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Name Township   Name Township
Neal Falls   Neal London
Nelson Falls   Nelson Wellington
Neville Oxford   Newton Gore
Nice Oxford   Nihard Belle Plaine
Nixon Belle Plaine   Nixon London
Nixon Wellington   Noble South Haven
Norden/Worden Gore   Nordwire Avon
North Belle Plaine   North Palestine
Notestine Walton   Noteware Sumner
Nye Palestine      
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Oatman Belle Plaine   Ogden Avon
Ogden Jackson   Ordway London
Osborn Avon   Osborn Belle Plaine
Overall Caldwell   Overstreet London
Owens Oxford      
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Palmer London   Parker Caldwell
Parker Oxford   Parks South Haven
Parrish Wellington   Partee Jackson
Paton Val Verde   Patterson Palestine
Patterson Val Verde   Pattison Guelph
Patton Falls   Peacock Oxford
Peck/Beck Oxford   Pendleton Belle Plaine
Pennick Gore   Perry Oxford
Peters Guelph   Peters Walton
Peterson Guelph   Phelps Wellington
Phillips Oxford   Phillips Palestine
Phillips Wellington   Pierce Oxford
Piggott Belle Plaine   Pinkerton Gore
Pittman Gore   Plummer Belle Plaine
Plymell Palestine   Pomeroy Avon
Porter London   Post Walton
Potter Belle Plaine   Potter Gore
Potuchec Val Verde   Powell Val Verde
Powers Gore   Price Falls
Price London   Prior Wellington
Prunty Wellington   Purcell Belle Plaine
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Radabaugh Belle Plaine   Ramey/Ranney Avon
Randall Avon   Randall Wellington
Raney Wellington   Rankin London
Ratliffe Oxford   Redman Belle Plaine
Reed Belle Plaine   Reed Caldwell
Reed Oxford   Reitz Palestine
Reser Val Verde   Rhodes Guelph
Rhodes Val Verde   Rice Oxford
Rich Wellington   Richard Walton
Richards Chikaskia   Richards Gore
Richerson? Caldwell   Richmond Oxford
Rideout Caldwell   Riggs Val Verde
Ripperton Belle Plaine   Risley Walton
Roach Val Verde   Robbins Oxford
Roberts Belle Plaine   Roberts London
Roberts Val Verde   Robinson South Haven
Rodenhous South Haven   Rodky Gore
Rodwell Belle Plaine   Rogers Avon
Rogers Belle Plaine   Ronson Jackson
Rosekrans Wellington   Rosel South Haven
Ross Val Verde   Rothwell Oxford
Rothwell Wellington   Rounds Wellington
Rowell Sumner   Rucker Gore
Ruggles Wellington   Rumble Wellington
Rundull London   Rush Guelph
Rushing Gore   Russell Guelph
Russell Sumner   Ryan Chikaskia
Ryland Falls   Ryman Avon
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Sadler London   Sager Gore
Sain Caldwell   Sakar Val Verde
Salsberry Falls   Sanderson Wellington
Sargent Gore   Sayrs Falls
Schall Wellington   Schneider Falls
Scott Oxford   Scott Wellington
Seamans Guelph   Searcy South Haven
Sebring Avon   Seiber Falls
Seitz Sumner   Sensney Sumner
Settie Belle Plaine   Seymore/mour Guelph
Shafer Gore   Shafer Oxford
Shafer Walton   Shafer Wellington
Shanklin Falls   Shannon London
Shannon South Haven   Shaw Caldwell
Shaw Falls   Shay Palestine
Shay Sumner   Shay Sumner
Shearman Wellington   Sheeler Sumner
Shepard London   Shephard/erd Oxford
Shepler Avon   Sheriff London
Shipman Wellington   Shirley Belle Plaine
Shore Palestine   Shores Chikaskia
Showalter Wellington   Showver Wellington
Shull Gore   Shultz Palestine
Simmons Walton   Simpson South Haven
Skinner Palestine   Sleigh Oxford
Smith Avon   Smith Chikaskia
Smith Falls   Smith Jackson
Smith Oxford   Smith South Haven
Smith Sumner   Smith Val Verde
Smith Walton   Smith Wellington
Snavely London   Snell Belle Plaine
Snow Falls   Snyder Val Verde
Somer Val Verde   Spear Jackson
Speer South Haven   Spencer London
Spencer Palestine   Spencer Wellington
Spicer Caldwell   Spitzer Oxford
Sprague Walton   Springer Chikaskia
Sprowl Avon   St. Clair Belle Plaine
Stanley Caldwell   Stauffer Guelph
Stephens London   Stevens London
Stevens South Haven   Stevens Walton
Stevenson Wellington   Steves Jackson
Stewart South Haven   Stewart Walton
Stilwell London   Stinson Palestine
Stipp Wellington   Stobaugh Oxford
Stonebarger South Haven   Stonestreet Belle Plaine
Storer Belle Plaine   Storts Wellington
Straight Val Verde   Straw London
Strickland Walton   Strouse Falls
Struble Walton   Stubbs Palestine
Stunkel London   Sturm Falls
Sugg Gore   Sullivan Avon
Sullivan Walton   Sullivan Wellington
Summerville Oxford   Sundback Gore
Surguy Oxford   Swaggart Falls
Swain Oxford   Swan Jackson
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Tackett Palestine   Tate Oxford
Taton Oxford   Taylor Avon
Taylor London   Taylor Wellington
Taylot Oxford   Terhune Wellington
Thatcher Oxford   Theurenx? Walton
Thomas Caldwell   Thomas Palestine
Thompson Jackson   Thompson Walton
Thorpe Guelph   Thrailkill Jackson
Thralls Wellington   Tibbetts Walton
Tillotson Belle Plaine   Tilton Oxford
Tilton Val Verde   Tooley London
Townsend Guelph   Townsend South Haven
Trout Wellington   Troutman Avon
Troutman South Haven   Trowbridge Wellington
Truex Guelph   Truman Gore
Trumin Avon   Tucker Avon
Tucker Wellington   Turcotte Caldwell
Turner Chikaskia   Turner London
Turpin Val Verde    
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Underwood Oxford      
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Van Pelt Wellington   Vandework Belle Plaine
Vane/Vian? Sumner   Vanlandingham Wellington
Vinson Falls   Vinson South Haven
Vurin London    
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Waddle South Haven   Wager Wellington
Wagoner Belle Plaine   Wagoner Walton
Wagstaff Walton   Walcher South Haven
Waldick Jackson   Walker Belle Plaine
Walker Walton   Walker Wellington
Wallace Belle Plaine   Walters Wellington
Walton Belle Plaine   Walton Oxford
Walton Wellington   Wanchope London
Ward Avon   Ward Guelph
Ward Walton   Warlow Chikaskia
Warn Wellington   Warner Walton
Watkins Caldwell   Watts Caldwell
Webster Chikaskia   Webster Wellington
Weeks Oxford   Welch Wellington
Wells Jackson   Wells Palestine
Wells Wellington   Wendell Caldwell
Wentworth Walton   Werneke Falls
Westby Oxford   Weymer Avon
Wharton Avon   Whealy Avon
Wheeler Oxford   Whewell Wellington
Whitaker South Haven   White Avon
White Gore   White South Haven
Whitman Palestine   Wichern London
Wickery Jackson   Wicks South Haven
Wiggins Sumner   Wiggins Wellington
Wigton Gore   Wiley Palestine
Wilkinson Chikaskia   Wilkinson Palestine
Willard Val Verde   Willey/Willie Belle Plaine
Williams Chikaskia   Williams Gore
Williams Palestine   Williams Walton
Williamson Chikaskia   Wills London
Willsie Oxford   Wilson Avon
Wilson South Haven   Wilson Wellington
Windell Walton   Winn Wellington
Winsor Oxford   Winters Caldwell
Winters South Haven   Wise Sumner
Wise Walton   Wishard Falls
Witt South Haven   Wolf Guelph
Wood Belle Plaine   Wood Falls
Wood Sumner   Wood Walton
Wood Wellington   Woodman Walton
Woodring London   Woodrow Wellington
Woods Wellington   Woodward South Haven
Works Walton   Wortz Guelph
Wright Belle Plaine   Wright Oxford
Wright Sumner   Wright Val Verde
Wyckoff Jackson      
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Yeager Val Verde   Yeatman Belle Plaine
Yetter Wellington   Yocum Palestine
Young Oxford   Young Walton
Youst Falls      
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Zuber? Caldwell      

By Harriette Jensen

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