Stevens County Kansas
1895 Census


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* Notes:
All spellings are shown as written on the orginal census sheets.
Question mark (?) - unable or difficult to read - best guess.
Extracted and transcribed 2006 by Mike Sweeney

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Brouse Townships
Center Cleveland Dermot Harmony Lafayette Lincoln Moscow Niagara Voorhees Woodsdale

Surname Given Name Age Sex Born Township
????? John 47? m IN Voorhees
????? Linda?/Lidia? 33? f OH Voorhees
?????? N. E. 26 m IN Voorhees
?????? Phebe 26 f OH Voorhees
Adelmeyer H. M. 64 f Eng Cleveland
Adelmeyer C. 21 f IL Cleveland
Adelmeyer J. G. 21 m WI Cleveland
Adelmeyer John H. 57 m Ger Cleveland
Alf Cora 64 f Ger Harmony
Allen C. B. 7 m KS Dermot
Allen H. C. 5 m KS Dermot
Allen Nora 34 f KY Dermot
Allen R. C. 6mo m KS Dermot
Allen W. E. 35 m KY Dermot
Bailey E. A. 28 f IL Niagara
Bailey Grace May 3 f KS Niagara
Bailey H. W. 33 m WV Niagara
Bailey Ruth 1 f KS Niagara
Banester L. L. 53 m IL Woodsdale
Banester M. L. 49 f NY Woodsdale
Banester Nortten E. 12 m KS Woodsdale
Banester Rosa B. 10 f KS Woodsdale
Barker Miss Orinda f KS Niagara
Bartle Ray 11 m KY Dermot
Bell A. J. 27 m PA Moscow
Bell Amanda 39 f KY Lincoln
Bell Annie 3 f IL Moscow
Bell Bertha 2 f KS Lincoln
Bell Bessie 1 f KS Moscow
Bell Bessie L. 16 f IA Niagara
Bell Blanche 5 f KS Lincoln
Bell C. W. 19 m KS Lincoln
Bell Clara 12 f KS Lincoln
Bell Clara 20 f IL Moscow
Bell Cliff 14 m KS Lincoln
Bell Ethel 1 f KS Lincoln
Bell J. A. 40 m IN Lincoln
Bell John F. 20 m KS Niagara
Bell Maggie 16 f IN Lincoln
Boles Clarence 8m f KS Voorhees
Boles E. T. 23 m IL Voorhees
Boles John L. 25 m IL Voorhees
Boles Katie 22 f IA Voorhees
Bowman Edward 12 m IL LaFayette
Bowman James F. 16 m IL LaFayette
Bowman Jessie O. 8 m KS LaFayette
Bowman Levesta J. 44 f TN LaFayette
Bowman Moses S. 41 m OH LaFayette
Bowman William 18 m IA LaFayette
Bradshaw A. C. 40 m KY Lincoln
Bradshaw Ada 4 f KS Lincoln
Bradshaw Charles 16 m MO Lincoln
Bradshaw Katie 12 f MO Lincoln
Bradshaw Martha A. 39 f MO Lincoln
Brightup Alma 1 f KS LaFayette
Brightup James 31 m OH LaFayette
Brightup Minnie 26 f KS LaFayette
Brower Frank 38 m NC Harmony
Brower Mary E. 4 f KS Woodsdale
Brower W. A. 32 m NC Harmony
Brower? Fannie E. 80 f MO Center
Brower? Maggie E. 1 f KS Center
Brown Cory L. 37 f OH Niagara
Brown George L. 42 m IA Niagara
Brown John W. 13 m IA Niagara
Brown Mattie L. 2 f KS Niagara
Burns Charles 3 m KS Lincoln
Burns James 13 m MO Lincoln
Burns Katie 1 f KS Lincoln
Burns Maggie 8 f MO Lincoln
Burns Margret 35 f MO Lincoln
Burns Mary 10 f MO Lincoln
Burns Pat 38 m IL Lincoln
Burns Thomas 6 m KS Lincoln
Campbell Arther 17 m KS Woodsdale
Campbell Gracey 19 f IL Woodsdale
Cann Anna 6 f KS Voorhees
Cann Bessie 2 f KS Voorhees
Cann H. 35 m MA Voorhees
Cann Mary 28 f PA Voorhees
Cann Ralph 4 m KS Voorhees
Cann Walter 7 m KS Voorhees
Carpenter Charley 22 m IL Harmony
Carpenter Charlie S. 22 m IL Woodsdale
Carpenter Frances 11 f IL Woodsdale
Carpenter Perry 52 m OH Woodsdale
Carpenter Rhoda J. 48 f IL Woodsdale
Carpenter Warren F. 19 m IL Woodsdale
Carr America 24 f MO LaFayette
Carr Cirus F. 6 m KS LaFayette
Carr Edna J. 3 f KS LaFayette
Carr Elvan 37 m IA LaFayette
Carr Everett 1 m KS LaFayette
Chamberlain Addie 44 f IN Center
Chamberlain J. B. 48 m NY Center
Chamberlain L. C. 26 m MI Center
Chamberlain M. E. 20 f VA Center
Chamberlain N. H. 5 f KS Center
Christopher A. E. 8 f KS Cleveland
Christopher A. L. 9 m KS Cleveland
Christopher C. C. 4 f KS Cleveland
Christopher E. B. 6 f KS Cleveland
Christopher H. E. 2 f KS Cleveland
Christopher J. A. 34 m IL Cleveland
Christopher J. A., Mrs 36 f IL Cleveland
Church Anna 40 f IN LaFayette
Church J. W. 43 m IL Lincoln
Church Jennie 40 f OH Lincoln
Church Jessie 11 f IA Lincoln
Church Olive 4 f KS Lincoln
Church Orpha 13 f IA Lincoln
Church Ruth 10mo f KS Lincoln
Church Sarah 73 f NC LaFayette
Church Sarah 9 f KS Lincoln
Church Solomon 41 m IL LaFayette
Cline W. B. 20 m IL LaFayette
Cook E. A. 61 f TN Dermot
Cook E. V. 21 f IL Dermot
Cook J. P. 1 m KS Dermot
Cook John 54 m TN Dermot
Cook M. C. 17? f TN Dermot
Cook T. P. 23 m TN Dermot
Cook W. H. 17 m TN Dermot
Cott Jessie 6 m KS Lincoln
Cott L. S. 34 m MO Lincoln
Cott Leo 3 m KS Lincoln
Cott Lola 1 f KS Lincoln
Cott Sally 25 f TN Lincoln
Cott Zula 3mo f KS Lincoln
Crawford Bryce 9 m KS Center
Crawford Estela 12 f KS Center
Crawford Henry 16 m KS Center
Crawford N. E. 51 f IN Center
Crawford Nellie 19 f KS Center
Crawford R. C. 58 m Scot Center
Crotts Bessa 5 f KS Harmony
Crotts D. 34 m IN Harmony
Crotts Rhoda 25 f IN Harmony
Crotts W. V. 40 m IN Harmony
Crotts Walter 3 m KS Harmony
Curry J. L.. A.? 15 m KY Center
Curry John 51 m KY Center
Curry M. A. 47 f KY Center
Curry M. P. 20 m KY Center
Curry W. T. 13 m KY Center
Dalton ?. E. 6 m KS Center
Dalton A. J. 13 f OH Center
Dalton E. J. 11 f KS Center
Dalton J. T. 40 m TN Center
Dalton M. T. 39 f TN Center
Dalton W. L. 14 m OH Center
Dare Phebe 46 f OH LaFayette
Davis C. M. 48 m OH Cleveland
Davis L. N. 67 m NY Cleveland
Davis Mrs. C. M. 34 f MO Cleveland
Davis Mrs. L. N. 55 f IL Cleveland
De Camp Alonzo 16 m MO LaFayette
De Camp Cora 5 f KS LaFayette
De Camp Fannie? 35 f MO LaFayette
De Camp Howard 39 m OH LaFayette
De Camp Josephas 14 m MO LaFayette
De Camp Nora 3 f KS LaFayette
Dulin Henry 56 m OH Harmony
Dunmire A. A. 34 m IL Harmony
Dunmire Clarance C. 2 m KS Harmony
Dunmire Fred A. 5 m KS Harmony
Dunmire Lillian 23 f IA Harmony
Ebnother C. L., Dr. 69 m Ger Center
Ebnother Charley 3 m KS Center
Ebnother Emma 29 f OH Center
Ebnother Ramond 2 m KS Center
Ellis C. D. 10 m KY Dermot
Ellis Claud 3 m KS Dermot
Ellis E. B. 8 f KS Dermot
Ellis G. T. 36 m KY Dermot
Ellis Jessie 5 f KS Dermot
Ellis M. D. 29 f KY Dermot
Ellis Susie 7 f KS Dermot
Ellis W. H. 29 m KY Dermot
Fanner Gertie 19 f Iowa Voorhees
Fanner Henry 1 m KS Voorhees
Fanner W. E. 30 m IN Voorhees
Farmer ?? 33 f IN Voorhees
Farmer A. A. 36 m IN Voorhees
Farmer Al E. 3 m KS Voorhees
Farmer Angenova 22 f IL Woodsdale
Farmer Bill 5 m KS Voorhees
Farmer Coral 8 f KS Voorhees
Farmer Earal A. 2 m KS Woodsdale
Farmer Emily 44 f IL Woodsdale
Farmer Ettna L. 12 f KS Woodsdale
Farmer Harry L. 5 m KS Woodsdale
Farmer Lewis 47 m IN Woodsdale
Farmer Orie A. 15 m KS Woodsdale
Farmer Susa 6mo f KS Voorhees
Farmer William 17 m IL Woodsdale
Firmin Anna L. 21 f PA Center
Firmin John A. 32 m OH Center
Fisher Anise 24 f IL LaFayette
Fisher Anna H. 50 f VA LaFayette
Fisher Hugh C. 20 m IN LaFayette
Fisher Leonard 12 m IN LaFayette
Fisher Mabel 7 f KS LaFayette
Fisher William 80 m OH LaFayette
Forker Daniel 62 m OH Center
Forker Daniel E. 22 m IA Center
Forker R. J. 61 f OH Center
Froggette Gracie 14 f KS Lincoln
Froggette Harvey 5mo m KS Lincoln
Froggette Job 40 m NY Lincoln
Froggette Matilda 39 f IN Lincoln
Froggette Maud 12 f KS Lincoln
Froggette Olive 9 f KS Lincoln
Froggette Roscoe 7 m KS Lincoln
Froggette Roy 4 m KS Lincoln
Froggette William 11 m KS Lincoln
Furnas Bethiah 64 f OH Voorhees
Furnas O. M. 16 m OH Voorhees
Furnas R. F. 64 m OH Voorhees
Furnas R. H. 24 m OH Voorhees
Furnas W. F. 11 m KS Voorhees
Gerrond Bess 5 f KS Harmony
Gerrond H. M. 23 f IN Harmony
Gerrond J. C. 34 m IL Harmony
Gerrond Mildred 3? f KS Harmony
Gerrond Ople 1 f KS Harmony
Gilbert Elizabeth 26 f IL Moscow
Gilbert Hary 2 m KS Moscow
Gilbert J. I. 2mo m KS Moscow
Gilbert Oscar 8 m IL Moscow
Gilbert Sam 6 m IL Moscow
Gilbert Samuel 33 m Eng Moscow
Gilbert Wm L. 5 m KS Moscow
Gilkey? Fred 63 m Ger Harmony
Glover Adaline 68 f VA Niagara
Glover J. F. 27 m IL Niagara
Glover William M. 67 m SC Niagara
Goodale Laura 34 f IA Woodsdale
Gray A. M. 10 f VA Harmony
Gray J. H. 2 m KS Harmony
Gray John 35 m VA Harmony
Gray L. C. 3 f KS Harmony
Gray L. J. 6 f KS Harmony
Gray L. M. 35 f VA Harmony
Gray M. F. 12 m VA Harmony
Gregory J. A. 33 m MO Cleveland
Groff M. O. 35 m IL Harmony
Grubb J. T.? 70 m DE Cleveland
Grubb Mrs. J. T. 65 f England Cleveland
Gustofson Annie? 12 f Sweden Cleveland
Gustofson Charles 10 m KS Cleveland
Gustofson Eddie 2 m KS Cleveland
Gustofson Elsa 6 f KS Cleveland
Gustofson Gust 35 m Sweden Cleveland
Gustofson Ida 8 f KS Cleveland
Gustofson Mrs. Gust 40 f Sweden Cleveland
Gustofson Rosa 4 f KS Cleveland
Hall A. M. 35 f IN Center
Hall A. R. 39 m OH Center
Hall Blanch 14 f IN Center
Hall Nora 11 f IN Center
Hamilton Armanda 51 f MO Woodsdale
Hamilton Chancy A. 16 m KS Woodsdale
Hamilton Freddie A. 11 m MO Woodsdale
Hamilton James A. 18 m KS Woodsdale
Hamilton James T. 47 m MO Woodsdale
Hanner B. E. 10 f IL LaFayette
Hanner E. V. 3 f KS LaFayette
Hanner H. E. 37 f IL LaFayette
Hanner I. A. 5 f KS LaFayette
Hanner J. N. 42 m TN LaFayette
Hanner J. O. 14 m IL LaFayette
Hanner M. B. 15 f IL LaFayette
Harper Mildred 65 f KY Lincoln
Hatch Allie L. 20 f IL LaFayette
Hatch Arthur 25 m IL LaFayette
Hatch Henry 51 m OH LaFayette
Hatch Susan P. 55 f OH LaFayette
Heath D. H. 51 m PA Lincoln
Heath Ralph 22 m OH Lincoln
Heath Sarah 53 f OH Lincoln
Heath Walter 17 m OH Lincoln
Hedrick C. P. 6 m KS Harmony
Hedrick C. L. 1 m KS Harmony
Hedrick E. 28 m IN Harmony
Hedrick J. E. 3 m KS Harmony
Hedrick M. J. 27 f IN Harmony
Hedrick O. M. 1mo f KS Harmony
Hedrick R. D. 5 m IN Harmony
Hillyer Charles 74 m VA Niagara
Hillyer Temperence 67 f IL Niagara
Hockett Albert 14 m IA Voorhees
Hockett Andrew 9 m IA Voorhees
Hockett Anna 53 f IA Voorhees
Hockett Arthur 6 m KS Voorhees
Hockett Asa 27 m IA Voorhees
Hockett Bell 20 f IL Voorhees
Hockett C. O. 20 m IA Voorhees
Hockett Carie 18 f IA Voorhees
Hockett Cora 11 f IA Voorhees
Hockett Ethel 18 f IA Voorhees
Hockett Florence 1 f KS Voorhees
Hockett Laura 4 f KS Voorhees
Hockett Norton 59 m IN Voorhees
Hockett T. E. 44 m IA Voorhees
Hoff Andrew 58 m Norway Cleveland
Hoff F. A. 22 m Norway Cleveland
Hoff Miss Maggie 20 f Norway Cleveland
Hoff Miss Millie 12 f Norway Cleveland
Hoff Mrs. A. 53 f Norway Cleveland
Holloway Barbra 36 f IN Voorhees
Holloway Bert 10 m KS Voorhees
Holloway E. 77 m OH LaFayette
Holloway May 3 f KS Voorhees
Holloway Mrs. E. 62 f OH LaFayette
Holloway Phebe 7 f KS Voorhees
Holloway W. J. 42 m IN Voorhees
Homedew C. H. 42 m IL Dermot
Homedew E. F. 42 f NY Dermot
Homedew Mabel M. 14 f IL Dermot
Homedew S. A. 8 m KS Dermot
Horten C. Baby 1mo f KS Niagara
Horten E. V. 9 f KS Niagara
Horten G. A. 5 f KS Niagara
Horten H. A. 17 m KS Niagara
Horten H. E. 38 f IA Niagara
Horten J. A. 15 m KS Niagara
Horten J. N. 46 m MO Niagara
Horten L. M. 19 f IA Niagara
Horten M. M. 13 f KS Niagara
Horten O. L. 3 f KS Niagara
Horten T. G. 7 m KS Niagara
Hubbard Clarance 14 m VA Woodsdale
Hubbard Daisy 15 f VA Woodsdale
Hubbard Fannie 42 f VA Woodsdale
Hubbard Pansy 15 f VA Woodsdale
Hubbard T. G. 47 m VA Woodsdale
Hugens? Wm 27 m MO Dermot
Hughes A. J. 35 m KY Cleveland
Hughes Anny 10 f KY Cleveland
Hughes Florence 12 f KY Cleveland
Hughes Mrs. A. J. 30 f TN Cleveland
Johnson G. W. 68 m IN Woodsdale
Johnson Mary A. 63 f IN Woodsdale
Johnson N. L. 36 m KY Woodsdale
Jones B. A. 42 m WV Center
Jones D. W. 50 m WV Center
Jones L. E. 42 f WV Center
Kelley A. L. 32 f MO Center
Kelley Fay 4 f KS Center
Kelley Fern 2 f KS Center
Kelley Gay 6 f KS Center
Kelley J. A. 33 m MO Center
Kelso J. W. 48 m IL Woodsdale
Kimsey A. A. 70 m KY Woodsdale
Kimsey Jane E. 68 f KY Woodsdale
Kincheloe J. B. 48 m KY Dermot
Kincheloe O. T. 18 m KY Dermot
Kincheloe S. E. 34 f KY Dermot
Kiny? King? Elizabeth 62 f TN Center
Lamkin A. W. 35 m IA Center
Lamkin Alice 7 f KS Center
Lamkin Flossie 9 f KS Center
Lamkin Helen 3 f KS Center
Lamkin Marian 30 f KS Center
Lamkin Muriel 1 f KS Center
Lindsley ? J. 52 f OH Voorhees
Lindsley D. E. 11 f KS Voorhees
Lindsley D. F. 14 m KS Voorhees
Lindsley N. I. 9 f KS Voorhees
Liniger Elizabeth 65 f Switz Moscow
Liniger Ernest 36 m Switz Moscow
Liniger Jacob 65 m Switz Moscow
Little V. V. 19 m IL LaFayette
Little W. H. 62 m MD LaFayette
Lovejoy Lucy 19 f IL Woodsdale
Low William 31 m IN Voorhees
Mann Bertie 2 m KS Lincoln
Mann Ida 2mo f KS Lincoln
Mann J. E. 37 m IN Lincoln
Mann J. S. 34 f OH Lincoln
Mann Jese 6 m KS Lincoln
Mann Marion 3 m KS Lincoln
Mason J. C. 40 m KY Harmony
Mason M. M. 41 f IN Harmony
Mason Nana 9 f KS Harmony
Mason Nella 2 f KS Harmony
Mason Noman 4 m KS Harmony
Mason Nora 6 f KS Harmony
Maxwell J. H. 24 m MO Cleveland
Maxwell Mrs. J. H. 40 f MO Cleveland
McClure Ada 25 f IL Woodsdale
McClure Blanch 10 f IL Woodsdale
McClure Ella 17 f IL Woodsdale
McClure Magie 21 f IL Woodsdale
McClure Maria 44 f OH Woodsdale
McClure Phebe 2 f KS Woodsdale
McClure Sarah A. 19 f IL Woodsdale
McClure William P. 52 m IL Woodsdale
McClure Willie 15 m IL Woodsdale
McNeley Corra? E. 14 f IL Lincoln
McPeck Jennie 20 f MO Woodsdale
McPeck William 29 m NJ Woodsdale
Metts [See Hubbard] Clarance 14 m VA Woodsdale
Miller Alice 7 f KS Woodsdale
Miller Anna 11 f Ger Woodsdale
Miller Elica 34 f Ger Woodsdale
Miller Etta 9 f KS Woodsdale
Miller Grace 7mo f KS Woodsdale
Miller Herman 34 m Ger Woodsdale
Miller Minnie 5 f KS Woodsdale
Miller Otto 12 m Ger Woodsdale
Miller Vessie 3 f KS Woodsdale
Moorhead John 67 m OH Niagara
Moorhead Levi 27 m MO Niagara
Morlan Fred 5 m KS LaFayette
Morlan John 3 m KS LaFayette
Morlan John W. 26 m OH LaFayette
Morlan Julettie 26 f IL LaFayette
Morlan Perlie I. 7 f KS LaFayette
Morlan Roy 1 m KS LaFayette
Musgrove Charley 7 m KS Harmony
Musgrove Clatie 3 m KS Harmony
Musgrove S. E. 26 f VA Harmony
Musgrove Samule 35 m IL Harmony
Neff Anna 56 f PA Lincoln
Neff Clarence W. 5 m KS Lincoln
Neff F. H. 30 m PA Center
Neff Roy S. 2 m KS Lincoln
Neff Viola 29 f OH Lincoln
Neff W. H. 35 m PA Lincoln
Nill Clarrance 11 m KS Harmony
Nill Della 8 f KS Harmony
Nill John 36 m OH Harmony
Nill Mirtal 5 f KS Harmony
Nugen Albert 7 m KS Harmony
Nugen Alice 3 f KS Harmony
Nugen Allise 36 f IN Harmony
Nugen Carl 5 m KS Harmony
Nugen Clarence 13 f IN Harmony
Nugen Grace 12 f IN Harmony
Nugen Harras 14 m KS Harmony
Nugen J. P. 36 m IA Harmony
Nugen John 1 m KS Harmony
Nugen William 9 m KS Harmony
O'Dea Alice 22 f IL Moscow
O'Dea James 16 m IL Moscow
O'Dea John 19 m IL Moscow
O'Dea Margett 43 f OH Moscow
O'Dea Matt 53 m Ire Moscow
Patrick Carrie 15 f KS Harmony
Patrick J. B. 40 m KS Harmony
Patrick John 12 m KS Harmony
Patrick Marry 17 f KS Harmony
Patrick N. 8 f KS Harmony
Pettijohn Emma 26 f IA Lincoln
Pettijohn Horace 4 m KS Lincoln
Pettijohn Juliet 3 f KS Lincoln
Pettijohn L. J. 32 m IN Lincoln
Pugh Uriah 54 m KY Dermot
Ramsey Albert V. 19 m IL Woodsdale
Ramsey Angie 20 f KS Woodsdale
Ramsey Ella 15 f IL Woodsdale
Ramsey Rebecca 50 f IL Woodsdale
Ramsey William B. 9 m TX Woodsdale
Ramsey William W. 56 m TN Woodsdale
Reynold Cliff 12 m KS Harmony
Reynold George 16 m KS Harmony
Reynold Isaac 64 m IN Harmony
Reynold Kate 50 f IN Harmony
Reynold Lee 21 m IN Harmony
Reynold May 18 f IN Harmony
Reynold Nella 13 f KS Harmony
Reynold W. R. 25 m KS Harmony
Reynolds Fred 15 m KS Harmony
Ridenour A. P. 42 m IN Center
Ridenour Angeline 37 f IN Center
Ridenour John 16 m IN Center
Ridenour Nellie I. 14 f IN Center
Ridenour Otto A. 11 m IN Center
Roderick Cate? 6 f KS Dermot
Roderick F?? 6mo f KS Dermot
Roderick Fern 2 f KS Dermot
Roderick Miss Sandra 24 f IA Dermot
Roderick Susan 30 f MO Dermot
Roderick W. J. 32 m IA Dermot
Saul Em. S. 6 f KS Dermot
Saul Isaac 37 m VA Dermot
Saul J. E. 3 f KS Dermot
Saul Lena E. 8 f KS Dermot
Saul M. E. 27 f OH Dermot
Saul Reba R. 11mo f KS Dermot
Saunders A. A. 26 m VA Harmony
Saunders Engie 2 f VA Harmony
Saunders J. J. 3 m VA Harmony
Saunders L. H. 5 m VA Harmony
Saunders Mary 27 f VA Harmony
Scheaffer Hannah 42 f PA Lincoln
Scheaffer Jonathan 50 m PA Lincoln
Scheaffer Katie 17 f PA Lincoln
Scheaffer Lydia 5 f KS Lincoln
Scheaffer Sally 19 f PA Lincoln
Sells G. ? 20 m KY Dermot
Sells H. A. 49 m OH Dermot
Sells K. 44 f OH Dermot
Shafer Albert 7 m MO Moscow
Sidwell Edgar 14 m TX Center
Sidwell J. B. 42 m OH Center
Sidwell J. H. 16 m TX Center
Sidwell Jesse 11 m TX Center
Sidwell M. T. 30 f TX Center
Sidwell Ray 3 m TX Center
Smith Christana 37 f IL Center
Smith Edna R. 10 f KS Center
Smith H. N. 40 m IL Center
Smith Martin 55 m Ire Woodsdale
Smith R. L. 14 m IL Center
Smith R. O. 27 m KY Dermot
Smith Russel M. 2 m KS Center
Smith S. A. 22 f KY Dermot
Statts Arthur 13 m KS LaFayette
Statts Earnest 17 m KS LaFayette
Statts Georgia 37 f MO LaFayette
Statts Lura 4 f KS LaFayette
Statts Margie 9 f KS LaFayette
Statts W. T. 45 m IN LaFayette
Sthle? Gus 35 m KY Cleveland
Sthle? Mrs. Gus 27 f IL Cleveland
Storms Bob 7 m KS Voorhees
Storms G. E. 13 m KY Voorhees
Storms G. H. 51 m KY Voorhees
Storms Irvin 9 m KY Voorhees
Storms J. N. 20 m KY Voorhees
Storms Kit 10 f KY Voorhees
Storms M. 6mo f KS Voorhees
Storms Morris 18 m KY Voorhees
Stout E. A. 3mo f KS Center
Stout E. B. 14 f KS Center
Stout J. S. 42 m IA Center
Stout L. G. 12 f KS Center
Stout M. J. 38 f IL Center
Stout Myrtel 9 f KS Center
Stout R. A. 3 m KS Center
Tarrant Arther 4 m KS Woodsdale
Tarrant Carey 19 f IL Woodsdale
Tarrant Currey 17 f KS Woodsdale
Tarrant Elsey 7 f KS Woodsdale
Tarrant Ethel 2 f KS Woodsdale
Tarrant Harvey 13 m KS Woodsdale
Tarrant Kelley 15 f KS Woodsdale
Tarrant M. E. 37 f MO Woodsdale
Tarrant N. E. 47 m IL Woodsdale
Tarrant Oney 11 m KS Woodsdale
Tarrant Orey 9 m KS Woodsdale
Taylor Clara 31 f OH Center
Taylor M. A. 41 m IA Center
Thornburgh Sarah E. 68 f IN Center
Thornburgh Sarah L. 17 f AR Center
Thornburgh T. J. 69 m KY Center
Thornburgh William A. 19 m AR Center
Thoughburg? Lue? 23 m AR Harmony
Tratitvier? H. 24 m TX Dermot
Traub Fred 6 m KS Moscow
Traub George 12 m MO Moscow
Traub John 16 m MO Moscow
Traub L. N. 40 m MO Moscow
Traub Loran 4 m KS Moscow
Traub Louis 8 m KS Moscow
Traub May 14 f MO Moscow
Traub N. E. 40 f TN Moscow
Traub Viola 10 f MO Moscow
Traub William 3 m KS Moscow
Traver Edna 9 f KS Lincoln
Traver Jessie 35 f IN Lincoln
Traver John E. 6 m KS Lincoln
Traver Lizzie 14 f IN Lincoln
Traver Monroe 42 m NY Lincoln
Traver Paul M. 1 m KS Lincoln
Trublood Amy 66 f IN Harmony
Trublood Dara 38 f IN Harmony
Trublood William 38 m IN Harmony
Trulet? J. 17 m IL Dermot
Tull E. L. 41 f KY LaFayette
Tull Elvon 6 m KS LaFayette
Tull Irena? 9 f KS LaFayette
Tull J. L. 13 m KS LaFayette
Tull Roland 46 m OH LaFayette
Tull Velna 2 f KS LaFayette
Tutterrow Wm B. 16 m IL Niagara
Watrons E. N. 64 m NY Woodsdale
Welch A. 58 m OH LaFayette
Welch A. T. 17 m KS LaFayette
Welch E. 57 f IN LaFayette
Welch I. F. 20 m KS LaFayette
Welch M. A. 27 f KS LaFayette
Wheaton A. B. 24 m OH LaFayette
White E. 33 f KY Dermot
White J. A. 44 m KY Dermot
Willis Howard 2 m KS Niagara
Willis Jeff 34 m MO Niagara
Willis Larence 5 m KS Niagara
Willis Sarah 41 f MO Niagara
Wirt Frank 18? m IA Harmony
Wirt Mary 20 f IA Harmony
Wirt S. C. 46 f IA Harmony
Wirt W. 51 m Eng Harmony
Wood C. H. 54 f Eng Niagara
Wood Jennie 21 f Eng Niagara
Wood John 56 m Eng Niagara
Wood Wm C. 26 m Eng Niagara
Wright C. H. 39 m OH LaFayette
Wright L. E. 11 f OH LaFayette

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