Early Baseball Teams
Yates Center HS

Can you find your ancestor that played BB for Yates Center?

Yates Center BB Team of 1897
Top Row;
Claud Knight,Henry Stigher, Joe Marple, John Shurtleff. Porter Jackson, Ora Shurtleff
Bottom Row;
Guy Marple, Jas Brown, Walter Shenk, Oscar Va Cleave.

Yates Center Public School Athletic Asso. of 1893
Top Row:
P. McKisick (P), Jack Rogers (RF), Chas Sticher (FB), Maynard Evans (Mgr), Eal Gault (T.B.),
Art Fullington (sub), Art Flanders (G)
Bottom Row:
Claud Barnett (S.B.), Ralph Rankin (CF), Walter Shenk (LF), S. Adams (SS)

New York Valley BB Team
If you know who any of these young men are, please let me know!

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