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Dust Storms Diary

Trego County Location

Daily Record (1935?) Dust Storms
From Estate of Henry and Mary Harries
This article taken from a pamphlet (#9 in a series of 9 pamphlets) belonging to the Trego County Historical Society.

Timeline: Day one to day 88, there were exactly 88 days of dust storms.

The first storm raged all afternoon, until 3:00 o'clock the next morning.
February 23-Dust blew all day and all night.
February 24-The dust blew and the snow tried its best to get through, but when it fell, it was black snow - no Church or Sunday School - people just stayed home and developed headaches.
February 26 - Dust blew all day - pneumonia cases were developing, and several deaths, caused from impure air.
March 2 - Dust blew for three hours.
March 3 - Dust blew all night.
March 4 - Blizzard and dust storm - a terrible combination - livestock dying, and crops blowing from the fields.
March 6 - High winds and rolling clouds of dust.
March 8 - Terrible dust storm - couldn't see one foot ahead.
March 10 - Dust storm raging from north, destroying everything in its path.
March 15 - Dust blew most of the day.
March 16 - Worst dust storm of all - impossible to leave shelter.
March 17 - Dust blew from south in morning, and blew from opposite direction in afternoon.
March 18 - Dust still blowing hard - stores and school closed.
March 21 - Air full of dust.
March 25 - Terrible dust storm came in night.
March 26 - Severe storm came from west at 4:00 o'clock, was dark as midnight - everything at standstill - couldn't see to move.
April 2 - First day for 10 days no dust blew - it was high in the air - the day was quiet - it just sifted down slowly like snow.
April 6 - Rained until noon - terrible dust storm in the afternoon.
April 9 - Terrible dust storm
April 10 - Dust continued all day -lasted 36 hours.
April 14 - Another terrible dust storm - blew continually until the 17th.
April 21 - Dust blew all day and all night.
April 22 - Dust blew all day.
April 24 - Terrible dust storm.
April 25 - Terrible dust storm.
April 26 - Terrible dust storm.
April 27 - Dust blew most all day.
May 1 - Dust blew most all day, and blew worse all night.
May 3 - Cold - dust blew, but not so bad.
May 4 - Dusty, but no wind.
May 6 - A little snow and dust - no wind.
May 13 - A lovely spring rain - it cleaned the air of dust for the first time since February 21st.

The Trego County Historical Society has a lot of good information & materials of early day Trego County. Stop by & check it out.
Located north of the railroad tracks on Hi-Way U.S. - 283 on the Trego County Fair Grounds in WaKeeney, Kansas.

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