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sm-banner-meth.jpg - 8290 BytesThe first public buildling in the Banner community was a sod church built in the spring of 1879. The present church building was built in - 7088 Bytes The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Dedication of this building was observed May 31, 1954 Located 9 & 1/2 miles south and 1 mile east of 1 70, Banner Road.Address: Collyer, Kansas Services each Sunday at 9:30 A.M. All are welcome People of all denominations, some becoming members, others not, but still giving of their services, have worshiped here through the years. .sm-banner-meth-1952.jpg - 8895 BytesThis church is a living a living momument to the faith & courage of the early pioneers who laid a good foundation that the coming generations might be raised up in a community where God & His service is honored.

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sm-collyer-meth.jpg - 8183 BytesServices every Sunday at 9:30 a. m. Everyone welcome. Our church was built in the year of 1887 by a Congregational minister of Park, Kansas. Reverend Willer was a carpenter as well as a minister. In 1917, it was voted by the members and the District Superintendent to be changed to a Methodist Church: The Reverend P. S. Stringer was our first Methodist minister. Since that time we have made many improvements in our church. Classrooms, a kitchen, basement, anex, in front of the church, an alter and communion table, pews, a new Bible, And carpet, add to its beauty end sacredness.
Three ministers and one U.S. Service chaplain have gone out from our church to teach all nations. The Collyer United Methodist Church was located in Collyer, Kansas. It no longer is there. Their congregation for the most part has joined the Quinter & WaKeeney First United Methodist Churches.
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WaKeeney's first Methodist Church Building

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It all began in WaKeeney when the Rev. J. Wilson started a Methodist "class" in 1878. A Methodist Church was then organized in 1879 by the Rev. J. A. Hoyt, services being held in various rooms about town until the first church was built and dedicated in 1886-87 during the pastorate of the Rev. W. H. Mahaffee

WaKeeney First United Methodist Church, Past & Present
sm-Wakeeney-FUMC-PP.jpg - 7137 Bytes The celebration of our 100th Anniversary lead the anniversary committee" to call upon Connie (Hutchinson) Busch to draw a pencil sketch of the three church buildings that have served this congregation during its century of existence. The drawing gives prominence to the present structure at Main 8 Summit that was completed and consecrated on March 20, 1966. Above and behind the present structure are drawings: to the right the first church building located at 7th and Warren that was dedicated on April 11, 1887. The other building was the result of remodeling and enlargement of the first structure. On November 18, 1928 this second building was dedicated. These buildings are structural symbols of the WaKeeney congregation.
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Wakeeney First Methodist Church
Picture taken for Sunday, March 20, 1966 (Conscration Sunday) WaKeeney First United Methodist Church (in use in 2002)Located on Main Street at Summit Avenue Picture taken from cover of book prepared for Concration Sunday

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Wakeeney Episcopal Church
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Swedish Emanuel Church
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Swedish Emanuel Church today

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Ogallah Christian Church
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Immanuel Lutheran Church
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Church of God

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First Baptist Church
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Christ The King Church
sm-bethany-baptist.jpg - 6743 Bytes
Bethany Baptist Church
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Harvestime Assembly of God Church
WaKeeney, KS

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