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Saline Valley Cemetery

Trego County Location

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Located 5 miles north of WaKeeney on 283, then 6 miles west.

I am sure that there a number of unmarked graves, but a lot of the original graves have removed to other cemeteries by family members in the past. There possibly a couple graves marked with field stones only.

Date Cemetery was recorded for Trego Co. Web Page was Nov. 26, 2000.
By: Gayle M. Garrett who is related to the Franklins buried here.



Franklin John V. ["Virgil"] Sept. 20, 1890 June 29, 1941 WW I Veteran Kansas Corp. 50 Inf. 20 Div.
(Had to have special permission to be buried, because the cemetery was closed.)
Franklin John L. Jan. 29, 1857 Sept. 27, 1940 Father of John Virgil
Franklin Sarah F. [Freelove] May 4, 1861 Nov. 12, 1896 
Parkey Mary Aug. 21, 1814 March 1886 Mother of Sarah....
Franklin Thomas M.  March 15, 1886 Age 10 yrs.
Franklin Earl   March 15, 1886 Age 2 yrs.
Bell A. R.   Sept. 16, 1896 Age 29 yrs.
(East Stone)  On this stone there is a A. M. engraved above the previous information
Seaton Walter A. July 3, 1884 Sept. 10, 1884 Son of H. M. & M. M. Seaton
[Inscription on bottom of stone reads]   "It is not the will of your father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should parish" [on the top part of this stone is the word] "Mother"
Carson Jane Jan 26, 1838 June 27, 1885 wife of John M. Carson
[inscription on stone]   "Sweet is the slumber beneath the sod,
while the pure spirit rest with God"
Miller Jonathan G.  July 29, 1880 Age 78 yrs. 5 mos. 15 days
Father's Grave (emblem of Masons on stone)
[Oldest marked grave in cemetery]
Erected by his son T. W. Miller [is on the monument]
[This is a bronze monument]

Enclosed in a fence is 1 big stone with 2 different family names on opposite sides & 2 small stone markers, one in each corner in back with the initials, one with the initials D. A. R. & the other has the other has the initials J. H. H..
Roberts Daisy A.  Mar. 24, 1898 Age 18 yrs. 7mo. 8 days.
Wife of D. L. Roberts [D. A. R.]
Name on front side of the large stone
Hobbs Joseph H.  June 2, 1892 Age 18 yrs. 2 mos. 1 day
Son of N. S. & E. Hobbs [J. H. H.]
Name on the back side of the large stone
Layman "Little Kitten"  Sept. 27, 1890 Age 6 Mos. 20 days
[This stone has the words on the upper part of stone] "Little Kitten"  Son of A. T. & O. D. Layman
[Inscription on bottom part of stone]
"Our Guardian Angel"

Four young children of Winfield & Elizabeth Franklin lost their lives, early in life, in a house fire while their parents were at church.
The children are buried in the Saline Valley Cemetery.
The Children were quite young when taken and they are buried in 2 graves.
[inscription on bottom of both stones reads] "For us in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive"

(West Stone)

Ira E. Franklin
d: March 15, 1886
Age 8 yrs.

Charlie Franklin
d: March 15, 1886
Age 6 yrs.

(East Stone)

Thomas M. Franklin
d: March 15, 1886
Age 10 yrs.

Earl Franklin
d: March 15, 1886
Age 2 yrs.

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