Washington County, Kansas
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One of the first things you'll notice about this web site is that it is a work in progress.  Below you'll find the pages we've already put on line and the ones we have planned for the near future.  If you have any requests, please drop us an e-mail.  Volunteer transcribers are always needed. Meanwhile, enjoy what we have on line so far!

70th Anniversary Edition, Supplement to the Washington County Register
    Part 1 --
Foreward -- A Brief history of the Washington County Register --
        Washington County From 1850-1938 -- Early State History of the Discovery
        of Kansas -- Washington County, 1938 -- Famous Route of The Pony
        Express -- Cottonwood Station -- Fort Leavenworth Military Road --
        Biographies of Pioneers -- Congratulatory Letters -- Jane Timmons
        Overbury, 104 -- Mr. and Mrs. James Creighton
    Part 2 -- Hollenberg -- Enosdale -- Greenleaf -- Kimeo -- Strawberry -- Barnes --
    Part 3 -- Haddam -- Palmer -- Mahaska -- Clifton -- Linn -- Morrowville --

Hanover Centennial, 1869 - 1969

Morrowville Centennial Book
    Part 1 -- The History
    Part 2 -- The Families

Washington County Historical and Genealogical Society

Washington County Enemy Aliens List

Washington County Pioneers Roster

Washington County List of Naturalization Papers

Deciphering German and Bohemian Tombstone Inscriptions

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