Kansas Civil War Inquiries 
Please Email me Listing County, Name, and Military Unit Served In if You Know
John A. Jackson

Company B, 11th KS, Volunteers,
MBailey  Can you help me find out more about Company B, 11th KS, Volunteers, (I'm not sure if they were inf. or cav.).  At least 2 of my wife's ancestors were in this unit.  One being mustered in @ Paola in the fall of 1864.  He participated in Price's Raid; duration 6 weeks.  Later sent west to fight the Indians.
Looking for Dr. Rogers
Dr. Stephen Rogers von Hitritz  Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:30:44 -0500 My family tells me that Dr. Dryden Rogers who lived in Topeka, KS during the war, had served as a doctor with a Kansas unit.  Do you have a separate listing of Doctors from Kansas who served with Kansas units?
Trish   Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:31:45 -0500   I am looking for information on Andrew Jackson Stewart b. 1830 in IL. I have a Civil War record that says he was Enrolled aug 3 186/ for 3 yrs. at Fort Scott and Mustered in Aug 15 186/ and Muster-out date mch 11 1862 at Wyandotte KS but I cant find any thing else on this.

MBailey    Henry Clay White, possibly his twin brother-Daniel Webster White, Brother-in- Law "Billy" Bradley (25 yoa @ the time) & Henry Hollenbeck.  Infantry, Co. B, 11th KS.  Fall of '64quartered in Paola.  Mustered out September '65.  Later w/ Cavalry out of Holton  ( unit unknown) - sent west to fight the Indians. That's all I have on them at present.  Thank you .  Any and all help is appreciated.
Buck Barnett   I have been trying to find information on my gggrandfather Elias Marian Barnett.  I know that he was in the Civil War.  He lived in Vernon Co.Missouri but joined the Company B 9th Reg. KS. Vol. Cavalry.  I haven't been able to find any info on this unit, do you have any or can you direct me to the person(s) that do?  Were they Union or Confederate...What was the primary function of a Cavalry troop etc...
Michael Clark The following inquiry is posted on your site but there is no e-mail link for Kurt R. Milliken.  I may have some info about William Milliken. William's sister Mary, married my g-g-grandfather J. H. Cowan about 1859/60 in Grasshopper Falls, Kansas.
William Milliken Kurt R. Milliken Fri Jun 6 16:06:41 1997      My 2nd Great Grandfather (William Milliken) died Sept. 28 1861 and
have found out why. I have always wonder if it had anything to do with the Civil War. Also one of his sons (Alexander Milliken) disappears from all recorded records and I have wondered if he was killed in the Civil War? Another one of William Milliken's sons (Robert Milliken) supposively served in the war but I have not found any record of it. They were all from Grasshopper Falls ( now Valley Falls, Kansas). Thanks for your help.  Michael Clark
Muriel Thompson    I wish to inquire about a Patrick Casey, Company K, 9th Kansas Calvary buried in St. Gregory's Catholic Cemetery in Marysville, Kansas. He died on October 8, 1862. Any information would be of interest.
DAVID GAINES  Sat, 14 Mar 1998 14:26:53 -0600   I am looking for info. on David M. Hester who was with the 9TH KANSAS VOL Any info. on the unit and particularly any personal records. Thank you...DMG
Joy Kersteter   Looking for information on gg-grandfather, James THOMPSON, who lived in Henry Co. Missouri and went to Kansas to join the war. His certificate of discharge shows: private, Company C, Ninth regiment of Kansas Cavalry volunteers. Served from 14 May 1863 to 29 June 1865. Would like any information on James or Company C, 9th Kansas Calvary
Ila M. Hittle     I am searching for the burial place of the following: Robert G. Mansfield - Wagonmaster CW-enlisted 8/12/1862; mustered in at Atchison, Ks., 9/20/1862 by W.M.M. Watts.  Died 2/5/1863 Springfield, Mo. Sgt. Co., B, 13th Regt. Ks Vol.  I suspect he was involved in the "Battle at Pea Ridge", but cannot locate his burial.  His civil war records do not indicate this, other than he died of "survey".  He was not returned to Kansas for burial. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Jim Lokenbauer
I am, and have been looking for my gr-grandfather's records.  I found his discharge papers in Kansas, but not in the National Archives.Adam BOHNER 11th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry Volunteers, Capt.Allen's Company K. Enlisted 27 Aug 1862; discharged from Ft. Leavenworth 13 Sep 1865. Thankyou, Jim
Marlitta H. Perkins   14th KY Regimental Historian
I am looking for information on John C. Collins. He first served as Lieutenant in the 22d OVI (a three month regiment) and later as Captain in the 14th KY Volunteer Infantry Regiment (US) for the duration of the Civil War.Later he moved to Paola, Kansas and was associated with the McCaslin Post No.117, GAR, Dept. of Kansas in Paola. He was married at the Baptist Chuch in Ironton, Ohio on March 26, 1863 to Miss Mary Simonin, of Ironton. I am hoping to locate descendants of John C. Collins and / or any information about him! It would be greatly appreciated - I am writing a book about the 14th KY, Captain Collins' boys!! Thank you very much!!
Marlitta H. Perkins   14th KY Regimental Historian
Trish Roach
I am looking for information on Andrew Jackson Stewart b. 1830 in IL.  lived in Kansas and served in Kansas Company D was Muster-out March 11 1862  it looks like he was enrolled Aug 3 186/ ,  Muster in Aug 15 186/ at Fort Scott,  Kansas
do you have further information.
M577A2  Greetings.........I am searching for info on my great-great grandfather by the name of Leopold Herzig.He fought for a regiment from Ohio,and after the war moved to Kansas  to serve as deputy sheriff in Ellsworth..He is buried in Ellsworth.....
Sharon Sherwood  I am trying to find information re: my great great grandfather J.W.PHILLIPS who served with the confederate army during the winter of 1863.He was born in Tennesse around 1833-34.  He lived around Sevary in 1885.  Was buried in the Cresco cemetary in Elk Co., Ks around 1925-26.  His wife's given name was Ella.  He had 2 brothers.  He had 2 sons James and William Thomas;2 daughters one of which lived in Fredonia,Ks.  I know this is not much information, but it is all I have been able to find.  Any information you might find would be very much appreciated!  Thank you-
Terri Lang  A  James M. Goolsby was in the 7th Kansas Cav Co. A.  I would like any info on him and the unit.  He was a uncle.  I believe my 3rd greatgrandfather may have been in the 16th Reg. Kansas Cav. Co.E.  His name was Nicholas Sherman Vassar or Vesser.  His nephew Eli Vassar was in that unit and was recused by his uncle.  His uncles were Nicholas, Jonathan Riley Vassar, or John Robert Vassar.  Any info on any of them and the unit will be greatfully appreciated.  My grandfather had a child born in 1859 and not again until 1866 both in Kansas.  They were born in Missouri.  thank you Terri Lang
Robert Mirabelli    I am looking for any information on a John Everett who was from Miami County, Ks. and served in the Civil War between 1861 - 1864.  He received a Grand Army of the Republic Medal, which we still possess.  Any information about him would be greatlyappreciated, as he was my father-in-laws great great grandfather and we are trying to learn as much as we can about him.
Pat King James David RAWLINSON, b. 20 Mar 1841 in Aycliff, County Durham, England. He mustered in the Union Army, 8th Regt., Co. E on 18 Sep 1861 at Ft. Leavenworth, KS.  I have his military records and pension application.  I searched many, many Civil War sites and have been unable to find any information on his regiment or company.  He remained in the same regiment and company until his discharge on 28 Nov 1865 at San Antonio, TX.  His enlistment papers were not included in his military records.  I would very much like to know where he lived when he joined the army and his parents' names.  No record can be found of his birth in England.  He just appeared in Kansas in 1861.  Any information would be appreciated!
Sbocko3001@aol.com  WILLIAM STILES or STITES Seeking information on William Stiles or William STITES was supposedly in
Company E of the 12th Regiment, Kansas Infantry.
 Lillian Densley   I am searching for any information about WILSON SHOEMAKER who lived in Bourbon Co. KS and served in the Kansas Militia during the Civil War. He died in Bourbon Co. KS in 1865. If any one has information as to how I can be able to research Kansas Militia records, please contact me.Thank you, Lillian Densley Baker City, Oregon
Theya Schlicher Fri Sep 26 19:56:51 1997 searching for info about Thomas Henry Cox served 1st inf. co g kansas from about 1861 to 1863 discharged because of illness. have been trying to find info about him for years tia theya
Marcy Rose Wed Oct 1 18:57:39 1997 Charles Reynolds (Lonesome Charlie Reynolds) died with Custer at the Little Big Horn. He was a white scout. Books about Custer say he was born in Warren Co. IL about 1844. Went to Kansas when he was sixteen years old. He joined the Civil War in Kansas and served about 3 years. Any info on him would be most appreciated. My maiden name is Reynolds and family story has it he was related in some way.
Charlotte Stober Thu Oct 2 06:13:30 1997 I am looking for info, list of other members who served with my great grandfather (Squire Alexander Fuqua) he was in the civil war. Squire A Fuqua enrolled as a volunteer on july 26th 1862. he served till and mustured out with co july 25th 1865. he volunteer or enlisted in Ottumwa, Iowa. He was a pvt in company E. 22nd regiment Iowa volunteer. I have no idea where he went to war, i know he was in a hospital in Georgia. could you tell me where i could get more info on this unit,
who the other members were and where they fought. thanks so much 
Sam Mendenhall  William Gibson was born 1823. Moved to Bronson, Bourbon Cty. Kansas in the 1850's.
 I am interested to lean if he enlisted in the civil war.  His brothers were Samuel Gibson, born 1821,
John Gibson born 1819, Joseph Gibson born 1831, George W. Gibson born 1828. His brothers-in-laws
were Austin Gibson Smith born 1826, Issac Smith born 1830, William Jefferson Smith born 1834, James Henry Smith born 1836, John Thomas Smith born 1842. Cousins would have included men with the last name of Ferriel or Ash. Any one or combination might have signed up to fight. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
James A. Franz Mon Sep 1 19:44:00 1997 My great Grandfather, Col. James Montgomery, of Mound City, Kansas, born Nov. 22, 1814, died Dec. 6, 1871. He died at his residence 6 miles west of Mound City, Linn County. Col. James Montgomery was instrumental in helping to fund the arming of the Kansas Territorial Militia, in particular to help defend against the threat of Missouri Confederate General Stephen Price. Montgomery also engaged in various gun battles with raiders  from Missouri, and experienced the burning of his home and other incidents. He was captured on one occasion by raiders and escaped with the help of a secreted derringer. During one period he moved to Missouri as a  school teacher to gain intelligence on guerrilla raiders from Missouri, who were later attacked during the Kansas-Missouri strife preceding the Civil War. He commanded a regiment of black soldiers in the Civil War. The object of this query is to determine the designation of the black regiment and to discovery if any repository of Kansas history might have photographs from that time.
Richard Cole Wed Sep 3 23:05:56 1997 I'm trying to find family history on "Walter Kellan Stout". I'm told by my mother-in-law, that he fought in the Civil War and that he lived in Kansas.
Dave Wetzler Fri Sep 19 20:50:27 1997
My wife's great, great grandfather was named Mahlon Holaday (I've seen it spelled Holladay). He was attached to the 12th Kansas Volunteers as a surgeon. He was put in charge of a military hospital at Paola and later ordered to the front. I'm looking for any information confirming the above as well as additional facts about this period and his parents. This information comes from an autobiography of Mahlon's son William which he wrote in 1924 for the benefit of his family. Prior to the Civil War Mahlon was also a member of the last legislature of the Territory of Kansas and a member of the first legislature of the State of Kansas. He was born March 17, 1835 and graduated from Jefferson University Medical School at Philadelphia in 1857. His wife was Cynthia Hunt. I also have quite a bit more information about the Holaday family if anyone is
Linda A. (Karma) Yoakem I saw your e-mail address on the Web Page for Kansas GenLink, with lists of Civil War soldiers.  I am inquiring to see if you know how I can find any possible information on a relative of mine who is reported to have been in the Civil War.  His name is Jacob C. Rennaker, and he died in El Dorado, Kansas on December 1, 1920.  His parents were David Rennaker and Rheva Cravins, he married Martha Arthurhaltz, and he had a sister named Rebecca. His children were Michael and Rebecca.  There is a probability that he was enlisted in Kansas or Indiana, as I do not know at what time he moved to Kansas or if he was born there.  I checked your lists of Company A through Company H, but could not get into any of the other lists (Infantry and Indian).  Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you.
GKeele@aol.com  13th Kansas Inf. Co. C My great grandfather served with this regiment but I can find almost no information. I know that later he was transferred to Co. B First Kansas. Can anyone give me info on the 13th. I can't even find it listed anywhere.
Dee A. Welborn Fri Aug 8 18:01:40 1997 We have family bible purchased with bounty money for services by R.L. PIERATT (PIERULT) in the Union Army of the USA. It is written that he died at Federal South Kansas, 10th of July 1863. I do not know what the initials R.L. stand for. Is there an index for all Union soldiers in Kansas? As that I do not have an unit or troop number, I do not know how to proceed in searching? Please advise.
RL JENKINS Thu Aug 7 18:49:48 1997 Daniel Wirt Eiler joined the 13th KS Regiment. Any information would be appreciated. He lived in Atchison County. All I know from family members is that he joined just after the starting of the civil war. They left Leavenworth into Missouri, then into Arkansas. They were then stationed in Little Rock.
Jeanne Venturino Thu Aug 7 18:47:17 1997 Looking for info on: William James GILLILAND, enlisted at Leavenworth, Kansas 1Kan Inf Co.D 14 June 1861 to 5 Feb 1862. Injured at Battle of Wilson Creek 10 Aug 1861, in hospital at St. Louis. Reinlisted in Co H, 16 Kan 4 Jan 1864. Mustered out as Pvt 6 Dec 1865. Born 17 Jan 1831 (or 1826) Huntingdon Co, PA.
Shirley Allen Wed Aug 6 21:17:13 1997 Looking for info on S.V. Cooper who fought in the Civil War, and died in Olathe Kansas on 10/9/1925. First name may have been Silas or Steven, but he went by S. V. Cooper.
marco criss daez Thu Aug 7 01:40:15 1997 I'm looking for Swayzee Criss ( I don't know if I the spelling of his first name is right) who is a soldier during the civil war. What I heard from my mother that he is wounded in that war. I want to know if this is true and when did he died. Thanks!
Donna Clark I have been searching for information on my great grandfather James Henry Barnes. On the Internet the Index to Kansas Volunteers Enlistment 1861-1865 shows he enlisted using the name James Henry Barnes Company G Reg. 11. The State Archives on the Internet shows no Company G for Reg. 11. I have had a search completed at the National Archives under both pension and military and they can find no records. Family stories say he was injured and thought to be dead. When they were picking up the dead for burial they discovered he was alive. He lived in the Cheeryale, Mound Valley, Kansas area. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
Sherm Sarff      Lemuel Gittinger Cunningham I am doing some research on my father-in-laws family. His birthday is 9 Aug and he will be 80 years old. His grandfather (the Subject of the message) served in the Union Army and I belive in Kansas. He died in Kansas around 6 Mar 1897. I have a copy of a typewritten note from a G. H. Billings informing Lemuels two sons in Oklahoma that their died and then a letter talking about the funeral. Billings talks about a grand army badge and ensigna of command but no mention of unit, rank, dates of service etc. I have not been able to find anything on your web site. Am I not searching correctly or is there another web site I am missing. Am trying to put a family tree together for my father's in laws birthday and have a lot of information. Soemthing about his grandfathers civil war service would be icing on the cake. Lemuel died and was buried in Delphos, Ottawa County about 6-7 March 1897. Would appreciate any ideas you might have. Sincerely, Sherm Sarff
Mike Proffitt Served from approx 1862-1864 John Calvin Green. Listed on his muster records as Calvin Green. Enlisted at Fort Smith. Company K, 6 Regt., Kansas Cavalry. Died Cedar Co. MO. 1901. Would like to run across a site that lists him so I could copy it off for family. He was I think a 1st. Sgt. Thanks Mike Proffitt 620 Vaughan St. Norco, CA. 91760 (909) 735-4012 Phone and Fax e-mail wb6bcf@pe.net
Tim Turner I'm searching for info on David Reynolds. He was born 21 March 1820 in Pennsylvania. He served in Company F, 9th Regiment of Kansas Cavalry Vols. from 1861-1865. He died 25 August 1893 at Yates Center,Woodson Co., Kansas. I'm looking for others researching this individual as well as information on his unit during the war.
Gary Elder I am looking for help in verifying that my ancestor William Jefferson Elder served in the 14th Kans. Cav. Co. H. He lived in Holt Co. Missouri but could have easily mustered out of a nearby Kansas county, possibly Doniphan. I have not been able to find him listed in any of the information on civil war units on the web. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able provide.
Teresa Fouste Allen William I. Rutledge b. January 21, 1837 in Illinois. Died October 30, 1863 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. He served with Company F, 8th Regiment of the Kansas Volunteer Infantry. I have not been able to determine where in Tennessee he is buried.
Russ Ottens Tifton, GA Henry A. Seal, born Mar. 14, 1826 in Dauphin Co., PA died Feb. 13, 1898 in Jackson Co., KS, Josiah Seal, born Jan. 16, 1834 in Crawford Co., OH died Feb. 20, 1911 - buried in Meriden, KS. These men are distantly related to me and I'm hoping to find out the part they played during the War Between the States.

John A. Jackson