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  1. ALLEN (Bill) Kansas City From: - Gary D. Barnes (Mar 30, 1998)
    looking for information on a Bill or William ALLEN who was born in Miller Co, MO. SOn of Leonard ALLEN. Born 1870 and died around 1920-1940 in KC, KS.
  2. ARMS (Shofield) born about 1869 to Elizabeth Ann Arms. Sallie Cotter Andrews (12/22/97)
  3. ALTRINGER of Wyandotte Co. (12/29/96)
  4. ANZICEK of Kansas City. (5/11/97)
  5. ARD of Elsmore. (5/14/97)
  6. ARMSTRONG of Kansas City. (2/3/97)

  7. BABCOCK (Jeremiah) to KC after 1870, from IL. J. Pointer, at (Dec 29 1996)
  8. BAITY (George "Thomas" Melina/Malinda M. Whitaker). From: - Janice Baity Patterson (Mar 22, 1998)
    William Henry BAITY ( Scotch-Irish) and Martha JONES are the parents of George T. BAITY who was born Jan. 1850 in Davie CO, NC. George and Mary left about 1876 from Davie Co Nc for Kansas. They had four children , Jimmie, Minnie and Robert Frank BAITY are buried in Labete Co., Parsons, Kansas. Where was Nina A. BAITY buried in 1941 ? Searching for family ties , pictures, and news from cousins. Thanks, Janice BAITY more information about Aunt Nina. Would like to hear from those who are familar with the BAITY name.
  9. BAKER of Kansas City. (9/23/96)
  10. BALDWIN (Clarence) of Bonner Springs. (5/11/97)
  11. BARBER (John Joseph & Minnie Ekizabeth KRAMER (Wilahminia)) Hornif. Rebecca Barber I am looking for information concerning John and Minnie's parents, brothers and sister and backwards. I have most of the information forward. (Apr 9 1998)
  12. BARGER, JOHNSON (Henry William & Susan Adelaide) married in TN 1866, moved to KS shortly thereafter, in Bonner Springs, Wyandotte,KS 1867-?. Sue Acuff, Lived in Muncie - Bonner Springs - Linwood area. Children: Lucy, George, Fred, Mary, Clara, Nan, Robert, Oscar, Frank. Would like to contact any descandants. I have some large photos on cardboard of my BARGERs by "Dampon Studio, Bonner Springs, KS": These include photos of my 2nd great-grandparents: Henry William (sometimes called William Henry or WH) BARGER b Aug 1848 Hamilton Co TN m Susan Adelaide JOHNSTON 24 Nov 1866 Bradley Co TN. Henry and Susan eloped after his return from serving in the Union army's Company B 5th Mounted Infantry. She was later disowned by her father for doing this. I believe that they moved to eastern KS shortly after their marriage in 1866. Henry and Susan are listed in 1900 C Prairie Twp, Wyandotte Co, KS. The photos that I have show them with all their children taken early in this century: Lucy, b Feb 1869 (m Charles Hudson OLIVER, her dod 1930s Linwood, Leavenworth,KS, she and her husband both buried Greater Chapel Cemetery, Muncie, Wyandotte, KS), George b 1881, Fred b 1885, Mary (m Will HERDMAN), Clara, Nan(m Elmer ?), Robert, Oscar, Frank b 1889 (was in Lansing St Prison for stealing copper wire from railroad, had twin sons). I believe BARGER descendants are still in the area, I just haven't rediscovered them! :-) Sue, Jacksonville Oregon (7/29/97)
  13. BARKER of Kansas City. (9/19/96)
  14. BARNETT of Kansas City. (12/10/96)
  15. BASEL (Charles & Wilhelmina (Minnie) KAROW) Argentine, KS. From: - Harriet Ross (Apr 12, 1998)
    Is there anyone who will look for a marriage record about 1900+. She was born 1884 in MO. He was born 1879 in WI. They moved to CA after the earthquake in 1906. Thank you!
  16. BECK, MENIFEE, MENEFEE. Looking for information on Ambrose Wade BECK. He married Laura MENIFEE (MENEFEE). They lived in Topeka, KS abt 1890-91. My grandmother, Emma Rebecca BECK was born in Topeka 30 Jun 1891. Ambrose BECK was born in Topeka 6 Feb 1893. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I believe Ambrose Wade BECK owned or ran a newspaper in Topeka. Cookie Carlson (Apr 13 1997)
  17. BEDSAUL. Susan Hedrick-Chaffin (01/01/97)
  18. BIZAL of Kansas City. Pete Majerle, (5/11/97)
  19. BIZAL of Kansas City (Strawberry Hill). (2/23/97)
  20. BLAZEK (Nellie Hazel; Mrs. Vicker; Mrs. Goforth). Randy Hunter (May 1997).
  21. BLUM(E) (Edward Frederick) to Wy Co about 1860 from St.Louis. Ed Blum, at (Dec 28 1996)
  22. BOHANNON (James T. and Alice STALEY) Kansas City, KS 1890-present. From: - Angela (BOHANON)Patton (Feb 17, 1998)
    searching for the parent info for James BOHANNON b.Feb 1855 married Alice (STALEY) b. Oct 1856. Together they had five children Frank, Jess, Bert, Alice and Leona. Jess married Hazel THORP and owned and operated several grocery stores in the area last known store Wilburn Supermarket. Bert married Ella THORP he retired as a yardmaster for Proctor & Gamble in 1958 after 47years. Alice married Emmet MARTIN. Leona I haven't any info for. Do you have any info regarding my family ancestors?
  23. BOWIE, Alexander (CAMP, Margaret) Wyandotte, KS. From: - Jack Bowie (Nov 5, 1997)
  24. BOWIE, William (FULLAM, Frances) Wyandotte, KS. From: - Jack Bowie (Nov 5, 1997)
  25. BOWLING (George D. and Ann) listed on June 11 1880 part of ward one Wyandott co of Wyandott Ks cencus. From: - Jo Davis (Jan 13, 1998)
    Am looking for BOWLING, George D. listed on June 11 1880 part of ward one Wyandott co of Wyandott Ks census. list his as age 43 a grocier born Tenn and also parents. Wife Ann age 45 also Tenn and parents also. Kids George 16 born Ks., Belle 14 Ks, John 10 Ks VOIGT, John 57 boarder born Prussia also parents. These people are connected with the WHITE family of Morgan co Tenna and also of Joseph WHITE of same and Macoupin co Ill. Would appreciate any help. Thank You. Jo Davis snail mail 2434 Trace Ave. Orlando, Fl 32809
  26. BRNIAK (Joseph and Mary WILK) Strawberry Hill. From: - Paul R Soptick JR (Dec 28, 1997)
    BRNIAK, WILK, SOPTICK, SOPTIC, NICHOLSON, NOVAC, LADISH, COY, ANZEK, among others, are branches to this tree.
  27. BRADLEY/BRADLY (Carroll, Martha, Carrie); MO,USA>Wyandotte County, KS, USA>WA, USA>CA,USA; 1873-1951. Bill Madden, at (01/01/97)
  28. BRITTON (Wiley), born 1842, was an officer in the Kansas Cavalry. He died on 14 Sep 1930 at the Old Soldiers Home in Leavenworth, Kansas. He is buried in the Mount Hope Cemetary, Kansas City, Kansas. Wiley BRITTON served in the 6th Kansas Cavalry. He also was a historical writer of some distinction at the time. His published works were: "The CivilWar on the Border," 2 volumes; "Pioneer Life in Southwest Missouri;" "The Indian Brigade in the Civil War;" "A Traveling Court;" The White Slavery, A Study of the Trade Union System;" "Aftermath of the Civil War;" and "Memoirs of the Rebellion on the Border." All volumes are in the Columbia Historical Library, Columbia, MO. (Kathy, from the Kansas Civil War page. (Jan 01 1997)
  29. BROCKELL family of Kansas City, 1900. Martin Brockell, (Jan 01 1997)
  30. BROTT of KC, KS. (3/7/97)
  31. BROWN of KC, KS. Linda Montoya (Jan 01 1997)
  32. BUKOVAC of Kansas City. (12/1/96)
  33. BURNS (Mary; Mrs Lewis Nero), 1970s. Lee Hart, at (Dec 16 1996)

  34. CAHILL of Kansas City. (11/5/96)
  35. CARLSON, Hannah. Does anyone know the name of an old cemetery in Wyandotte County, KS that is located at 5th and Quindaro? I'm looking for Hannah Carlson. She is my g-grandmother and supposedly is buried in that cemetery. thanks, CC. (5/5/97)
  36. CARLSON, ROBB, CHAMBERS. Looking for information on Clarence Thomas CARLSON, b 18 Oct 1903 in Kansas City, KS and Helen ROBB. They were married abt 1922. Their son was Robert Charles CARLSON, born 6 Jan 1928 in Kansas City, KS. He married Betty Jane CHAMBERS, b 18 Dec 1927. Any information would be appreciated. Cookie Carlson (Apr 13 1997)
  37. CARR (James - Susan THORPE) 1870. From: - Sunny Dean (Jan 13, 1998)
  38. CARROLL (WIlliam, Elizabeth ? and Jane ?) Kansas City From: - Gary D. Barnes (Mar 30, 1998)
    looking for information on a William CARROLL who was born in Tipperary IRE and moved in abt 1844 to Canada. Possibly son of Patrick CARROLL and Ellen CANTILON. Born 1817 and died around 27 MAt 1875 Leavenworth, KS.
  39. CARROLL of Rosedale (Kansas City). (5/12/97)
  40. CARROLL of Argentine & Topeka. (4/12/97)
  41. CLARKE, BRIDGES. Looking for help on Mary Ann CLARKE, originally from Johnson County, who married a man named BRIDGES in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, in early 1940's. She had two children, a daughter DeeAnn, and a son, Daniel, prior to 1950. Husband may have left in 1950's. Any help would be appreciated. Steven A. Bridges (Apr 8 1997)
  42. CLARY of Wyandotte Co. (10/7/96)
  43. COFFMAN, MILLER of Shawnee Township/1893. 8 of the 13 children were found on the 1900 census. Edna Youngblood, (7/11/97)
  44. CONDON (Walter) of Wyandotte County. (8/03/96)
  45. COOK. Susan Hedrick-Chaffin (1/1/97)
  46. COOK of Edwardsville. (1/14/97)
  47. CUMBIE (Orville, Frances WOOLERY) From: - Don Cumbie (Jan 18, 1998)
  48. CUPPS of Ottawa (not in WY co). (2/3/97)
  49. CURRAN of Wyandotte Co. (8/12/96)
  50. CURTH (Charles; Annie Smith) Morris, KS, from 1892 on. From: - Debbie Axtman (Feb 17, 1998)
    Looking for any information on the Curth family, who lived in Argentine and also in Morris, KS. Annie, the mother died between 1895 and 1899. Son, Will Curth, had a farm in Argentine. Any information on this family is appreciated. Debbie Axtman
  51. CURTIN of Kansas City. (12/31/96)

  52. DAVIDSON family of Kansas City, KS & Wyandotte County. (8/12/96)
  53. DAVIS, Andrew A. (1844-1906) Biography (3/20/98)
  54. Henry Stephen DEAN (Minnie Maud PRATHER) Argentine, Wyandotte Co., KS 1899. From: - Cynthia G. Dean (Oct 23, 1997)
  55. DELANEY (William F.; Hannah L. DOODY) Kansas City; 1880's. From: - Diane Provencio (Jan 2, 1998)
    William F. DELANEY married Hannah L. DOODY, 9 Jan 1889 at St. Mary's Church, Kansas City, KS. Have information on DOODY line, am seeking information on DELANEY line.
  56. DERCHER of Kansas City. Pete Majerle, (5/11/97)
  57. DOODY (David Joseph; Mary Elizabeth CLARK/CLARKE) Kansas City; early 1880's to about 1895. From: - Diane Provencio (Jan 2, 1998)
    David Joseph DOODY married Mary Elizabeth CLARK/CLARKE, 20 Nov 1888, by Judge of Wyandotte County. David DOODY lived in area from the early 1880's (in 1883 was a resident of Kansas City, Missouri). David had a sister, Hannah L. DOODY who married William F. DELANEY, 9 Jan 1889, St.Mary's Church, Kansas City, KS. I have information on both the DOODY line and the CLARK/CLARKE line, no information on DELANEY. I would like to hire a researcher for Kansas City, KS and MO. Would appreciate recommendations of researchers. Thank you.
  58. DOODY. David Joseph Doody of Wyandotte county married Mary Clark (Clarke) of Jackson county, Mo on 20 Nov 1888. They were married by R. P. Clark, Probate Judge of Wyandotte County, KS (relative??). David Doody was a resident of Jackson County, Mo. in 1883. Looking for 1885 records. Diane Provencio (Sep 21 1997)
  59. DOWNS of Wyandotte Co. (1/15/97)
  61. DUBOIS. Susan Hedrick-Chaffin (Jan 1 1997)
  62. DUGAN (Thomas E and Georgia B) Kansas City . Looking for Thomas E. Dugan (born in Kentucky(?) 1890(?) moved to Kansas prior to 1916). Worked for the Union Pacific RR on the Marysville-Kansas City run as an engineer. Spouse: Georgia B. Bivens(?) died and Thomas remarried and then moved to Kansas City I believe. They had 6 or 7 children: William K. born in Coon Hollow, KY, Josephine and Bernadine (twins), Cecilia J., Tommy,Jr., Rosmary, and one that died as a child. Thomas, Sr., Tommy, Jr., and William all worked for the Union Pacific RR. Any information or suggestions of where to look appreciated!! Thank you. PJS (Sep 25 1997)
  63. DYCHE. Sandra E. Wyman, Jun 16 1997
    Found picture of Laurence DYCHE in antique shop in Richmond, IL. Would love to return to his family/descendants. Picture was taken at the Woodall Studio, 744 Central Ave., KCK. Also written on the picture is "graduation". Please e-mail:

  64. ELLIOTT (Isaac Tipton, son of John C.), born kc 4/5/65 died greeley co, buried kc sometime after Jan 19 1908. would like obit and birth info, his father John C. Elliott, sedgwick co 1900c. mother Cathrine (ALKIRE) Elliott, Cloud Co 1900 c. I have info on siblings and spouses etc. Isaac's son, my father, born frankfort, marshall co June 20 1897. other children: born marysville james leroy elliott, atchinson agnes kath. blateman, marshall co beulah, josephine [train orphan] died 1902 frankfort,ks. i truly thank you for your assistance, sincerely, roland elliott (Sep 25 1997)
  65. ELLIOTT (JOHN C., ISAAC TIPTON), DOBBINS, ELDER KC 1860-90. From: - Roland Elliott (Jan 15, 1998)
  66. EVERETT of Bonner Springs. (12/98 update)

  67. FAITH. Susan Hedrick-Chaffin (Jan 1 1997)
  68. FISCHER (Andreas Christian , wife's maiden name unknown) Kansas City, 186? to 189? . I am trying to find out Andreas Christian Fischer's (believe he went by Chris or Christian) wife's Maiden name, her place of birth, and their date of marriage. I'd also like to know what his occupation was. Lucy Escue, or at (Oct 1, 1997 - 09:18)
  69. FORD (Charles James Gertrude McElhaney) Born in Kansas City, KS on July 25,1896. From: - Rod Skinner (Feb 7, 1998)
    I am looking for dates, ancestors and family of Charles James FORD b. 7/25/1896 in Kansas City, KS. He married Gertrude McElhaney WILSON on 3/20/1929 in OK.
  70. FRATZEL (Anthony and Norma HUNTER) Kansas City Kansas. From: - Shelly Fratzel-Ott (Dec 7, 1997)
    I'm looking for any kind of information regarding the above name. TIA
  71. FRAZIER (Robert FRAZIER and Margaret L. ROUTH) Kansas City. From: - Joyce (Routh) Willhoit (Apr 11, 1998)
    I am searching for information on Robert FRAZIER b 10 Sept 1862, died 11 Jan 1937. On 17 April 1877, he was married by John W. Fitch, MG (Book "B", page 100 Dallas Co MO Marriages) to Margaret L. ROUTH b 20 Dec 1860 died 10 Sept 1946 in Kansas City. They had five children (no information). Margaret, dau of John C. ROUTH b. 1827 Grainger Co TN and MARY SMITH. Margaret's nine siblings were: Lum Christopher ROUTH (1873-1922). James "Jim" Thomas ROUTH (1872-1922). Drucilla Mandy ROUTH (1869-1936). Sarah Francis ROUTH (1864-1944). LaVone or LaVena Elizabeth ROUTH (b 1855). George ROUTH. William Henry ROUTH (1859-1924). Francis Marion ROUTH (1849-1923). Martha Caroline ROUTH (1848-1914). Any information on the descendents of these families would be greatly appreciated.
  72. FRISBIE. Susan Hedrick-Chaffin (Jan 1 1997)
  73. FRYE, FRY, FREY. 1879- in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. (4/20/97)

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