Stevens County Kansas
1895 Census

Lafayette Township

* Notes:
All spellings are shown as written on the orginal census sheets.
Question mark (?) - unable or difficult to read - best guess.
Extracted and transcribed 2006 by Mike Sweeney
Genealogical notes in brackets [ ] by Mike Sweeney

1895 Kansas State Agricultural Census
LaFayette Township, Stevens Co, KS
Enumeration Year end March 1, 1895 by J. N. Hanner - Assessor, LaFayette Twp.

Name First Age S Born From Occupation Military/Notes
Hanner J. N. 42 m TN IL Farmer [1900/1910 Stevens - Jasper N.]
Hanner H. E. 37 f IL IL [Harriett E.]
Hanner M. B. 15 f IL IL
Hanner J. O. 14 m IL IL [Jesse O.]
Hanner B. E. 10 f IL IL [Bertha E.]
Hanner I. A. 5 f KS KS [Ira Allen]
Hanner E. V. 3 f KS KS [Ethel V.]

Welch A. 58 m OH IL Farmer [1900 Stevens - Abraham]
Welch E. 57 f IN MO [Elizabeth]
Welch I. F. 20 m KS KS [Isaac]
Welch A. T. 17 m KS KS [Albert]
Welch M. A. 27 f KS KS [Mary]

Little W. H. 62 m MD IA Farmer Co C, 6th MD Inf [William H.]
Little V. V. 19 m IL IA Farmer [1900 Seward Co, KS, 1910 Pratt Co, KS - Victor V.]

Wright C. H. 39 m OH NE Farmer [1900 Stevens - Charles H.]
Wright L. E. 11 f OH NE [Lilly E., dau. Of Charles]
Dare Phebe 46 f OH OH [1900 Stevens - Phebe M., sister-in-law of Charles Wright]
Wheaton A. B. 24 m OH OH Farmer [1900 Stevens - Albert B.; nephew of Charles Wright]

Holloway E. 77 m OH IL Farmer
Holloway Mrs. E. 62 f OH IL [1900 Seward Co, KS - Elizabeth]

Tull Roland 46 m OH MT Farmer [1900 Stevens]
Tull E. L. 41 f KY IL [Ellen]
Tull J. L. 13 m KS KS [1900 Seward Co, KS - Jerome L.]
Tull Irena? 9 f KS KS [Eva L.]
Tull Elvon 6 m KS KS [Elvon L.]
Tull Velna 2 f KS KS [Velna V.]

Statts W. T. 45 m IN MO Farmer
Statts Georgia 37 f MO MO
Statts Earnest 17 m KS KS
Statts Arthur 13 m KS KS
Statts Margie 9 f KS KS
Statts Lura 4 f KS KS [Laura]

Brightup James 31 m OH MO Farmer 1900 Vernon Co, MO]
Brightup Minnie 26 f KS KS [Almena]
Brightup Alma 1 f KS KS [d. bef 1900]

Church Solomon 41 m IL IA Farmer [1900 Stevens]
Church Anna 40 f IN MO
Church Sarah 73 f NC IA

De Camp Howard 39 m OH MO Farmer [1900 Stevens Francis H.]
De Camp Fannie? 35 f MO MO [Susan F.]
De Camp Alonzo 16 m MO MO
De Camp Josephas 14 m MO MO [Josephus]
De Camp Cora 5 f KS KS [Cora C.]
De Camp Nora 3 f KS KS [Nora A.]

Hatch Henry 51 m OH IL Farmer Co I, 103rd OH Inf [1900 Stevens Henry C.]
Hatch Susan P. 55 f OH IL
Hatch Arthur 25 m IL IL [Arthur W.]
Hatch Allie L. 20 f IL IL
Cline W. B. 20 m IL NE

Fisher Hugh C. 20 m IN MO Farmer [son of James A.]
Fisher Anise 24 f IL IL
Fisher Anna H. 50 f VA MO [1900 Seward Co, KS] Soldiers widow - receiving no pension
Fisher Leonard 12 m IN MO [1900 Seward Co, KS - Leonard B.]
Fisher Mabel 7 f KS KS [1900 Seward Co, KS - Mabel M.]
Fisher William 80 m OH MO Co H, 10th IN Inf

Bowman Moses S. 41 m OH IL Farmer [1900/1910 Stevens Co]
Bowman Levesta J. 44 f TN IL
Bowman William 18 m IA IL [Wm L.]
Bowman James F. 16 m IL IL
Bowman Edward 12 m IL IL [Edgar? N.]
Bowman Jessie O. 8 m KS KS [Oscar J.]

Morlan John W. 26 m OH IL Farmer 1900 Elk Co, KS, 1910 Butler Co, MO - Walter]
Morlan Julettie 26 f IL IL [Julia, Julette]
Morlan Perlie I. 7 f KS KS
Morlan Fred 5 m KS KS
Morlan John 3 m KS KS
Morlan Roy 1 m KS KS

Carr Elvan 37 m IA IA Farmer [1900/1910 Stevens - Elven H.]
Carr America 24 f MO MO
Carr Cirus F. 6 m KS KS [Cyrus F.]
Carr Edna J. 3 f KS KS
Carr Everett 1 m KS KS [Everett M.]

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