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Queries Apr. - June 1998

Ballard (2), Birlew, Boling, Branson, Chapman (2), Colaw, Depew, Dickerson, Douglass, Ford, Greathouse, Heath, Hillix, Hines (2), Hite, Hogan (2), Houghton, Hunter (2), Johnson (2), Kindle, Kirk, Koonce, Lowell, Maupin, McCormack (2), McDonald (2), McDonough, Millikin, Milselige, Moore (2), O'Bryan, Poe, Pritchard, Shepherd, Taylor, Way, Weldy, White, Wilson

Author: kenneth w
Subject: mcdonald
Date: 06/28/1998
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Query: looking for any info on AARON GEORGE MCDONALD married IDA V EDDY 1874 in WILSON KANSAS.BROTHERS & SISTERS of IDA was John P, Rubin H, Levi, Sylvieta RANEY I think there were more but I don"t have names. I don't have anything on AARON GEORGE MCDONALD except that he was born in pa in 1849-50. any inf or either will be greatly appreciated.

Author: kenneth w
Subject: mcdonald
Date: 06/28/1998
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Query: looking for any info on AARON
John P, Rubin H, Levi, Sylvieta RANEY I
think there were more but I don"t have
names. I don't have anything on AARON
GEORGE MCDONALD except that he was born in
pa in 1849-50. any inf or either will be
greatly appreciated.

Author: Judy Hoard
Date: 06/27/1998
Email: JudyALH@aol.co
Mailing address (optional): 208 Bleachery St. Griffin GA 30223

Query: Searching for any info on Enoch KINDLE and Mary Ann FORD.

My great grandfather was John Thomas TAYLOR of Fulton Co IL. He was b. Jan 27, 1854 in Fulton Co. I have heard that his surname was listed as FORD but can't verify this. His mother, Mary Ann FORD m. Jeffrey M. Taylor in 1858. At that time John T. took the name of Taylor whether by adoption is not clear. We had thought it would never be possible to find John T.'s father. My grandmother, Mary Marie Taylor Landis told me many years ago that the name "KEND???" was connected in some way with her father but I had no other information, even that he was not Jeffrey Taylor's son.

I have recently found a record in a GED file (quite by accident. I was looking for a completely different family line.) showing Enoch KINDLE and Mary Ann FORD with a son named John T. KINDLE b. Jan 27, 1854. In Dec 1854 Enoch KINDLE m. Leah O'BRYANT in Fulton Co IL. They lived in OH and then in Neodasha, Wilson Co KS and eventually in Benton Co MO.

Were Enoch Kindle and Mary Ann Ford ever married? If so when and where? Divorced where? Or was John T. an illegitimate child? Is there someone in the family that can tell where this information about Enoch Kindle and Mary Ann Ford came from?

Judy Hoard
Author: twilson11@rocketmail.com
Subject: WILSON
Date: 06/24/1998
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Query: John WILSON m Lucy Elizabeth TOUSLEY 23 Apr 1878 in Noble Co IN. Lucy
was b 1 Mar 1854 in Noble Co IN d 30 Mar 1938 in Shelby OH but bur in
Sterling KS, supposedly with husband John - I have her obit.

They had at least 4 children: Blanche b 1879 & m Ellsworth FERRIS of
Shelby OH, Emma, Clyde, and Charles W.

Lucy grew up near Swan IN and in 1887 she & John moved to Neodosha,
In 1902 she/they moved to Sterling and lived on a farm of Dr W.E.
CURRIE in the South Ashland District. In 1911 she moved to CO (I
don't know if John was dead yet) and then she lived in Mt Grove MO
from 1920-1936 at which time she moved in with daug Blanche FERRIS in
Shelby OH where she died. The body was shipped back to Sterling KS
for burial.

I'm not sure if John is buried in Sterling (prob), Neodosha (poss), or
Colorado (questionable). I have no idea about their children.

Do any of you know these folks? John may be my ggguncle and Lucy is
the sister of my gggrandmother - the two families married brothers and
Author: Kenneth Baker
Subject: HITE
Date: 06/24/1998
Email: kdbaker@huntington.in.us
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Query: I would like to contact descendants of Douglas Hite who was an owner of the "The Fredonia Tribune."
Author: Gloria (Birlew) Hursey
Subject: WAY
Date: 06/24/1998
Email: Ghursey2@aol.com
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Query: Looking for any descendants of Benjamin Robert WAY. He married Clara Elizabeth BIRLEW 1887 in KS. Their children were:
1. Gordon married Violet Edna NAYLOR
2. Benjamin R., Jr. married Marian Nelda VANDOREN.
3. Herber O. married Margaret INGRAM

Will greatly appreciate hearing from anyone descended from this WAY family.

Gloria (Birlew) Hursey

Author: Gloria (Birlew) Hursey
Subject: Birlew
Date: 06/24/1998
Email: Ghursey2@aol.com
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Query: Looking for descendants of Robert & Tabitha BIRLEW. They lived in Dekalb Co., TN. prior to the Civil War. They were in KS. by 1862 and died shortly thereafter. The children lived in the Fredonia, KS. area. Children were:
1. Lafayette married John Anna Grace PEAY
2. Thomas married (unknown)
3. Mary Amanda married either Al PHILLIPS
4. Emeline married either ? WOODCOCK or Al
5. Charles A. married Ida Jane NEELY.

Please contact me if you have any information regarding this BIRLEW family and descendants. Thank you.

Gloria (Birlew) Hursey

Author: John M Maupin
Subject: Maupin , Milselige 1860-1900
Date: 06/24/1998
Email: milo@localaccess.com
Mailing address (optional): 515 East Pine
Centralia, Wa. 98531
Query: Need information on John T Maupin who married Elizabeth Milselige. They had 10 children, 6 were born in Wilson co. ks.
Author: Stephanie
Date: 06/21/1998
Email: MLayman250@aol.com
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Query: Jerome R. GREATHOUSE was born in 1857 in Fayette Co., IL. At age two, Jerome came with several members of the Greathouse and CRAIG families, including his parents (Warren Greathouse and Polly Craig), and grandparents (Windsor P. Craig) to Wilson Co., KS. Jerome married Sadie Millikin and they had four children: Hazel, Frances Ellen, Alice and Harold. Jerome died in 1945 and is buried in Coyville.
Author: Stephanie
Subject: Millikin
Date: 06/21/1998
Email: MLayman250@aol.com
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Query: Sadie (Sarah Alice?) MILLIKIN was a native of Hamilton, Ohio, born in the mid-1800's. I believe her father was Andrew Millikin. The family moved to Wilson County, KS, after the death of Sadie's mother. Sadie married Jerome R. GREATHOUSE (b. 1857, d. 1945) and they had four children, all born in Coyville: Hazel (born 1887), Frances Ellen "Frankie" (1890), Alice (1894) and Harold (1896).
Author: okchris@email.msn.com
Date: 06/18/1998
Email: okchris@email.msn.com Chris Hamilton Rt 2 Box 22 Beggs, OK 74421 9503
McCORMACK, Frank & Nancy DICKERSON had a son Lester Leo born 1913 in Wilson Co, KS married Mable HINES. Lester d. Wilson, KS in Apr. 1996. Is there an index of deaths? Can anyone help me with the 1920 census for Frank & family? Is there a marriage record lookup? Any help appreciated. Thanks Chris

Author: Chris
Date: 08/30/1998
Email: okchris@email.msn.com
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Query: {Dickerson is not the right name} I look for HINES and WELDY that married into the McCORMACK in Wilson Co. KS. Thanks Chris
Author: George Lowell
Subject: Lowell/Pritchard-1915
Date: 06/16/1998
Email: lowelljr@worldnet.att.net
Mailing address (optional):
5118 S. University Dr. Davie, FL 33328
Query: Looking for information on the decendants of a brief marriage between Loraine C. Lowell and Harriet May Pritchard ( Fredonia, Wilson County - 1915 )which produced a son Charles Pritchard Lowell. I am a grandson from Loraine's 3rd marriage.
Author: allen r hefner
Subject: james mc donough & bridget mcdonough
Date: 06/16/1998
Mailing address (optional):
10202 white ave clinton md 20735
Author: Jerri Barton
Subject: TAYLOR
Date: 06/10/1998
Email: bart@netsites.net
Mailing address (optional): R#5 Box 252-2 Tahlequah, OK 74464

Query:John TAYLOR bca 1848 IN, Came to Kansas with father Noah ca 1866, moved to Wilson Co ca 1904 and died in Neodesha 1919. Married to (1) Clementine Millis (2) Rosa Cooper. Some of his 18 children were William Oliver, Louisa Jane, Sarah Elizabeth,Harvey M, Margaret, Jason, Rubie, Ray, Bertha, Josephine, Jack, James M., Minnie, Johnny. Would like any information on the whereabouts of any of the children or wives.
Author: Bob Shepherd
Subject: Shepherd
Date: 05/30/1998
Email: Pdxpepper@aol.com
Mailing address (optional): 2537NE 47th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97213
Query: My great-great grandfather Adam A. Shepherd came to Wilson Co. Kansas in 1869 and died there in 1898. related names Neff, Sullivan, Thomas.I would appreciate help from anyone who has knowlege of him or his decendents.
Author: Jerry Houghton
Subject: Houghton
Date: 05/30/1998
Email: jkh6006@feist.com
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Query: I am interested in any links to the Wilson cnty (Altoona) Houghtons.
Author: Jack Brunton
Subject: DEPEW
Date: 05/24/1998
Email: jbrunton@adnc.com
Mailing address (optional):1710 Catalpa Rd. Carlsbad,CA 92009

Query: My great great grandparents DEPEW lived in Fredonia, Wilson County at the turn of the century and reportedly died there. They were Abraham Depew and his wife Elmina Darrow Depew. Elmina died around 1909, and Abraham died in about 1920. I'm trying to locate where they are buried, and from that possibly determine their parents names from the records. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
Jack Brunton
Author: Vickie Richardson
Subject: POE
Date: 05/15/1998
Email: VIZRichardson@worldnet.att.net

Mailing address (optional):

Query:Looking for info on Cecil POE b1918 in twnshp of South Cedar, lived in Buffville, Wilson Co,KS with parents Alex POE & Lulu WERT possibly only for a few years. Can anyone tell me if Buffville even exists anymore, or South Cedar.???
Author: Mary Lou Fournier
Subject: HEATH
Date: 05/01/1998
Email: mlf@halcyon.com
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Query: I am looking for death info on Daniel Alonzo Heath, who probably died 1869, in Clifton or Buffalo. Any help in locating cemetery records or obituaries. He was married to Anna Baber Heath and they had four children. Thanks for any help.
Author: Mary Ann Hanson
Date: 04/28/1998
Email: maise@continet.com
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Query: Hannah Jane and James Ross Douglass d. in Neodesha, Wilson Co. KS on 4 Dec 1885 and 2 Dec 1898, respectively. Where are they buried? Did any of their eight known children stay in the area?
Author: Mary E. Sullivan
Date: 04/18/1998
Mailing address (optional):

Query: Looking for information about JANE JOHNSON. She is buried in Neodesha. I know she died in 1922, but I'm looking for the date that she died. Also looking for the gravesite of her husband, NELSON JOHNSON. Jane was my great, great, grandmother. Thanks to anyone who has any information and would be willing to share.
Author: Susan Gibson
Date: 08/22/1998
Email: plaidkin@ix.netcom.com
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Looking for info for the following people/surnames; FLORENCE MARGARET JOHNSON, born June 24, 1917, Neodesha (?), Wilson County, Kansas. (my grandmother) married Owen S. Gibson of Cowley County, KS. Florence's parents were WILLIAM A. JOHNSON and RENA C. DAUGHERTY (?) of Neodesha.
Author: Sandy White Heinrich
Date: 04/17/1998
Email: sndyhnrch@aol.com
Mailing address (optional):
Gainesville FL
Query: Wilson County
My paternal grandparents Judson Eugene White and his wife Lenora Hillix White were living in Fredonia when their daughter Edna May was born, 1914. Lenora's mother ?Branson, was also in Fredonia. Lenora had half-siblings by the names of Branson. Judson and Lenora's children Ernest J (my father), Edna, James, George, Ruth, Goldina, and Don went to school in Fredonia. Judson died 1936 or 1937. Lenora died at Fort Dodge and was buried in Fredonia, Nov, 1972. The children had left Fredonia in the early 40's.

Any information will be greatly appreciated!!
Author: Paul Boling
Subject: Boling
Date: 04/10/1998
Email: pboling@hotmail.com
Mailing address (optional):207 E. Kay, Lansing, KS 66043

Query: GGrandfather: Charles Allen Boling (6-16-1854 - 7-16-1931) married Mary Ellen (9-10-1858 - 12-21-1940) As far as I know they originated in Neodesha, KS and moved to Bentonville, AR where he was a builder/carpenter. Both are burried there.
They had 9 children of which was my grandfather:
Paul Bennett (1-21-1891 - 5-29-46, a welder for the Standard Oil Co. in Wilson Co., KS, burried in Altoona, KS together with wife, Vivian Lovey Seem Boling (3-5-1891 - 3-28-1983). One son, Wayne, my father. I am seeking who Charles Allen's father was. No death certificate is on record in Arkansas.

Author: Barbara Yurkshat
Subject: COLAW - KIRK
Date: 04/18/1998
Email: Ms_Babu@juno.com
Mailing address (optional): 9620 Park Street,
Manassas, VA 20110
Query: I am seeking information about the families of my great-grandparents, Franklin Robert COLAW (b. 1873) and Lillie Belle KIRK (b. 1876) in Rest (Wilson Co) KS. I do not know when the families of "Papa Frank" and "Mama Lillie" arrived in KS. Supposedly they were married in Rest in 1896; my grandfather Robert Ray COLAW was born there the following year. Where might I find vital records, or any other information for Frank and Lillie? Thank you!
Author: V. LaFollette
Date: 04/03/1998
Email: Wblaf@aol.com
Mailing address (optional):1950 Sunvale
Olathe, Ks. 66062
Query: I am looking for info on JOHN KOONCE ( or spelled KOONS or COONS), a twin brother of my great-grand father, JAMES B. KOONCE. They were born in 1847 in Ohio. Per oral history, John moved to Fredonia, Ks in Wilson county in the late 1800's or early 1900's any info would be greatly appreciated.

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