Anslum Trimmell


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Anslum, Sarah & family The picture of Anslum and family was taken at their home near Coyville 1910.

Born: in Vermilion County, Illinois 10 November 1852
(Twin Brother Simeon)

Son of John J. and Clarissa <Mead> Trimmell
(John and Clarissa are buried in the Trimmell Cemetery, Coyville, Kansas)
John and Clarissa migrated to Wilson County in 1873, also.

Moved to Wilson County, Kansas -1873

Married Sarah Ann Dougherty - 06 December 1874 Neodesha, Wilson County, Kansas - Marriage performed by: T.A. Helmick

Died: Wilson County, Kansas 02 May 1923

Buried: Coyville City Cemetery
One of the most extensive stock dealers, feeders and shippers in Wilson County Kansas was the gentleman whose name introduces this personal sketch.   Widely known as such, he was a typical representative of this great industry.  This comes not from accident or adoption, but from growth, for he was with it and of it almost the entire period of his manhood.  To climb the ladder of success from the ground up is an achievement the province of but few men accomplish.  He had ambition, determination and final accomplishment rarely discovered.  At the age of 15 he felt that parental restraint was too severe for him and he ran away from home.  He started west and made his way for KANSAS, stopping first in Linn County among strangers.  He had no money but he was ambitious and he soon found employment.  His first steady job was in a stone quarry at $1.40 a day, getting out material for the construction of the MK&T railroad.  When he had $40.00 he wondered what he would do with so much money, never having anything like that sum at the same time.  This did not trouble him long for his rascally employer "cleared out" without paying him.   This left him worse then penniless for he was without a job and had past due rent.  He found other work, paid up all his bills and with some money in his pocket walked to Labette County seeking a better place. His employment there was somewhat miscellaneous his time divided between railroad work, well digging, farm labor and whatever else he could get to do that would yield him an honest dollar.  In 1870 he returned to Illinois and remained there until 1873 , in the company of his father he came to Kansas settling in Wilson County.  He took a claim at that time just across the line in Montgomery County, built a small house and in 1874 married Sarah Ann Dougherty.  Anslum and Sarah occupied the new house for 6 months, sold it and leased a tract of land near Neodesha.  He grubbed, cleared, tilled and resided there for 3 years. He rented another farm which he held for 2 years.  His efforts in business had up to this time been reasonably prosperous and he found himself with a little surplus money.  He decided to change locations and moved his family overland to Colorado.  He was disappointed with that state and at once returned to Wilson County, Kansas.  On coming back he rented a farm and after cultivating it for 2 years, purchased the place he had taken as a claim paying $200.00 for it.  Four years later he sold it for $1,600.00 and purchased 100 acres.  The purchase price of the 100 acres was $2,700.00 of which he paid $1,500.00 cash and financed the balance. Anslum & Sarah had 8 children. Rollie, John Charles, Judson, Ernest, Milton, Parris, Nellie and Lena.

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