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your host for the KSGenWeb Ness County web site. I am not the original host for this county so I would like to acknowledge those that have gone before and recognize their contribution to this web site. Thanks to all of them.

I do not live in Ness county nor do I have ancestors that lived in the county. Therefore this web site for Ness county is your web site. Those of you who do have an interest in Ness county or have ancestors of Ness county, past and present, will make this web site what it is. I will do my best to post historical and genealogical material as I receive it or develop it, but your contributions will be the primary source used to enhance the web site for the use of researchers.

Do you have genealogical/historical information about Ness County? Dust off that old family Bible; dig out grandpa's store ledgers; 'rediscover' those old pictures. We'd love to add your information to our site! Please contact me if you have material to contribute or if you have questions.

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