Stevens County Kansas
1895 Census

Dermot Township

* Notes:

All spellings are shown as written on the orginal census sheets.

Question mark (?) - unable or difficult to read - best guess.

Extracted and transcribed 2006 by Mike Sweeney

Genealogical notes in brackets [ ] by Mike Sweeney

1895 Kansas State Agricultural Census

Dermot Township, Stevens Co, KS

Enumeration Year end March 1, 1895 by C. H. Homedew - Assessor, Dermot Twp.

Name First Age S Born From Occupation Military/Notes
Kincheloe J. B. 48 m KY KY Farmer [1910 Grant Co, OK - John B.]
Kincheloe S. E. 34 f KY KY [Susan E.]
Kincheloe O. T. 18 m KY KY [1910 Wichita, Sedgewick Co, KS - Orton T.]

Allen W. E. 35 m KY KY Farmer
Allen Nora 34 f KY KY
Allen C. B. 7 m KS KS
Allen H. C. 5 m KS KS
Allen R. C. 6mo m KS KS

White J. A. 44 m KY KY Farmer [John]
White E. 33 f KY KY [Emma]
Bartle Ray 11 m KY CO [Raymond Bartlett]

Ellis G. T. 36 m KY KY Farmer
Ellis M. D. 29 f KY KY
Ellis C. D. 10 m KY KY
Ellis E. B. 8 f KS KS
Ellis Susie 7 f KS KS
Ellis Jessie 5 f KS KS
Ellis Claud 3 m KS KS
Ellis W. H. 29 m KY KY

Roderick W. J. 32 m IA MO
Roderick Susan 30 f MO MO
Roderick Cate? 6 f KS KS
Roderick Fern 2 f KS KS
Roderick F?? 6mo f KS KS
Roderick Miss Sandra 24 f IA IA House Worker

Cook John 54 m TN KY Farmer
Cook E. A. 61 f TN KY
Cook W. H. 17 m TN KY Farming
Cook M. C. 17? f TN KY PO Mistress

Cook T. P. 23 m TN KY Farmer
Cook E. V. 21 f IL IL
Cook J. P. 1 m KS KS

Smith R. O. 27 m KY KY Farmer
Smith S. A. 22 f KY KY [Sallie]
Trulet? J. 17 m IL IL Farmer

Sells H. A. 49 m OH OR Stock
Sells K. 44 f OH OR
Sells G. ? 20 m KY OR Farmer
Tratitvier? H. 24 m TX CO

Homedew C. H. 42 m IL IL Farmer [Charles]
Homedew E. F. 42 f NY IL [Emma]
Homedew Mabel M. 14 f IL IL
Homedew S. A. 8 m KS KS [Samuel]

Saul Isaac 37 m VA IL Farmer
Saul M. E. 27 f OH IA [Mary]
Saul Lena E. 8 f KS KS
Saul Em. S. 6 f KS KS [Emma L.?]
Saul J. E. 3 f KS KS [Jane]
Saul Reba R. 11mo f KS KS

Pugh Uriah 54 m KY CO [1900 Morton Co, KS]
Hugens? Wm 27 m MO MO

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