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Topic: Orphanage; Rosedale ks.
Conf: Johnson County Queries, Msg: 40041
From: Deleted User
Date: 8/28/2002 03:44 PM

I am searching for information regarding my Father.
He was supposedly left on the door steps of the orphanage
with a note attached. Which read;please take care of my
baby his name is Virgil Allen. He was adopted by my
grandparents. I am searching for health
and heritage information. I've always wanted to know more
about his/my real family. I realize there could be very
understandable and negative history. He
was left there in 1927. If anyone has any helpful info. it
would appreciated. 1927 was the year he was born,I also
know month. and day.
Thank-you his loving and desperate daughter.