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Queries July 1997

Brown, Claxton, Fitzpatrick, Goodnow, Hainline, Hill, Hooten, Hughey, Kelley/Kelly, Langley, Lee, Lukens, Mitchell, Murden, Tyler, Vincent, Weekley, Willett, Young


rcbrown@lunet.edu Bob Brown Fri Aug 29 14:26:53 1997
Searching for information on the family of Charles L. and Anna M. BROWN, residents of Wilson Co. ca. 1880-1891. Couple was married in Carroll County Illinois and resided in Springfield, Missouri before moving to Kansas.


fvvpjv29@mail.idt.net Fred Vance Mon Aug 25 10:41:12 1997
Seeking information on: George H. FITZPATRICK (1828-1876) and his wife Sarah LANGLEY (1830-?). I believe both died in Wilson County, Kansas. They first moved near Emporia in the 1850's before relocating to Wilson county. Their daughter Emma FITZPATRICK (1861-1940) was born near Emporia and married Elston VINCENT (1859-1928)in Wilson County on 9 May 1880.


ZZZLady@AOL.com Phyllis Zimmerman Mon Aug 25 16:28:40 1997
WEEKLEY,Samuel Wilson Co. 1885-1911


rbcats@yahoo.com Rita Buford Sun Aug 24 09:00:51 1997
Montgomery County - MURDEN - TYLER Winfield Scott MURDEN born Oct 8, 1852 married Priscilla TYLER born Jan 10, 1857. They married August 1, 1874. Murden was a judge in Caney, Kansas. He was also a blacksmith and had a ferry across the Caney River. When the Tyler estate in Fredonia, Kansas (Wilson County) was settled, the family moved to Skedee, Oklahoma and purchased property. Winfield Scott MURDEN and Priscilla TYLER are both buried in the Skedee Cemetery. I am searching for Kansas ancestors/descendants.


maise@continet.com Mary Ann Hanson Tue Aug 12 12:32:26 1997
The family of Amanda Melvina F. HAINLINE and her second husband, Joseph WILLETT, moved to Fredonia, Wilson Co. in 1871 from IL. Sons John, Hiram, and F. M. WILLETT were born here after their arrival. Amanda d. 17 Sep 1900 and I would like to know where she died and is buried. Daughter Lillie A. b. 1 Apr 1866 IL m. David Andrew THOMAS and their six children were born in Fredonia. Lillie d. 1928 in Fredonia, and I would like to know where she is buried, too. Daughter Ada Alameda b. 24 Nov 1867 IL m. 8 Jan 1885 to John Clark HENDRY -- where? They had nine children, all born in Wilson Co. Ada d. 5 Nov 1944 and is bur. in Bachelder Cemetery. Daughter Lucy b. c. 1869 IL m. Bill HOOTEN. When and where were they married and did she die? The three brothers scattered, one to OK, one to WA and the third? Any information about these families is welcomed.


AMitch2398@aol.com Alice Mitchell Fri, 1 Aug 1997 17:48:16 -0400 (EDT)
Am seeking information on my great grandparents, Luis/Louis/Lewis Philippe GOODNOW (b.1852 in OH), and his wife Frances Josephine LUKENS (b.1860 in OH). They migrated to KS ca 1880-1883. All of their children were born in KS. My grandfather, Clyde Milton GOODNOW was born in Neodesha in 1883. I believe Luis Philippe Goodnow's parents were from OH, having migrated there ca 1840 from Wales.
Alice Mitchell,


102765.2444@compuserve.com Joseph L. Claxton Fri, 25 Jul 1997 20:31:14 -0700
I am trying to locate any possible data on my paternal side. I believe my dad (Irvin Orville CLAXTON) was born in Buffalo, KS, in Wilson County, when my granfather (Ervin C. CLAXTON) was working for the Buffalo Brick Company. My grandfather was married to a "Mabel Butler", this name may be wrong. It is my understanding that they moved to ElDorado during the depression era.
I would appreciate any help you could provide.
Warmest Regards,
Joe Claxton


dlnelson@cyberhighway.net Donna Nelson Tue, 22 Jul 1997 16:37:11 -0700
Donna Nelson
P.O. Box 105
Cambridge, Id 83610


Wendykor@aol.com Wendy Kor Tue, 22 Jul 1997 20:18:42 -0400 (EDT)
I'm researching Peter HUGHEY, and possibly sons Robert and Jared, who settled in Wilson County about 1869. I am descended from one of Peter's other sons, Peter Miller HUGHEY, who settled in Adair County, MO about the same time. I have only recently made the Wilson County connection, so as of now I do not have much information to share!!
Wendy Kor


MRCJ34B@prodigy.com Geri Moser Mon, 14 Jul 1997 20:21:25, -0500
Would like to find date of death for Martha Strange KELLEY re- ported to have died in Neodesha, Wilson Co., around 1890. Had children born there in 1882, '86 & '88. Husband was John Marion KELLEY. Tried to find them on the 1885 state census but was unable to due to part of it being unreadable. Any help GREATLY appreciated. Any Suggestions? Where should I look? Geri Moser


jackwood@webtv.net Jack Wood Jul 1997
I am seeking information about YOUNG brothers Adam, Earnest, Jacob, and Theodore, and their descendants who lived in Montgomery and Wilson counties, KS, from the 1870s. They came there from Germany via New Jersey.
Their sons (including Charles, Phillip C., Samuel Augustus, William James, and others) resided in Barnes, Fredonia, Independence, Lay, Neodesha, and Sycamore. Philip (Phillip?) C. was a lawyer in Fredonia in 1905. He entered politics and died while campaigning for political office. His cousin, also named Philip C. was a lawyer in Barnes at the same time. A daughter, Mrs. George (YOUNG ) HILL, was Iiving in Independence in 1938.
William James YOUNG was my grandfather. I don't know which one of the original Youngs was my great-grandfather, but I think it may have been Adam.
I'd very much appreciate any information you could provide, and would be glad to reciprocate.

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