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Queries January - December 2003



Vicki A. Johnston January 3, 2003
I am looking for the descendants of Melton and Etta MARK.  Melton MARK was b. Mar. 15 1887 and passed away Aug. 13 1958.  He is buried in the Stafford Cem. in Stafford, KS.  They had two children:  Melton MARK Jr. and Marna Mae MARK, born 1926.  I think she married a farmer at Sylvia, KS... I have old photographs the family would enjoy copies of and Marna's baby photo that is in mint condition.



Stephen Kline January 6, 2003
My great-great grandmother was Isabel SWIRES.  She had several children, one of whom, Joseph S., moved from Mineral County in WV to Sparta, MO and then to Stafford County. I have a letter from him dated April 18th, 1882. He was married to Rebecca Clark in WV and in Missouri and Kansas they had 4 children, Catherine, Robert, Joseph D. and another girl child whose name I cannot find. The 1880 census shows Joseph, Rebecca, Catherine, Joseph D., and Robert in York, Stafford, Kansas, as farmers.Can you provide me with any information on any SWIRES families that lived in this location, or perhaps even still live there? I have considerable information on the SWIRES families in WV and would be delighted to share it if anyone there would find it interesting of useful. Thanks in advance!



Bonnie Miller January 31, 2003
Searching for information on the Joseph TITUS and ?VREELAND families in
Stafford Co.


Jeff Loveland February 13, 2003
I am looking for information on a marriage between my gr grandmother (Emma Mae BROWN) and gr grandfather (Charles Merton MILES) . I have a date of 11 Nov 1903 but I do not know where they were married. I looked in the Pratt county online marriage records and was not successful.  So am hopeful that they were married in Stafford county. Both died in Macksville and I know for sure that Emma is buried in the Farmington Cemetery. I assume Charles is too. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Leonard Stonestreet February 24, 2003
My great-grandfather, August A. KNECHT, was a dairyman from Lech, Austria, that lived around Stafford, "in a sod house". sometime after 1870 to 1880. He married "someone", who died about 6 months later. (Date unknown) He relocated to what is now Kansas City, Ks, and had a dairy south of 7th Kansas Ave. He remarried Gertrude SCHWEERS in 1882, and raised 8 children. In 1894, they moved the dairy to Louisburg, Ks, where he died in 1934. Curious to find the name of the "someone" who was his first wife.


Joetta (Swartz) Heiser March 21, 2003
I am looking for any information on Horace & Kate HOCKMAN SWARTZ who lived in Stafford Co. during the 1900 Census. They have quite a history in Reno Co. 9 yrs. later but I'm interested in what happened in your county. They had 4 children during this time & would appreciate any info you could come up with on these children. Also Horace had a brother John who lived in Hudson during this time as well. I'd SO much appreciate anything you could give me on John. I know it may not sound like a common name -- but it is. Both these brothers were born in Indiana. Thanks in advance.


Elmer Thorn March 30, 2003
Looking for information on WILBUR family that lived there at that time. Nancy B WILBUR lived with a son  Robert Carter Wilbur there.  Also looking for her husband Joseph WILBUR.  Any info would be appreciated. 



Bill Sanders April 6, 2003
Heard I have some ancestors buried in Stafford KN name is Charles Asbury RUGGLES  died 4 Nov 1931  He also had a sister reportedly buried in Stafford named Mildred Christina or Nell married name MANN maybe died 23 Mar 1916 her first husband was a GREEN  These were great aunts and uncles.  I would like obits or newspaper articles on them as I think they lived in Stafford a number of years. A record a have stated Charles living in Stafford in 1901. Tombstone pictures or info would be nice, Everything predicated on cost of course :) Thanks for the info



Jan Tompkins July 18, 2003
Looking for information on Henry S "Harry" RIEGEL, UB minister at Stafford in the 1880's through the 1900's.   I am descended from his sister, Leah RIEGEL KIMMEL, and am trying to learn more about the RIEGEL siblings.   We have a photo of Harry and his wife but don't know HER name.  


Marsha Voelker July 28, 2003
Am searching for relatives of Harry and Lola BUNTING. Their daughter Erma Bunting Keeler was my grandmother. Also researching I. S. LEWIS, married Harry Bunting's mother. Looking for family info on Charles BROWN, was mayor of St. John, his sister Amanda married gr. grandfather John KEELER. Any Info appreciated. 



Jeanene Smith  August 16, 2003
I am seeking information about my maternal grandfather's family.  Earl Bryan JOHNSON was born in Macksville, KS on July 18, 1898.  His parents were Fred and Harriet Johnson.  His brothers were Milton. Clarence, and Johnny.  He had a twin sister (name unknown) who died of typhoid fever (date unknown).  Any info that can be provided about his twin or his brothers and/or their families would be appreciated. 



James Scheib August 26, 2003
I am trying to find out any information I can on family from Stafford County.  My great grandfather was on a farm outside of Hudson.  If I am correct in the name it was Michael Gottlieb SCHEIB.  My grandfather grew up on the farm but moved to Chicago.  My great uncles Lou and Mike SCHEIB grew up on the farm and I believe passed on in the late 1980's early 1990's.  I know that Mike and Lou are buried in a cemetery that is near the mill in Hudson.  My family visited the farm about a month ago, but currently no one is living on the farm and the family is spread out all over the country now.  We were only at the farm for a few hours and then visited the mill.  We really were not there long enough to ask about the family.  I am hoping to start getting information on the family and a list of people that I could speak with if I get a chance to visit the Stafford area again.   I have become very interested in finding out more about the family.  I appreciate any assistance and if I can be of any assistance for anything, please let me know. 
I don't know if this will help but going back I am the son of William SCHEIB
who is the son of Fred SCHEIB who was the son of Michael Gottlieb SCHEIB. 



Mary Etta Daniels September 12, 2003
I am trying to locate information about Lee Julian.  His family lived in Stafford county in the 1940's that I know, and perhaps longer.  His father was a mechanic; there were four boys and two girls in the family; and he was born about 1930. He left high school and went into the service about 1948, and married, probably in 1949.  After his divorce, he left the area.
I believe that his mother's name was Mae, but there are several Mae/May's and none of them appear to be the right person. I also understand one of his sisters lives in Wichita, but I don't know her name. I would like to know which Julian family was his, and if, possible, where he is.  Thanks, in advance, for any help in this.     



Marsha Voelker November 19, 2003
Searching for the parents of Lola Myrtle BOWERS BUNTING. Father Theodore S. BOWERS, mother Mary. in 1880 were living in Pottowatame KS. Lola married Henry Ellsworth BUNTING and ended up in St. John, Kansas. Info on any family members would be appreciated. Henry and Lola are great grandparents.



Dallas Riedesel December 27, 2003
I need help in identifying the parents of a Mary Long Craig.  She married William Newton Craig, he was born October 28, 1866 and died August 28, 1919, Rose Valley, Stafford County, Ks.  The only additional on Mary Long, born August 31, 1870 in Missouri. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Russell Williams December 29, 2003
Looking for any info. on Oliver Hazard Perry Baugh who came to Stafford, Stafford County, Kansas in 1885 and lived there until his death on 14 Mar 1922 and is buried in Stafford Cemetery. Thanks in advance   


Edith M. Reay December 31, 2003
I am searching for information on Jackson BILLINGS. I believe he may have been in Stafford County after 1862. I have a copy of a letter to the editor of a Stafford County newspaper written by his son Frank BILLINGS, sometime before 1888. Thank you,  




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