Stevens County Kansas
1895 Census

Moscow Township

* Notes:
All spellings are shown as written on the orginal census sheets.
Question mark (?) - unable or difficult to read - best guess.
Extracted and transcribed 2006 by Mike Sweeney
Genealogical notes in brackets [ ] by Mike Sweeney

1895 Kansas State Agricultural Census
Moscow Township, Stevens Co, KS
Enumeration Year end March 1, 1895 by C. J. Rapp - Assessor, Moscow Twp.

Name First Age S Born From Occupation Military/Notes
Traub L. N. 40 m MO MO Farmer [1900/1910 Atchison Co, MO Louis N.]
Traub N. E. 40 f TN MO [Nancy E.]
Traub John 16 m MO MO
Traub May 14 f MO MO
Traub George 12 m MO MO
Traub Viola 10 f MO MO
Traub Louis 8 m KS KS
Traub Fred 6 m KS KS
Traub Loran 4 m KS KS [Laurence]
Traub William 3 m KS KS

Bell A. J. 27 m PA IL Farmer [1900 Stevens - Andrew J.]
Bell Clara 20 f IL IL
Bell Annie 3 f IL IL
Bell Bessie 1 f KS KS

Gilbert Samuel 33 m Eng IL Farmer [1900 Stevens - immig. 1881, 1910 Seward Co, KS]
Gilbert Elizabeth 26 f IL IL [nee Linegar, m. 5 Jan 1886, Knox Co, IL]
Gilbert Oscar 8 m IL IL [Oscar Thomas]
Gilbert Sam 6 m IL IL [Milton S., Samuel]
Gilbert William L. 5 m KS KS [William Leslie]
Gilbert Hary 2 m KS KS [Harry John]
Gilbert J. I. 2mo m KS KS [James Irvin, b. 3 Jan 1895]

Liniger Elizabeth 65 f Switz IL Farmer [1900 Stevens - immig. 1860]
Shafer Albert 7 m MO MO [1900 Stevens - nephew of Ernest Liniger]

Liniger Jacob 65 m Switz IL Farmer Co B, 12th IL Inf [1900 Stevens - immig. 1858]
Liniger Ernest 36 m Switz IL [1900 Stevens - immig. 1860]

O'Dea Matt 53 m Ire IL Farmer [1900 Barber Co, KS - Matthew]
O'Dea Margett 43 f OH IL [Margaret]
O'Dea Alice 22 f IL IL
O'Dea John 19 m IL IL
O'Dea James 16 m IL IL

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