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OBITUARY of Luther Garland

The accident which occurred Monday, July 21, resulting in the death of our esteemed friend and fellow citizen, Luther Garland, will long be remembered by his many friends and acquaintances, for it was removed from our midst one who was held dear, in the hearts of those who knew him. 'His character was built upon those lasting qualities of kindness to others, sense of justice, charitableness, and sympathy.

As much as it grieves us to think of his sudden departure from this life, our grief is somewhat allayed by the thought that some day we will meet . him again in that great beyond where angels know no parting. He was born in Perry county, Pennsylvania, September 1, 1860,, and died at his home in the southwest part of Trego county, at 4 o'clock p.m., Monday, July 21, 1902, having lived 41 years, 10 months, and 20 days. When 26 years of age, he left his home in Pennsylvania, and came West to seek his fortune. He came to Kansas in the fall of 1886, locating on a homestead in the southwest part of this county.

Having had the advantage of a good common school education, he began teaching 'in the schools of our county. Many of Trego's teachers will remember when he mingled with them in the class rooms at the Normal. He became one of our most progressive and active teachers. After having successfully taught for five years, successfully taught for five years, holding at the end of this time, a second grade certificate, he took up farming, By perseverance, application and economy, he built up a model farm, beside having a pleasant and comfortable home.

In 1896 he married Miss Frances Fulton, daughter of John R. Fulton, formerly of Pennsylvania. His home life was peaceful and happy and his friends were always sure of a hearty welcome when they came to visit him and his wife at their home. He was teacher of the Bible class at the Bethel Sunday school. By his decease, a wife, parents, and two brothers John K. and D. Frank Garland are left to mourn his untimely death. Our hearts go out in sympathy for his wife in her sad bereavement.

The remains of her husband were taken to Ransom, Tuesday afternoon, where a short funeral was preached by Rev. Funk assisted by Rev: Fleisher. The pall-bearers, J.F. Hazen, Andy Gullett, Ernes~t Jesse, Henry Schaefer, Frank Curtis and Al. Swisher conveyed the body to the depot, where it was taken charge of by Mrs. Garland, who left for Perry county, Pennsylvania, to have him buried at his old home. She was accompanied by J.M.Bistline of Ransom. Submitted by Gayle M. Garrett

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