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Queries Jan. - Mar. 1998

Bonser, Bryan, Burson, Damewood, Ford, Hasty, Hinkle, Hitchcock, Johnson, Ketchum, Larkin, Lookingbill, McGlenn, McNeal, Moulton, O'Brien, Pickett, Poe, Rice, Ross, Stoner, Streets, Swinney, Wert

Author: Amy Davis
Subject: mcglenn
Date: 03/28/1998
Email: adavis@discoverynet.com
Mailing address (optional): 2220 S. 7 Hwy.
Blue Springs, MO 64014

Query: Searching for any information about Vida Deloss McGlenn, married to Elbert Steele in Wilson County in 1920 and died around 1929.
Author: Amy Davis
Subject: streets
Date: 03/28/1998
Email: adavis@discoverynet.com
Mailing address (optional): 2220 S. 7 Hwy.
Blue Springs, MO 64014

Query: Searching for information about Calvin Streets, who died July 4, 1892 in Wilson County and was buried in Hatler Cemetery.
Author: Doloris Johnson McBride
Date: 03/27/1998
Email: dmcbride@inter-linc.net
Mailing address HCR2 Box 261
Blue Eye, Mo 65611
I have a lot of info on these two families
they lived in Wilson co. early 1900's until
1970. Elijah A. Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Robert E. Johnson, Francis M. Bryan most buried Ross Cem. will share
Author: Judy McMichael
Subject: O'Brien
Date: 03/22/1998
Email: gmcmichael@juno.com
Mailing address (optional):
10206 Forest, Kansas City, MO 64131
I'm interested in the family of Pleasant O'Brien and Amy on the 1870/80 census of Wilson County. Is pleasant a brother of Thomas and Perry O'Brien? Is Amy's maiden name Bell?
Author: Judy McMichael
Subject: Ford
Date: 03/22/1998
Email: gmcmichael@juno.com
Mailing address (optional):
10206 Forest, Kansas City, MO 64131
Looking for more information on the family of William FORD bc 1851IL and Abigail. Were Abigail's parents Pleasant and Amy O'BRIEN? Were William's parents Harness FORD and Minerva SHAW? These families were in Wilson Co in 1880.
Author: Robert P. Addleman
Subject: Ketchum
Date: 03/22/1998
Email: BobAdleman@aol.com
Mailing address (optional):

Query: Any info on Asa C. Ketchum & family who lived briefly in Neodesha, Wilson Co., KS in 1881. He purchased a home in Neodesha and went to Chautauqua Springs for his declining health. He died there on 16 Dec 1881. He may have been buried in Neodesha? His wife signed a release on the purchase of the house in 1882.
Author: V. Richardson
Subject: Wert Lulu C.
Date: 03/15/1998
Email: VIZRichardson@worldnet.att.net
Mailing address (optional):13210 Harbor Blvd. #245
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Query: Wert/ Any info on Lulu C. Wert or family . Lived in Buffville KS in 1918 Died in 1921???
Author: V. Richardson
Subject:  Poe, Cecil or Alec
Date: 03/15/1998
Email: VIZRichardson@worldnet.att.net
Mailing address (optional): 13210 Harbor Blvd. #245
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Query:Any info on Alec aka Alex Poe Or Cecil Poe who lived in Buffville, Kansas in 1918.
Author: Barbrasp@aol.com (Barbra Sue BONSER POND
Date: 03/13/1998
Barbrasp@aol.com (Barbra Sue BONSER POND
Rt. 1 Box 129 Fort Cobb, Oklahoma 73038
(405) 643- 5338
Query:I am researching the BONSER surname. They lived in and around Neodsha, Wilson, Kansas.
BONSER, Joseph b. abt 1873
BONSER, Ruhama (Ruie) b. abt 1874
married Clark McNeal.
BONSER, Jacob W. b in 1849 in Scioto Cty, Ohio. Died in 1918 at Wanette, Oklahoma and his wife Arizona Pauline BURSON BONSER had two children born in Coffeyville, Montgomery co., Kansas: Dean Vardon BONSER born February 2, 1892 and Vera D. BONSER born March 9, 1894. Dean Vardon BONSER had a daughter by his first wife who died at the birth of that child. The child's name was Von Dene BONSER born abt. 1920. I think her grandparents raised her.

Jacob W. BONSER, my ggrandfather moved to Kansas from Ohio. Emily my grandmother, I think died somewhere in Kansas. I do not know her maiden name only her first name and she was born in Maine.

Jacob W. BONSER and Emily had 2 children born in Kansas.
BONSER, Joseph my grandfather born abt. 1873 somewhere in Kansas and his sister Ruhama (Ruie) BONSER born abt. 1874, who married Clark MCNEAL and was living in Neodasha, Wilson Co. in 1920 when her father, Jacob W. BONSER died and his estate probated.Thanks and will share info on BONSER name. THANKS so much Sue
Author: Margaret A. Thompson
Date: 03/05/1998
Email: papac@bedford.heartland.net
Mailing address 1609 Illinois Street
Bedford, Iowa. 50833
Query:I am researching the James & Nancy Miller Ross Families who came to Verdgris Twp.Woodson-Wilson cos.in l859 & the Isaac Hitchcock Family that was living in Guilford Twp. in the l880 census. Would like to know date of death & burial place for Nancy Miller Ross. Also the where the Isaac Hitchcock family resided after l880.
Author: Susan Curtis
Subject: HASTY
Date: 02/17/1998
Email: samuelm182@aol.com
Mailing address (optional):

Query:HASTY, Robert James b. abt.1854 in Great Britain, md. Melinda E. House 28 Nov.1882 in Wilson Co.
Children:Estella Hasty Fisher, Delia Hasty Case, Clarence Hasty, Bob Hasty, Clara Hasty Wright, Glen Hasty.
Seeking Robert's parentage and siblings. Thanks!

Author: George Ann Moulton Thomas
Subject: Moulton
Date: 02/08/1998
Email: thomasl@www.valuu.net
Mailing address (optional): 1205 McRee Drive
Valdosta, GA 31602
Query: Looking for information on my g-g-g-grandfather Samuel Moulton b. c1800 Vermont. Moved to Indian Territory with Cherokee nation. Family tradition says he was either a missionary or teacher for the indians. He migrated from Vermont to Illinois. Next information on him is in Indian Territory of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas. Samuel was the father of John Howard Moulton, b. 1835 Indian Territory. Married Susannah Jones b. 1837 Waverly, Ill. John Howard and Susannah Moulton were the progenitors of a large Wilson County family. I have information on the descendents of John and Susannah's son Fred Curtis Moulton. My father George Louis Moulton was born in Wilson County May 22, 1919, the son of Fred Curtis and Lily Bell Moulton.
Author: Doug Powers
Subject: Rice
Date: 01/30/1998
Email: c720140@showme.missouri.edu
Mailing address (optional): 270 Apple Tree Ct., Apt. C
Columbia, Missouri 65203

Query:Looking for information on William RICE who was in Wilson County, Kansas with his family in 1870. William and his family came from Newton County, Missouri where they are listed on the 1860 Census. In 1850, they were in Cedar County, Missouri. William's father's name was Abijah RICE, b. @ 1795 in TN. He died between 1860 and 1870, probably in Newton County, Missouri.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Doug Powers
Author: Marti Dart
Subject: SWINNEY
Date: 01/21/1998
Email: jckn63b@prodigy.com
Mailing address (optional):

Query:Looking for info on any SWINNEYs, but especially Green Meador SWINNEY or his brother, James Turner SWINNEY, between 1870-1890. Help is much appreciated!
Date: 01/20/1998
E-Mail leonlook@greene.xtn.net
Leon G Lookingbill, 295 Brian Circle, Afton,
TN 37616-4623-02

Query: WILSON CO. My grandmother Lucy PICKETT
b 16 May 71 Fredonia, Wilson Co., Lucy aka May Lucy. Lucy m George W LOOKINGBILL. Lucy & family counted in 1905 census, City of Girard, 1910 census Lucy not found, husband and children accounted for. What happened to Lucy? Did she leave George, did she die, returned to birthplace or what? Can you please help me find my grandmother Lucy. Any information on Lucy would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Will respond. Leon L
Author: Gary Barton
Subject: STONER
Date: 01/19/1998
Email: gbarton@pacbell.net
Mailing address (optional): 2035 41st Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116

Query: Michael C. (MC, Mitch) STONER arrived in Neodesha somtime around 1870 from Fulton County, Illinois. He stayed in Neodesha sometimes running the Commerical House, somtimes the Justice of Peace. His 2nd wife Sarah (ORWIG, WILLIS) died in 1876 and he married a 3rd time Nancy Ellen (POLLAN) BURKETT. His daughters and step-daughters married HOLLEY, OWENS, KIDDOO, OSBURN, MOULTON, and SHIPLEY. He died in Neodesha in 1910. Looking for connections to any of these names.
Author: Glenn Simmons
Subject: Larkin
Date: 01/12/1998
Email: glennsimmons@msn.com or gsimmons1@juno.com
Mailing address (optional):

Query: Looking for any info on Nelson Valentine Larkin. Born 1849 in Illinois and married April 1871 in Emporia, Wilson County Kansas. Also info on wife, Ida Penrod, born 1853 in Ohio
Author: Susan K. Bruce
Subject: HINKLE
Date: 01/10/1998
Email: Skbo2@aol.com
Mailing address (optional):

Query: Needing information on James & Lydia Hinkle. A daughter Nora Dean Taylor born 7/7/1886. They are thought to have lived in wilson county. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Author: Dixie Hope
Subject: damewood
Date: 01/08/1998
Email: dixieh@swbell.net
Mailing address (optional):

Query: Does anyone have any information on
John Harrison Damewood. He was executor of the will of Dorinda Damewood around 1870-1876
Ferdonia, Kansas. He was my great great grandfather and I am trying to find out if he was an Indain like everyone has told me.He was brn in Knox County Tenn. and married Lucinda Moore in 1849 in Dubois County, Ind.
Thank YOu

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