Stevens County Kansas
1895 Census

Woodsdale Township

* Notes:
All spellings are shown as written on the orginal census sheets.
Question mark (?) - unable or difficult to read - best guess.
Extracted and transcribed 2006 by Mike Sweeney
Genealogical notes in brackets [ ] by Mike Sweeney

1895 Kansas State Agricultural Census
Woodsdale Township, Stevens Co, KS
Enumeration Year end March 1, 1895 by W. W. Ramsey - Assessor, Woodsdale Twp.

Name First Age S Born From Occupation Military/Notes
Miller Herman 34 m Ger Ger Carpenter [1900 Washington Co, IL, 1910 Chicago, IL - immigr. 1884]
Miller Elica 34 f Ger Ger [Elise]
Miller Otto 12 m Ger Ger
Miller Anna 11 f Ger Ger [Anna H.]
Miller Etta 9 f KS KS [Henrietta]
Miller Alice 7 f KS KS [Alice H.]
Miller Minnie 5 f KS KS
Miller Vessie 3 f KS KS [Bessie, Elizabeth]
Miller Grace 7mo f KS KS [Kate, Katharine]

McClure William P. 52 m IL IL Farmer Co D, 81st IL Inf [1900 Stevens]
McClure Maria 44 f OH IL [Louisa M.]
McClure Ada 25 f IL IL [Ada O.]
McClure Magie 21 f IL IL Teacher [Margaret E.]
McClure Sarah A. 19 f IL IL
McClure Ella 17 f IL IL [Ella N.]
McClure Willie 15 m IL IL [Wiliam E.]
McClure Blanch 10 f IL IL
McClure Phebe 2 f KS KS [Phebe R.]
Lovejoy Lucy 19 f IL IL

Banester L. L. 53 m IL WI Carpenter Co C, 105th IL Inf [1900 Sedgewick Co, KS Levi L. Banister]
Banester M. L. 49 f NY WI [Margaret L.]
Banester Nortten E. 12 m KS KS [Norton E.]
Banester Rosa B. 10 f KS KS

Hamilton James T. 47 m MO MO Farmer [1900 Cowley Co, KS]
Hamilton Armanda 51 f MO MO
Hamilton James A. 18 m KS MO
Hamilton Chancy A. 16 m KS MO
Hamilton Freddie A. 11 m MO MO [Freddy A.]

Hubbard T. G. 47 m VA VA Farmer [1900 Stevens - T. Graves] [Taliaferro Graves Hubbard - per Alice Crouch]
Hubbard Fannie 42 f VA VA [Fannie L.]
Hubbard Daisy 15 f VA VA [Martha D.]
Hubbard Pansy 15 f VA VA [Mary P.]
Hubbard Clarance 14 m VA VA [1900 Stevens - Clarence Metts 19 VA] [WWI draft - Clarence Hubbard Metts, b. 5 Mar 1881] [nephew of T.G. Hubbard - per Alice Crouch]

McPeck William 29 m NJ IL Farmer

McPeck Jennie 20 f MO MO Farmer [1900 Stevens Jennie A.]

Johnson N. L. 36 m KY KY Farmer
Johnson G. W. 68 m IN KY

Farmer Lewis 47 m IN IL Farmer [1900 Stevens]
Farmer Emily 44 f IL IL [Emily L.]
Farmer Angenova 22 f IL IL
Farmer William 17 m IL IL
Farmer Orie A. 15 m KS IL
Farmer Ettna L. 12 f KS IL [1900 Stevens - Lula]
Farmer Harry L. 5 m KS IL [1900 Stevens - Leslie]
Farmer Earal A. 2 m KS IL [Earl]

Kimsey A. A. 70 m KY IL Farmer [1900 Stevens][Alexander A. Kimzey]
Kimsey Jane E. 68 f KY IL
Campbell Gracey 19 f IL IL

Tarrant N. E. 47 m IL IL Farmer [1900 Stevens Newton E.]
Tarrant M. E. 37 f MO IL [Mary E.]
Tarrant Carey 19 f IL IL
Tarrant Currey 17 f KS KS
Tarrant Kelley 15 f KS KS
Tarrant Harvey 13 m KS KS
Tarrant Oney 11 m KS KS
Tarrant Orey 9 m KS KS
Tarrant Elsey 7 f KS KS
Tarrant Arther 4 m KS KS
Tarrant Ethel 2 f KS KS

Watrons E. N. 64 m NY MN Carpenter

Ramsey William W. 56 m TN TX Farmer Co K, 98th IL Mt. Inf [1900 Stevens]
Ramsey Rebecca 50 f IL TX
Ramsey Albert V. 19 m IL TX
Ramsey Ella 15 f IL TX
Ramsey William B. 9 m TX TX
Brower Mary E. 4 f KS KS [g-daughter Mary Etta - mother Etta d. @ birth]
Ramsey Angie 20 f KS KS [nee Campbell, w/o Albert Ramsey]
Campbell Arther 17 m KS KS [Arthur - bro of Angie, will marry Ella]

Smith Martin 55 m Ire IL Farmer WI 24th inf Co G

Carpenter Perry 52 m OH IL P. M. Co E, 71st IL Inf [1880 Isaac P.]
Carpenter Rhoda J. 48 f IL IL [1900 Stevens - R. J.]
Carpenter Charlie S. 22 m IL IL Farmer
Carpenter Warren F. 19 m IL IL
Carpenter Frances 11 f IL IL [1900 Stevens - Nora F.]

Kelso J. W. 48 m IL CO? Black smith Co G, 13th IL Cav, POW - Tyler, TX [1900 Stevens James W.]

Goodale Laura 34 f IA KY
Johnson Mary A. 63 f IN KY

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