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Cemeteries in Stafford County

Note :

If you have a transcription on the web or would like to transcribe a cemetery, please email me.
This information and photos were gathered by Cindy Koegel and others at the expense of time and money.
I have taken the task of maintaining the pages since Cindy Koegel passed away in 2014.

    Feldhut Cemetery
    Trinity Cemetery

Hudson NW
    Salem Cemetery

Hudson SE
    Stroble Cemetery

Little Salt Marsh
    Peace Creek Cemetery -
    Old (Middle) Section
    New (North) Section

    Farmington Cemetery - A - C, D - G, H - L, M - R, S - Z
        Section - A - B, C - D, E - F, G - I, J - K

    Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Saint John South
    Fairview Park Cemetery - partial
    Martin Cemetery
    Neelands Cemetery

    Eden Valley Cemetery
    Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery

    Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    Stafford Cemetery - A - B, C - E, F - G, H - I, J - L, M, N - R, S, T - Z
          Section - A - B

Stafford NW
    Leesburg Cemetery
    Prairie Chapel Cemetery
    Verning Cemetery

Stafford SW
    Rose Valley Cemetery

    Prattsburg Cemetery

    Neola Cemetery

Winterset - Russell County
Winterset Cemetery

Gorham - Russell County
Prairie Lawn Cemetery

Russell - Russell County
Russell City Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery

AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project  - offsite link

Political Graveyard - offsite link




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