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Wyandotte County cemetery locations
  1. Barker - Pomeroy, between Barker Tank Farm and Seigler Orchard, east of Wyandotte County Lake and N 78th Street
  2. Bethel I.O.O.F., 79th and Leavenworth Road
  3. Bonner Springs, Sheidly and Metropolitan
  4. Brune Marshall, 61st and Yecker
  5. Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, 701 N 94th, 66112 (south of State Avenue); 913 334-3366
  6. Connors City/Wolcott, Hutton Road W I-435
  7. Edwardsville, 104th Street
  8. Griffith - Vance, 6775 Leavenworth Road
  9. Grinter, 78th and Swartz
  10. Highland Park, 38th and State Avenue
  11. The Huron cemetery, 7th and Minnesota
  12. Maple Hill, 34th and Shawnee Drive
  13. Maywood, 112th and Parallel
  14. Memorial Park, 18th and I-635
  15. Mt. Calvary, 38th and State Avenue
  16. Mt. Hope, 34th and Parallel Parkway
    • Soft cover book available from Wyandotte County Gen Society for $29.00 plus tax if in KS
  17. Oak Grove, 3rd and Waverly
    • Soft cover book available from Wyandotte County Gen Society for $24.50 plus tax if in KS
  18. Pleasant Ridge - Douglas,
    I-435 and Leavenworth Road
  19. Potters Field, 1600 N 94th Street
  20. Quindaro Township, 38th & Parallel Parkway
    • Soft cover book available from Wyandotte County Gen Society for $8.75 plus tax if in KS
  21. Old Quindaro City, 34th and Sewell
  22. Riverview, Stillwell Road west of Loring Drive, Bonner Springs area
  23. Sailor Drake, 69th and Donahoo Road
  24. St. John's, 36th and State Avenue
    • Soft cover book available from Wyandotte County Gen Society for $16.00 plus tax if in KS
  25. St. Patrick's, 94th and State
  26. Shawnee Township, 55th and Edgehill
  27. Stony Point Christian Church, 149 S 78th Street between Riverview & Richland
    • Merle Hotujac, 913 788-7446, has the records on who was buried there.
  28. Sunset Gardens, 3400 N.12th
  29. Westlawn, 38th and Orville
  30. Delaware White Church, N 85th and Parallel
  31. Woodlawn, 9th and Lafayette
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