone knows of such a group or where I can find information, I would be grateful.  


Patsy Sutton sut@swbell.net Fri., July 23, 1999
I am researching the Alson R. WALL family that was residing in Stafford County, Kansas probably before 1900.  I am particularly interested in information pertaining to a daughter named Rachel that was born ca. 1868 and died 1901 in Stafford County, Kansas.  She was first married to a ? LAMB and secondly to a Ora ? LOVE.  Mr. Love died before Rachel did.  I am also seeking information on the LOVE family.  Any and all information is greatly appreciated.


Charlene Smith cansew1@larned.net Fri., August 6, 1999
I am looking for information on Earl RICHARDSON.  He was born in Stafford County 1898 and died in 1974.


? Skinflint1@aol.com Mon., August 9, 1999
I am looking for information about my great-grandfather's brother Newton CARVER who lived in Stafford, Kansas about 1903.  He was born somewhere in Pennsylvania. 


Patrick J. Leeper PJLEEPER@webtv.net Sun., August 15, 1999
I am looking for a starting point to  research my family history.  I was born in Great Bend, Kansas.  My father's name was Ulan Gene LEEPER and my mother's name is Ruth Leota LEEPER.  We moved to Stafford County in the late 1950's and lived in and around Hudson until 1965.  My paternal grandfather, William LEEPER, also lived in Stafford County until his death in the early 1960's.  Any information would be helpful.  


Barbara Brinkley blb@eastland.net Tues., August 24, 1999
I am trying to locate information or descendants of John and Matilda ANDREW McCOMAS.  Matilda "Tilda" ANDREW was the daughter of Frethias and  Louisa WELLS ANDREW.  She was born about 1864 in Kentucky and married John O. McCOMAS in Clinton County Kentucky.  They later moved to Macksville, Kansas. 


Jeanine Peters apeters@citlink.net Sat., October 2, 1999
I am looking for information on the following persons who lived in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas.  Margaret Elizabeth HUFFORD b. 17 January 1843 d. 24 April 1883, m. 15 November 1863 George DELKER b. 13 May 1843 d. 10 February 1911.  Their children were Clara May, Charles Wesley, William Herbert, Mildred and Bertha.  I am descended from William Herbert.  Am willing to share information.    


Dave Smith bookra@primenet.com Sun., October 17, 1999
Am looking for any information on the COTTON family who lived in Stafford County.


? sstarle@uswest.net Mon., November 15, 1999
Looking for any information concerning Clay Ewell LUTES and Martha R. SHIELDS.  Children born in Stafford, Kansas Una Agnes b. 1898 and Myra b. 1900. Any information appreciated.

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