Barber County, Kansas.  

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The Barber County Index, May 16, 1892.

Confederate Veterans' Meeting

The following roll of soldiers is extracted from a report of the Barber County ex-Confederates meeting at the Grand Hotel:

W.P. Ashby, McMeal's Partisan Rangers, Virginia
C. Lee Bradley, Bledsoe's battery, First Missouri Artillery
Wm. Brown, Capt., Co. F, Edmonson's Battery, Georgia Cavalry
B.F. Coffman, 1st Lieut., Co. D, 7th Virginia Infantry
A.L. Duncan, Co. G, 19th Tenn. Infantry
J.H. Garten, Co. F, 23rd Battalion Va. inf.
H.S. Higginbotham, Co. F, 45th Va. infantry
J.S. Jones, Co. C, 11th Va. infantry
C.W. King, Co. F, 38th-14th-3rd Mo. cavalry, Adams' brigade
Robt. Kimball, Co. A, Standwaty's brigade, Indian cavalry
J.F. Lawrence, Co. A, 18th Va. cavalry
John A. Ligon, Co. F, 7th Mo. cavalry
J.B. Litz, Co. G., 45th Va. infantry
Henderson Martin, Co. D, 8th Ky. cavalry
W.G. Musgrove, Graves' regiment. Weightman's brigade, Mo. infantry
Wayne McKinney, Co. I, 10th Mo. cavalry
Jesse A. McCarty, Co. E, 26th Texas cavalry
T.L. O'Bryan, Co. A, Chandler's battalion, Mo. cavalry
J.M. Reagin, 7th Georgia infantry
Bailey Shumate, Co. G, 25th Va. cavalry
C.J. Skeen, Co. C, 34th Texas infantry

Following additional names are listed as not specifically enrolled in the group, but identified as ex-Confederates: John T. Jesse; Frank Wright; ___ Marr; A.S. Cloud; Jacob Surface; T.B. Stockstill; H.P. Hartley; John A. Lester; Eli Lester; ___ Taggart; Frank Hall; G.B. Wiley; B.P. Wiley; B.W. Marsh; T.J. Patton; J.H. Davis; J.W. Prather; Eli Buckles; Wm. Lester; and ___ Wilson, 25th Va. inf.

Officers of the group were listed as Wm. Brown, president; W.G. Musgrove, secretary/treasurer.

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