Historical Homes in Trego County
All Pictures and information was submitted by Gayle M. Garrett
Margaret Swiggett Home
510 Warren Ave.

Swiggert HomeThis home was built in 1906 by Margaret Swiggett, located North of the Courthouse. Margaret never married. Margaret had a brother that also never married. His name was Walter F. Swiggett. He was a elected Probate Judge & Justice of the Peace & also lived in the same house as Margaret. Walter as J.P., preformed many marriages through the years, right here in his home. My Aunt Glenn McCoy & Frank Sproul were married on November 2, 1942 by J.P. Walter Swiggett here in the Swiggett house..
This Residence has since been turned into a nice Bed & Breakfast.

Albert Warren Stone House
1226 Junction

sm-warren.jpg - 11986 Bytes The Albert Warren House Located North Eeast corner of WaKeeney (Co-Founder of WaKeeney). The stone house was built sometime before 1883 by Mr. Albert Warren, one of the town founders. The native limestone was quarried north of town. The home was nicely landscaped with a curved drive in front of the home. A gazebo was located just east of the home. John G. Hixson and his wife Ella, bought the house in 1908. They moved in with their 3 children, Abram Dwight (Brom), Luretta, and Eva in 1909. The Hixsons added two additions to the north corners of the home. These were built of concrete block with a rough stone type surface. One on the northwest contained a kitchen and pantry and the other on the northeast was for a bedroom. In about 1923 the second story caught fire from the chimney. The stone walls of the second story were partly torn down and a new roof created a one story house. The Hixsons lived there until 1931.

Herman Long Home
132 North 8th
sm-long.jpg - 14886 Bytes

This was the Herman Long home & was built in the 1890's. This house had a real Architect design the home & the family living in the home at the present time still has posession of the real architect's original papers with the out lay of the house. The Long family lived in this home for many years. Mr. Long was an attorney & for several years served as judge.

A. H. Blair Home
700 Easter

sm-blair.jpg - 9956 BytesA. H. Blair had this house built in 1897. He was a businessman and later became associated with the Trego County State Bank. He served the bank for many years. The house was small like most of the early day homes. Later, an addition was built on to the house. His wife was the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, who had been a missionary.

O. Cortright Home
120 North 8th

sm-nelson.jpg - 9588 BytesBuilt by attorney John Nelson in 1893. O. Cortright bought the home in 1902. It was a small home at that time. Mr. Courtright built an addittion to the structure. He had an abstract office, land office & book store. The family lived in the home for three generations. He was the grandfather of Claire Yoxall, & she lived here until she moved to a smaller home, and sold the house.

Dr. W.Y. Herrick Home
213 8th

sm-hoar.jpg - 9593 BytesRecords show C. A. Hoar owned the lot and the files indicate the house was built in 1887. Dr. W. Y. Herrick and his wife bought the house a few years later. Since the house was small, they made the house larger by building aroung the structure. When needed, Dr. Herrick made house calls all over the county. He practiced for many years. Mrs. Herrick was prominent in social and civic affairs.

Charles Steinburger Home
407 6th

sm-lord.jpg - 11100 BytesIt has been reported that Mary Lord built this house soon after she purchased the lot in 1892. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Steinburger bought the home in the early 1900's. Mr. Steinburger owned a machine shop in WaKeeney. He built several tractors and improved the transmission on the Wallace tractor. He became a part of the tractor company and received a certain percent of every tractor sold. Prior to coming to WaKeeney, he had studied medicine, but after an injury to his arm, he had to give up his studies. He had played in John Sousa's band. He was first coronetist. He directed the band in Trego county for many years. He also composed Several pieces of music.

C. L. Hardman Home
727 Russell

sm-hardman.jpg - 8826 BytesThe C. A. Hardman home was built in 1906. It was a small House. Later, it was enlarged and remodeled. Mr. Hardman ran the Hardman Lumber Building Supply Company. After his death, his son Wilford disposed of his own business and took over the management of the family business. After Mrs. Hardman's death, the home was sold and has since been remodled and redecorated.

R. E. Custer Home
900 Warren

sm-glen.jpg - 8482 Bytes
The story is that this home built for the Glenn girls in 1905. Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Custer Sr. and family lived here later. Mr. Custer was the high school coach & principal for many years. Custer Field is named for him.

Wollner Home
301 North 8th

sm-wollner.jpg - 12242 BytesThe files indicate this house was built in the 1880's after Dr. F. H. Conger bought the lot. Mr. Herman Wollner bought the home in 1902. After his death, the home was owned by his son, Will. The Wollner children were born and reared in this house. The corner addittion of Trego-WaKeeney State Bank was originally the Wollner store. It was a general store handling groceries and other merchandise. The Wollner Store was built in the early 1900's. The sons took over after their father passed away. The store became an A. L. Duckwalls Store in 1935.

William Holmes House
300 block on North 4th.

sm-holmes.jpg - 10423 Bytes

William Holmes built the house in 1889. It was tile same stone as was used in the courthouse. The stone used was from this area. The Holmes' were the parents of Mrs. Andrew Heyl.

Henry J. Hillie House
216 N. 8th

sm-hillie.jpg - 15618 Bytes

The Henry J. Hillie house was built in 1878. The size of the house was 18 X 24ft. There were two rooms on the main floor. There was a dining room & kitchen, Upstairs there were two bedrooms. Mr. Hillie had the first drugstore in WaKeeney. He became the first bank president of the Trego County State Bank.

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