Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. - 1861-1865. Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.

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1st Regiment
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First Regiment Kansas Volunteers - Infantry

Some names appear more than one time in the same listing. The letter(s) following the name indicate the regiment and how many times the name appears, and are a link to the extractions of the regiment listing.

Since the names are not in alphabetical order in the listing, you will probably want to use your browser's "find" command to locate the surname on the web page.

Abbey, Alverton A, A
Abbot, Charles D
Adalgo, Francisco G
Adams, John G. D, D, New D
Adamson, Robert N. Non Commissioned, E, E
Aguiel, Camille K
Ahern, Philip C
Alden, John P. B, B
Allen, Joseph W. F, F, F
Allen, Michael H, H, New B
Allen, Richard New D
Amerine, Frederick A, A
Amsden, Jared R. A, A
Anacker, Charles K
Ananny, Patrick H. F, F
Anderson, Isaac New D
Andre, William G, G
Angell, Andrew J. G, G
Angline, John C, C
Anshutz, Scott Non Commissioned
Ardiff, Mark H
Armes, Joel F
Arnold, Jacob F, F, New D
Ashenbrenner, Fred D
Asher, Lewis G
Atchinson, Simon F, F, F
Atchison, Simon F
Atkins, Edward G
Aushutz, Scott G, G
Bacco, Elijah K, K, New D
Baechle, Fritz I
Bailey, Charles A, A, New D
Bailey, Mahlon Field and Staff, Field and Staff
Baker, Daniel B. G, G
Baldwin, Isaac D
Bamgarter, George Regimental Band
Banker, William G, G
Bard, Andrew D
Barker, Rinaldo A. K, K, K, K
Barland, Richard B
Barnes, William C. E, E, E, E, E, E
Barnhill, Thomas H
Barret, James New B
Barrett, James C, H
Bart, Frederick H
Bartles, Theodore B, B
Bartlett, Orson B, B, B
Battis, Andrew J. Non Commissioned
Battise, Andrew J. B, B
Bauer, Adolph K
Bauer, Adolphe K, K
Baxter, John L. A, New B
Beach, Calvin G. G, G, G, G
Bean, James C
Beardsly, Henry D. A, A
Beck, William H.H. Regimental Band
Becker, Francis I, I, I, I
Becker, Frederick A, A
Beems, Charles G
Beeson, Richard D
Behne, Thomas I
Behne, William I
Belknap, Ira Non Commissioned, I, I
Belknapp, Ira New D
Bender, Peter K
Benedict, Ernst E
Bennett, James D
Bennett, Samuel G. C, C
Bentley, Creed New B
Bentley, Ellis E. D
Benton, Cartis M. K
Benton, Charles B. D
Benton, Curtis M. H, H, K, K
Benton, Mark New B
Berger, Henry I
Berry, Young I
Bhene, William D
Bisbee, William H. G, G
Bishop, Frederick H, H, H
Bishop, John E, E, New D
Bissman, George F, F
Bittman, Charles I
Black, Franklin G
Blake, James E. G
Blakey, John F. New B, New B
Boehme, Charles I
Boehme, Charles F. I, I
Boehme, Frederick I
Boehme, Henry I
Boernstein, Cornelius K
Boggs, William E
Boiloin, Nicholas E
Bond, George New B
Booth, Lucius C. A, A
Bortt, Frederick E
Bowen, Patrick C
Bowles, William C
Bowman, Cyrus B
Bowman, Jacob A
Bowyer, Felix J. K, K
Boyd, Andrew New B
Boyle, Henry B
Boyles, Benson G
Brachos, Ferdinand D
Bradbury, Elias R. K
Bragg, Francis M. B, B, New B
Brandaway, James K. New B
Branden, Janes F
Brandt, Caesar I
Brandt, Reinhold I
Brannon, John C, C, C
Brannon, Patrick E, E, E
Bransfield, Michael H, H, H, H
Brecheisen, William New B
Breckheisen, William F
Breckheissen, William F
Brendt, Ferdinand Regimental Band
Brennan, John H
Brenniman, Levi W. D, D
Brick, Thomas B
Briscol, Joseph F
Brocklesby, William D, D
Broggs, Casper K
Brophy, Maurice A. G, G, G
Brown, Allen H, H
Brown, Alonzo J. G, G, G, G, G, H
Brown, Daniel H. E
Brown, Franklin New D
Brown, George C. B, B, B
Brown, M. DeLafayette New D
Brown, Samuel H, New B
Browning, Elijah New B
Browning, Elisha B H, H
Brunke, Christian I, I, I
Bryan, Robert A. G
Bryan, Thomas C
Buchecker, Thomas F. F, F
Buckendorf, Peter H
Buckley, John C
Buckley, Timothy E
Buddington, George E. Field and Staff
Bumgarter, George K
Burdoin, Joseph I
Burke, James A
Burland, Richard B
Burnham, Dewitt C. G, G
Burton, Charles E. D, D, D, D
Burton, Nelson A
Burton, Nelson J. A
Burvenick, Andrew A, A
Busby, Isaac R. D, D, New D
Bush, Cyrus Z H, New B
Butler, John G
Butler, William H. G
Byron, Thomas C, E, E, New B
Cain, Peter C,C, New D
Cairns, Patrick H. New D, New D
Callaghan, Daniel C
Callaghan, Timothy H
Callahan, James, Jr. F
Callahan, James, Sr. F
Callahan, Michael B
Cameron, Archibald F,H, H, H, H, New B, New B, New D
Camp, William S. D
Campbell, Robert E, E
Camps, William S. B
Canovan, William C
Canter, Adolph E, E, E, E
Cardnell, George W. F
Cardwell, Justin A. F
Carey, John A, A, New B
Carey, Luke H, H
Carlisle, William J. B
Carney, Thomas H, New B
Carothers, Andrew N. New D
Carran, Robert A
Carrett, Charles F. Field and Staff
Carrol, James C
Carroll, William A
Carter, Asbury G. B, G, G, G
Carter, Bernard E
Carthur, George F
Case, Reuben G
Casey, Hugh F
Casey, Joy F
Casey, William H
Cassidy, Peter C
Castello, Dennis B, B
Casterline, Elias D
Casterline, James D
Caswell, William H. G
Catt, Joseph E
Cavanaugh, Thomas C
Cavenaugh, Michael H
Centro, Alexander Regimental Band, H, H
Champagne, Joseph I
Champaigne, Joseph New B
Chapin, George H. Field and Staff
Chase, Abner D
Chase, Dana B. New D
Cheevers, Russell C
Chenoweth, Bernard P. A
Clark, William O. D, D, D
Clary, John M. F
Clay, Henry G
Clements, William I
Clemmons, Velmoor E. B
Clemmons, Velmoore E. B, B
Clifford, Michael B, New B
Cockrell, John H. G, G, New D
Coker, Edward E
Cole, Horace D, D, D
Cole, John W. K
Cole, Joseph G, K
Cole, William H. New B
Coleman, James E. E
Collett, Thomas B. D
Collins, Bernard C
Collins, Daniel B
Collins, John A, A
Collins, Patrick B, B
Collins, Thomas K
Collis, James C
Colory, John F
Colt, Joseph A
Colton, Robert M. H, H
Combs, John I
Comstock, Henry E, E, New B
Comstock, James E
Conkle, John New D
Conley, George G. G
Conley, Michael A, New B
Conlon, James C, C, C
Connelly, Michael A
Connory, John B
Conradi, Gustavus I
Cook, William C, C, New B
Cooper, Dick D
Cooper, Henry F
Cooper, James New B
Cooper, William F, New B
Corbit, James C
Corcoran, John B, H
Cormonious, William E
Corsey, William E. C
Cotter, John B
Cottrell, Moses New B
Coughlin, John F, F, New D
Cowan, James H. E, E, E, E
Cowley, Jeremiah H
Cown, James H. E
Cox, Thomas H. G
Coyne, Patrick C, C
Crabtree, Thomas New D
Cretin, Joseph E, E, New B
Crohan, Patrick C
Croughan, Patrick B
Crowley, Jeremiah B, H, New D
Culline, Patrick C
Cumbo, James E
Cummings, Lucius B. F
Cunningham, George E
Curry, William G. G
Curtis, Benjamin P. A, A, A
Curtis, William H. H. K
Curtois, James C, C, New B, New B
Cusick, Joseph New D
Cussick, Joseph C, C, E, E
Custer, George I
Custer, John I
Daily, Peter C
Dalles, John D
Damerest, James H. E
Dance, Michael C
Daniels, James I
Daub, Frederick F
Dauphin, Charles D. I
Davis, Henry A
Davis, J. H. K
Davis, Patrick C, C, C
Davis, Robert H
Davison, George E
Davison, Reese K
Deameron, George W. New D
Dean, John M. F, F, F
Dearson, William T. New D
DeGraff, William H. G
Deitzler, George W. Field and Staff
Delarue, Nicholas, D
Delph, John S. F
Demming, Frederick A
Dennison, Dewitt C. B
Denny, Thomas M. F, F
Denton, Isaac K
Devine, George N. A
Dickens, Max C
Dickenson, Martin H. Field and Staff, H, H, K
Dickinson, George A. F
Dilworth, George M. Non Commissioned, G, G, H, H, H
Dixon, John E, E, New B
Dnahue, Daniel New D
Dobbs, Daniel B. New D
Dodd, Isaac M. New B
Dodd, Isaac N. H
Dolan, John H
Dolan, Peter D
Dole, William New B
Dollarhide, Jesse F
Donahoe, Daniel B, C, E, H, H
Donahoe, James H
Donohoe, Edward E
Donovan, Michael H
Donovan, William E
Dorman, James A
Dougherty, James C
Dougherty, James T. K, K
Dougherty, Nicholas C
Dougherty, William P. New D, New D
Dow, Daniel H. F, F, F
Dreher, John I
Drenning, Frank H. A, A
Dresback, Antoine K
Dressel, Charles I, I, I
Dudley, Sidney F, F
Duerr, Ferdinand I
Duerr, Frederick I
Dunn, Hugh D, D
Dunn, Thomas H
Dupskie, Ferdinand K
Dwire, John New D
Dwire, William New D
Dwyer, John E
Dwyer, Thomas Non Commissioned, C, C
Dwyer, William C, C, E, E
Dyer, John W. B, B, B
Dywer, John E
Earl, William H. D, D, D, D, D, D, New D
Easterbrook, Simon A. A, A, A
Eaton, Frank B. D
Eaton, John New D
Eaton, William V. D
Eaves, Milton W. E
Eccles, Thomas J. New B
Eckhart, Otto I
Edie, John S. F, F
Egan, Joseph H
Eiser, Gustavus I
Elliott, Joseph B
Elliott, Robert H
Ellis, Henry H
Ellis, William C
Emmons, David B
Englehardt, Conrad New B
Englehardt, Conrado A
English, John A H
Erwin, Alphonso T. E
Erwin, James K, K
Evans, Daniel C
Evans, Jeremiah G
Evans, Lemuel D, D
Evans, Ransom E
Eves, Milton W H, H, H
Fabricius, Otto F
Fabricius, Otto F. I, I
Faeenbacker, Mark A
Fairall, John B, B
Fairbanks, Henry J. B, B
Fairbanks, Newton P. F
Fairchild, George A. K
Fairfield, Malcom E. F
Farrell, Edward A, A, New D
Faugman, John I
Feely, Thomas A
Feely, William B H, H
Fillweber, Charles I
Finnel, Patrick C
Finney, Henry H, New B
Fisher, Charles M. G
Fisher, John G
Fitzgerald, Michael E, E, G, G, G, New D
Fitzgerald, Patrick B, B, B, B
Fitzmaurice, Morris E, E
Fitzmorris, Oliver J. C
Fitzpatrick, James E, E, E, E, H, New B
Fitzpatrick, Philip C, New B
Fleming, John New B
Flemming, David B
Flemming, John A, A
Fletcher, William E. D
Flood, Michael H, H
Florence, William H, H
Folsom, George H. G
Foltz, Asa D
Ford, Christopher H. A, A, A
Ford, George W. D
Ford, William W. G
Formowski, Albert F, F, I, I
Forstner, Alexander I, I
Foster, James C K
Foster, William A
Fox, Alexander H, H
Fox, Benjamin F
Fox, Thomas A
Foz, Benjamin I
Frank, Charles I
Frank, Henry I
Frederick, Armil G
Fredriskie, Fred C
Fredriskie, Frederick C
Free, Alexander New B
Free, John New D
Freeman, Aaron New B
Freeman, Michael F
Fricker, Charles B
Fricker, Frederick B
Friedburg, Morris C
Friend, Asa G
Fritton, Charles F. F
Fultz, Abraham F
Funk, Abraham G, G, G, G, G
Gaffeny, William C, C, E, E, New B
Gallagher, Hugh D, New D
Gallagher, Patrick I
Gallaway, Almarin New B
Gannon, James C, C, C, C
Gardner, Edward E, E
Gardner, Thomas C, C, C, H, H, New B, New B
Garno, George W. B, B
Garrett, Charles F. Non Commissioned, F, F
Garrett, Griffin B
Gass, Benjamin H
George, Benjamin F, F, F, F, New D, New D, New D
George, Simon F
Gerrilsh, Frank K
Gibbons, Hugh B, New B
Gibbons, Richmond New B
Gibbony, Francis C
Gibson, Richmond A
Giles, Milford C. F, F
Gill, Patrick C
Gilliford, Joseph F, F, F,F
Gilligan, James D, New D
Gilliland, William D
Gitterie, John C
Gitterie, Nicholas C, C
Gladden, William R. B, G
Godlipt, Ferdinand K
Goff, Michael P. C
Goldthorp, Joseph W. F, F
Good, Robert B
Gordon, John M. E
Gorman, Martin H
Gornert, Joseph E
Gorrigon, John B
Gotleib, Ferdinand New B
Gotzkow, Edward I, I
Grady, Thomas B, B, B
Graham, G. L. F
Grant, Alexander C
Graves, Jesse D
Gray, Joseph D
Green, George B. Non Commissioned, G, G
Green, Patrick C
Griffin, Garrett C
Griffin, Henry E
Griffith, Robert V. K
Grimm, Francis J. K
Gross, Christian W. G
Grubber, Martin C
Gruber, Alexander E, New B
Gruber, Martin C,New D
Gruber, Samuel M. E
Grund, Christian I
Guinon, Daniel K, K
Gunther, Frank E
Hager, Peter J. K
Haines, Joseph B. D, New D
Halderman, John A. Field and Staff
Haley, James B, New B
Halliday, William S. B
Halpin, Michael C
Hamilton, Douglas H, H, H
Hamilton, James B, B, B, C, New B, New B
Hamilton, John D
Hamilton, John H H
Hammock, Lewis E. New D
Hammond, Thos. R. H
Hancock, Charles G. D, D
Hand, Thomas D
Hanni, Rudolph K
Hannibal, Andrew H
Hannon, John C, C
Hannon, Maurice C
Hansford, Hiram A. New D
Haradeon, Andrew New D
Hare, Thomas F
Harper, Charles W. F, F, F, New B, New B
Harper, Robert D
Harradeon, Andrew E, E
Harris, Sylvester B. F, F
Harrison, Charles T. G,G
Hart, Henry P. G
Hart, Peter E. E, E, E, New B
Hartgrove, Charles G. A
Hartman, John H. New D
Hartung, Conrad I
Harvey, Austin M I, New B
Hassett, Edward B. New D, New D
Hastings, Thomas E, E, New D
Hawber, Leonard I
Hawk, Herman E
Hay, Frank P. I, New B
Hay, Halden E, E, New B, New B
Hayes, Homer F
Hayes, Thomas B
Haynes, John H, H
Hays, Michael E
Hazelwood, Walter H, H, H
Heflinger, Henry New D
Heiter, Jacob F
Hemerith, Gotleib G
Hendelong, John G
Henderson, Michael H
Henry, Brian B
Henry, John A. Field and Staff, Non Commissioned, G, New B, New B, New D
Henson, Andrew J. D, D, D, D, New D
Hepworth, Jeremiah G, G, K
Hershey, Quincy A. A
Hester, John B
Heudelong, John G
Hickey, Patrick H, H, New D
Hicklin, John G
Hicks, Columbus V. New B
Higgins, Michael C
Higgins, Thomas A, New B, New B
Hill, Thomas Regimental Band, K
Hill, William I, I, New D
Hiller, Henry K
Himan, William New D
Hinck, Henry D, D, D, New D
Hinckley, Reuben G, G
Hines, George W. D, D, New D, New D
Hinman, David G. Non Commissioned, D, D
Hipp, Leopold F
Hirst, Leon B. A
Hitzemann, John I
Hoehl, Gotthardt I, I, I
Hoffman, Frederick I
Hoffman, Joseph I
Hoffsommer, Henry I
Hogan, Dennis G
Hogan, Edward H
Holbush, William S. G
Holley, Charles F
Holliday, William S. C
Hoover, William New D, New D
Hopkins, John W. E
Hosstetter, George W. I
Hovan, John H, H
Howard, Charles J. New B
Howard, Henry M H, H, H, H
Howd, Samuel B. A, New B
Howell, Richard A. A
Hubart, Frederick I
Hubert, Frederick I, I, I, I
Huggins, John G
Hughes, John W. New D
Hughes, Robert L. A
Hughes, Thomas D
Hugins, John New B
Huner, James Non Commissioned
Hunt, William K
Hunter, James D
Hunter, Thomas F. K, K, K
Hunter, Waring F, F, F
Hussey, Martin I
Huston, John M. K
Hutt, George W. K, K, K, K, K
Huxoll, Frank D
Ingersoll, George R. B, B
Innis, Alexander E, E
Irwin, Alphonso T. E
Irwin, Benjamin C, C
Irwin, Benjamin F. New D
Jackson, Alfred T. A, A, A, A, New D
Jackson, Thomas H. G
Jacobs, William A
Jaeckel, Herman K, K
Jail, William A
Jamison, Alexander E
Janes, Henry C. E
Janes, Winfield S. E
Jennings, Henry W. B
Johnson, Alexander New B
Johnson, Andrew D
Johnson, Charles F. E, E
Johnson, Daniel N. F
Johnson, DeWitt C H, H
Johnson, Edwin S. G
Johnson, James E
Johnson, John B, B
Johnson, John F. F, New B
Johnson, Richard R. G
Johnson, William B
Johnson, William H. F
Johnson, William M. New B
Johnson, William S. New D
Jolley, Theophilus E
Jolly, Theophilus E
Jones, Levant L. F
Jones, Richard F. D, F
Jones, Thomas E
Jones, Wilson H
Josephs, Peter A. A
Kaine, James New B
Kaltz, Michael K
Kane, Dennis C
Kane, James C, C, C
Kasperski, George I, I
Kearns, Patrick C
Keenan, Timothy C
Keepence, George F, F, New B
Keggs, Franklin New D
Keiffer, Lorenzo M. K
Keiffer, Lorenzo M. K
Keith, George K
Keller, Antoine K
Kelley, John A K
Kelly, James D, D, H, New D, New D
Kelly, John C
Kelly, John A. New B
Kelly, Patrick G
Kelly, Peter C
Kelly, Samuel New D
Kennedy, Daniel R. New B
Kennedy, Michael F
Kennedy, Milton D, D, D, D, D, New D
Keough, James K
Kerr, Thomas C
Kestel, John A
Ketner, James Field and Staff, G, K
Kett, Jeremiah E
Kettelgerdes, Henry A, A
Kettlegereds, Henry New B
Kiernan, Thomas F
Kile, Valentine Non Commissioned, E, E, E
Killen, Daniel B
Killen, John B
Killian, Peter I
Killilea, Michael C
Kimball, John A
Kiness, Henry K
King, Charles Field and Staff
King, Erastus New B
King, Erastus S. E
Kinkaid, Eli T. D, D, D, D
Kinkaid, Joseph D
Kintzle, Christopher K
Kirwin, Michael G, K
Kizer, Jacob S. New D
Kline, Christian G,G
Knapp, Lindsey E, E, E
Knauber, Adam F
Knoblock, Philip B, B, B
Knowlton, Manley D
Knupfer, George I
Koch, Bartholomew I
Koehler, Fredrick F
Koehler, Louis F, F
Kollatz, Robert Regimental Band
Kotz, John I
Kousserow, Frederick I
Kreiger, August B
Krengel, John I
Kroll, Theodore I, I
Kronk, Jacob N. K
Kurth, Andrew I
Kurth, John I
Lackey, James M. F, F
Lakey, Thomas E
Lamb, Edward C
Lancaster, Benjamin F. C, C, E, E, New D
Landenberger, Carl K
Landis, Henry K
Lane, Westley H
Lantz, John G
Lareaux, Henry G
Lattin, George W. E, E, New D
Lawess, Patrick H
Lawler, John A
Lawler, Martin B
Lawless, Patrick H
Lawrence, Noah N. Non Commissioned, D
Learnard, Oscar E. Field and Staff
Lechiff, Daniel H
Lee, John H, H
Lee, Thomas B, B, B
Leisner, Herman H, H, New D
Lempke, Henry I, I, I
Lender, Richard D. I
Lenhart, Charles F
Lennox, Henry H
Leslie, Henry H. E
Liddle, James A, A
Lieard, James G. F
Light, John F
Linderman, George K
Lindley, Joseph M K
Lindner, Charles I, I
Lindsay, Charles H H
Linnihan, Patrick B
Litchfield, Lewis T. D
Livingston, Edward E. C
Lloyd, William B, B
Lonergon, John H
Longworth, John A
Looman, Richard F
Lorenzen, Henry I
Love, Lewis D
Lowry, James M. G
Lucas, Marshall B. F
Lucas, William L. K, K, K
Lucey, Patrick A, New B, New B
Lueey, Patrick A
Luetzens, Frederick I
Lungren, Peter A. F
Luther, Alfred J. A, A
Lybarger, George D, D, New D, New D
Lynch, Mark G, New B
Lynch, Mathew D, New D
Lyon, Peter K, K
Lyons, Peter New B
Maben, Andrew J. H
Mack, Michael B, B, B, B, B
Mack, Michael H. New B
Madden, Michael F
Made, Michael New B
Magens, George B. D, D
Mahan, James F, F, F
Mahn, Frederick K
Mahon, James F, New D
Mahon, Thomas B
Mahoney, James F
Mahoney, Jeremiah H, H
Mahoney, Kean B
Maid, Michael G
Mallory, Jonston B. A
Malone, Hugh C, C
Malone, Mathew C, C
Malone, Patrick B
Manard, John A, A
Manning, Abraham K
Marcott, George E, E, New D
Marmin, Thomas E, E, E, New D
Marshall, Elarg. L. C
Marshall, John F, F, New D
Marshall, Mathias H, H, H
Marshall, William E. New D
Martin, Joseph W. K, K, K, New B
Martin, Thomas W. D
Martin, William C. K, K, K
Mason, William E
Matlock, Daniel C. New B
Mattern, George E, New B
May, Adam K
May, Pierce G
Mayer, John C I
McBride, James K
McBride, Patrick H
McCallum, William E
McCann, Simpson New D
McCartney, William A
McCarty, Hugh D. G, G
McCarty, Lawrence H, H
McCarty, Thomas D, New D
McClatchey, William G
McClelland, Henry S. G, G
McClennon, Luther K
McClernin, Patrick K
McClosky, Thomas W. K, K
McClosky, Thos. W K
McCoach, John D, D, D, New D, New D, New D
McConaghy, James D
McCook, Daniel H
McCormick, Charles G
McCormick, Joseph C
McCreary, George C. A,A, New B
McCullough, Edward C
McDermot, James B. A
McDermott, James B. A, New B
McDonald, Bernard H
McDonald, Hugh G
McDonald, John A
McDonald, Thomas F, F, New B
McEnliff, Florence B
McFallon, Michael C, C, New D
McFarland, Peter C
McGonigle, James A. H
McGowan, Michael H
McGowan, Peter B
McGowan, Thomas Non Commissioned, H
McGuire, Cornelius H
McIrvin, John A
McKay, John E, H
McKean, Albert E, E
McKean, Erasmus E
McKeegan, Thomas C, C, New D
McKeeon, Robert C
McKewn, Alexander K, K
McKewn, George K
McLane, Arthur G, New B
McLilley, Joseph F, New B
McManus, John C
McMurray, James D, D, D
McNamara, John D
McNamara, Martin H
McNamara, Michael B, H
McNamara, Michael F. New B
McNamee, Marston A. G
McNamee, Robert A. G
McSpirit, Francis C
Meighon, Thomas C
Mellen, Lewis A, A
Merill, Aaron W. B
Merrick, Thomas Non Commissioned, A, New D, New D
Merrill, Aaron W. B, B
Merrill, Francis T. C
Merwin, Henry D. F,F
Meyer, Christian G
Meyer, Henry E
Meyer, Peter Regimental Band
Meyers, John B. F
Millain, John B
Miller, Jacob G
Miller, Laurenz E, E, New D
Miller, Peter D
Mills, Austin R. D, D
Mills, Isaac H, New B
Mills, John H,K
Mills, John H. W. Field and Staff, Non Commissioned, F, F
Miner, Jerome G. K, K, K, K
Minley, William K
Minter, Edward New D
Minturn, Philander B. G, G, G
Mitchell, Spencer A
Mohr, Henry C. Regimental Band
Monard, John New B
Monhollan, James New B
Moody, John B
Moonick, Anderson E. A
Moore, Christian K, K, K, New B, New B
Moore, James New B
Moore, John G, G, New D
Moore, John W. D
Moore, Reed H. New B
Moosman, Valentine A
Morehead, Samuel K
Morgan, James C, New B
Morgan, Nelson W. F, F
Morgan, Samuel K
Moritz, Frank G
Morrison, Frank D
Morrison, James G, G, New D
Morrissey, James E
Morse, Jason B, B, B
Morton, William A. G
Moses, Samuel New B
Mothersbaugh, Sanford G
Mounce, William New D
Mount, Seth E, E, E
Mower, John A, D
Moyes, William D
Mueller, Charles I
Mueller, John I
Muenzenmayer, Joseph I
Mullen, John G
Mullen, Lemuel New B, New B
Mullery, William H
Mullhattan, Daniel C, C
Munroe, James G, G, New B
Munroe, John C
Murphey, James F
Murphy, Cornelius E
Murphy, John H, H, H
Murphy, John W. K, K, K, K, K, K
Murphy, Michael A
Murphy, Morris H, H
Mursey, Cyrus F
Nagles, David E
Nash, Ed. S. G
Nash, Edward S. F
Nash, Edwin S. Field and Staff
Natale, Joseph I
Neddo, Joseph G
Neidiffer, Mark New B
Nelson, Edward V. New B
Nessell, Philip Regimental Band
Neumer, Benedict I
Newhall, Samuel M. Regimental Band
Newhard, George E
Nichols, William H. B
Nicholson, Patrick E
Nickols, Frederick E. F
Nickolson, Patrick New B
Niece, Elijah E,E
Niece, Elijah J. E
Nolan, Francis E, New B
Nolan, Michael A
Noonow, John B
Norman, Avery G. Non Commissioned, B
Norton, Patrick H
Nute, Ephraim Jr. Field and Staff
Nutler, Charles T. E
Nutting, David E
O'Brien, Dennis C, C
O'Brien, James H, H, New D
O'Brien, John F. C
O'Brien, John T. D, D
O'Brien, Michael B, B, New B
O'Brien, Patrick B
O'Brien, Terence E
O'Brien, Ternce E
O'Conner, Charles C
O'Connor, Edward C
O'Connor, James B
O'Donnell, Jeremiah E
O'Donnell, John B, B
O'Flaherty, John B, B, F,F
O'Hare, Edward F
O'Hearn, Patrick H, H, New B
O'Neil, Jonn C
O'Neill, Hugh C
O'Rourke, John F. C
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah E
Oliver, William K. A
Ordway, Edson F, New B
Orick, Joseph New D
Ortago, Lucas E
Otto, Charles I
Owens, Isaac T. E, E, E
Owens, James D
Paetz, Frederick W. F, F, F, F, F, F
Page, Stephen M. New D
Pait, Edward G. A
Pait, Jasper N. A
Palmer, William H. A
Papilousky, T. C. F. F
Pardee, John New B
Parker, John M. New B
Parker, William F. K, K
Parsons, Thomas F. Non Commissioned
Parsons, Thomas T. D, D, D
Patrick, Meredith New B
Patrick, Samuel K
Payne, Frank H, H
Peak, Alfred D, New D
Pearce, Martin E
Pearson, Richard M. F, F
Pease, John B
Pellett, Alonzo E. D
Pennock, Joseph G, G, G, G
Peppard, Thomas G. E
Perigo, John F, F, F
Perkins, John F
Perry, James H, H, H, H, New B, New D, New D
Peters, Clause I, I
Peters, John K, K
Pfefferkorn, Urban I, I, I
Pfeifer, Francis I
Phillips, Daniel New D
Phillips, James C
Pickett, Francis M. Non Commissioned, D, D, D
Pierce, John F
Piper, John K, K
Points, Charles N. New B
Pomphrey, Henry New D
Pope, Thomoas B. New D
Pope, William F. New D
Posegate, Charles G, G, New D
Posey, Pleasant E
Powell, Clayton E
Powell, Thomas B. F
Pratt, Caleb S. D
Pratt, Leonard D, D
Pratt, Silas D
Preble, William S. K, K
Price, William New B
Quigley, Hugh C
Quilty, John F, New B
Rafferty, John C
Ramsey, Andrew H
Ranchfoss, Charles New D
Randolph, Hugh A
Rankin, Charles H. H
Rasher, Hardy D
Rathmann, Augustus I
Rauchfoss, Charles A, A
Rearden, James E
Redman, Peter H
Redmond, Peter H
Redmond, Thomas D, D, New D
Reed, Eli A, New B
Reed, James C, C, C, C, C, New B, New B
Reed, John K
Reed, Oliver P. K
Reed, Thomas H, New B, New D
Reeder, George E, E
Reeder, George M. Non Commissioned, E
Reedy, George W. New B
Reedy, Woodford New B
Regan, William D, K
Regart, Casper A
Reheis, John F
Reicheneker, Valentine B
Reiley, Edward C, C, C, C, C
Reiley, Michael C
Reinhardt, William K
Reinochl, Adam F
Reirden, John C
Relham, Julius K, K, K
Repp, Joseph I
Reynolds, William T. New D
Rice, Nimrod P. New D
Rice, Peter H. G
Rice, Simeon C
Rice, Van Buren G, G, G, G, G, H, New B, New B, New B
Richards, Peter New D
Richardson, Dick C
Richardson, John New B
Ridler, William F
Rierdon, William H
Riley, James B, E
Riley, John B
Riley, Michael H, New B
Rinecher, Charles K
Rinehart, Louis B. F
Riorden, Bartholomew B, B
Ritchie, John D
Roberts, Sylvester M. G
Roberts, William Y. Field and Staff, Field and Staff, B
Robertson, Samuel A. D
Robinson, Andrew D
Roe, John C
Roeser, John F
Rogers, James C, C
Romaine, Ralph New D
Romanine, Ralf D
Rosbrook, James C. F
Rouse, Wilson New B
Rowan, Michael H
Rowles, Albert New B
Rufer, Charles K
Rutledge, Dudley C. New B
Ryan, Martin C
Ryan, Mathew K
Ryan, Michael C
Ryan, Michael N. C, C, C
Ryan, Thomas C
Sabann, Herman I
Sage, John S. A
Saile, Mathias I
Sandberg, Benjamin P. E
Sanders, Jeremiah New B
Sapp, David V. New D
Sapp, Jospeh M. New D
Sarstedt, Henry I
Saunders, Isaac B
Saunders, John C, C
Sawyer, Hubbard H. B, B, B
Saxton, Michael B, New B
Sayer, William D
Scheffer, Christian I
Schenan, Peter G
Schlange, Albert I
Schlectwig, Charles Regimental Band
Schmidt, Andrew I
Schmidt, Fred W. F, F
Schmidt, Frederick New D
Schmidt, Frederick W. F, New D
Schmidt, George I, I
Schnechler, Conrad I
Schneider, Charles I, I
Schnyder, Deobold C, C
Schueler, Conrad I
Schultheiss, Frederick I
Schulze, Charles I
Schuman, Augustus G, G, New B, New B
Schurr, David I
Schwartz, Albert D, I
Schwarze, Paul I
Scimitz, Peter D
Scott, Bartholomew C
Scott, James D
Seals, Willam C
Seaman, Clarke F. A
Searls, William New B
Seebacher, Valentine I
Segrave, David W. F
Seibert, Balthasas I
Seifert, Julius I, I
Self, Elias C H
Sels, Gustave F
Shafer, Leonard D, D
Shannehan, Thomas E
Shaughenessy, Maurice B
Shaughenessy, Simon B, B
Shaughnessy, Simon New B
Shaw, Gottleib Regimental Band
Shay, Frederick K
Shay, Frederick K
Shea, John B
Shehan, Daniel C
Shehan, John K
Shelton, John W. H, H, H, New D
Shepherd, John E
Sheridan, Michael F
Sherman, Amos New D
Sherman, Lewis G H
Shide, Andrew K
Shiveley, John W. New D
Shively, Andrew D
Shively, John W. D, D
Showalter, Fran. M. K
Showalter, Joseph T. K
Shultz, John A. G, G
Simon, Elias I
Simpson, Benjamin H, H, H
Sims, William H. G, G
Skinner, Bailey D. New B, New B
Smallwood, William H. A
Smart, William A, A
Smith, Andrew C, C
Smith, Charles A, H
Smith, Charles O. A, A, A
Smith, David T. New B
Smith, George B, B, B, D, G
Smith, Jacob Regimental Band, K
Smith, James E, New B
Smith, John C, C
Smith, John V. New B
Smith, Richard New B
Smith, Samuel D. Field and Staff
Smith, Sylvester T. B, H, H
Soley, Alexander E
Soley, Alexander C. E, E
Sommers, William H, H, H
Sommers, William H. New D
Soule, George C
Sowers, William F
Spaulding, Ashley O. G
Spaulding, Azel W. E, E, E
Speck, Joseph Field and Staff
Speckleman, Fredrick D
Speed, Richard D
Speiser, George I
Spelti, Abraham Regimental Band
Spence, Milton F, New B
Spicer, Newell W. Field and Staff, D, D
Spilman, Patrick C
Spragg, George G
Sprinkle, William W. E, E, E
Stafford, Lewis E, E
Stallard, James L. D, D, D, New D, New D
Standiford, James D. D
Stanly, Rufus A
Stein, Michael G
Steinacker, Conr'd H. H
Steinacker, Conrad H H
Stephens, Frederick K, K
Stephenson, Cyrus R. G, G, G, G
Stevens, Benjamin W. K, K
Stevenson, John S. E
Stevenson, Lewis New B
Steward, Joseph B
Stewart, Charles E, E
Stewart, David H. D, D, D
Stewart, Joseph B
Stewart, Patrick E, New B
Stewart, Thomas C H
Stewart, William F, F, K
Stewert, Charles E
Stockton, Job. B. G
Stone, Daniel D
Stone, John W. D, D, D, D
Stone, William H. F, F, F
Storey, Joseph D. A, A
Story, Robert E
Stotler, Jeremiah K
Stouffer, Charles C, C, C
Stout, Newton C. New B
Stratton, John K
Streibich, Gustavus I
Stubbs, Jesse D
Stubbs, Zimri K
Sullivan, Daniel C
Sullivan, Daniel G H
Sullivan, Dennis C
Sullivan, Garrett B
Sullivan, James B, E
Sullivan, James V. E
Sullivan, Jerry E
Sullivan, Michael H, New B
Sullivan, Owen C
Sutton, Samuel B, B, New B, New B
Swank, Samuel New B
Swartz, Henry C
Sweeny, Jeremiah A. H, H
Sweeny, Neil H
Sweet, John H
Swift, Francis P. D
Tamlin, William E, New B
Tarr, Thomas J. W. K
Tatlow, Samuel E, New B
Taylor, David D
Taylor, George R. D, D, D, New D, New D, New D
Taylor, Philip K
Taylor, Thomas H, H, New B
Teal, James M. G, G
Teirnan, Terence C
Tenneson, Otto H
Tennison, Otto M. Field and Staff, H, H, H
Terrian, Clafoss A
Terry, Clark New B
Terry, Elias A. New B
Therrit, Frank K, K
Therrit, Victor S. K
Thielen, Peter I
Thomas, August I, I
Thomas, George H
Thomas, Lewis D
Thomas, Louis New D
Thompson, Charles H. E, E, New B
Thompson, Philip A
Thompson, Shubal P. F, F, F, F, F
Tillitson, Levi W. E, New B
Tillottson, Levi W. E
Tinkham, Andrew F
Tomlinson, Alvin D. H
Tomlinson, John F. G
Tonay, Michael H
Toole, William R. D, D, New D, New D
Totten, Henry W. K
Tounzen, Daniel New D
Townsend, Smith G
Townsley, Luther G
Tracy, Francis B, H
Tracy, Frank M. A, A, I
Tracy, Robert A A, A, A, A, A
Tracy, William H. H, New B
Trew, John I
Trugott, William F H
Tubbs, Henry G
Tucker, Theron F, F, F
Tuffs, Job E, E, New B
Tumbleson, William New B
Turner, Henry E, E, E, E, E, New D
Turner, William H. E, E, E, New D, New D, New D
Tyrell, Thomas H
Umfried, Emil I, I
Updegraff, Daniel F, F, New D, New D
Updergraff, Daniel F, F
Van Fossen, John B
Van Leeman, Cornelius A, A
Vansykle, Samuel B. F
Vantrupe, John H
Vaughn, Gavriel K
Vaughn, Nathaniel C. D
Vaughn, Robert E. F
Vivianna, Francis F, I
Voeth, Theodore I, I, I
Volk, Otto A
Volkman, Gotfried A
Wabb, Louis I
Wade, William T. G
Wagner, Theodore I, I, New D
Wagoner, Bennett G
Wakefield, Geo. W. K
Waldron, David C. A
Walker, Edward S. A
Walker, John W. New B
Walker, Samuel F
Walmer, John K
Walsh, James H
Walsh, John C, C, H, H
Walter, Charles I
Walter, Joseph I, I, I
Walton, Louis L. K, K, K, New D
Waltz, Charles A. Regimental Band
Ward, John L F
Ward, Peter C
Warner, Henry K
Warren, John B, B, H
Washburn, James New B
Watkins, Green B. New B
Weaver, Martin E
Weaver, Peter E
Webb, Henderson New B
Webber, Leigh R. D
Weigert, Edward I
Weigert, Emanuel I
Weiser, John E
Weissenborn, Charles I, I
Wells, Ezra G, H
Wells, William C
Wentz, John Regimental Band
Wentzell, Frank E
West, William E
Westover, John New B
Weythman, Lewis A, A
Whitcomb, Milo New B
White, Albert F
White, George H
White, William D
Whitecloud, James New B
Whitman, Peter C
Whitte, Charles B
Wicker, Frank F
Wicks, Leonard D. D
Wilberger, Philip K
Wilds, James H, New B
Williams, Frank D, D, D, G, New D
Williams, Holaway E
Williams, John G, G, I, New B, New B, New B,New B
Williams, Richard D, D, New D
Williams, Thomas C
Williams, Thomas J. E
Williamson, Joshua F, F, F, F
Willis, Lorenzo N. G, G, G
Willson, Zachariah G. A
Willstoff, Charles F
Wilson, Abraham H. New B
Wilson, Abram H. New B
Wilson, Benjamin D
Wilson, Benjamin R. New D
Wilson, Charles G
Wilson, Hiram New B
Wilson, John B
Wilson, John T. D
Wilson, Zachariah G. A
Wilstof, Charles B
Winston, William F
Winters, Doctor W. D
Wisdom, Jasper R. New D
Wisler, Isaac G
Wizsler, Isaac New B
Wizsler, Stephen K
Woehale, Frank I, I
Woertz, John I, I, I
Wohale, Frank I
Wood, William H. D, D
Woodford, William K
Woods, John H, H, H
Woods, William H. New D
Woodside, William M. H, H
Woolf, Augustus D
Wright, Richard F
Yager, George F
Young, Gilmer F, F
Young, James B. H, H
Young, Lawson J. G
Young, Peter K
Young, William B
Youngman, James C
Zane, Ely I. B
Zesch, Gustavus I
Zimino, Francis H, H
Zook, George E
Zook, George W. E, E, New D

Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. - 1861-1865. Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.

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