Leanna Cemetery

On the border of Neosho County & Allen County
Bush Martha E. Cunningham   03-Oct-1832 07-Mar-1909 Headstone    
Cunningham Annie     15-Apr-1848 05-Nov-1916 Headstone   same stone as Elbethel
Cunningham Devota     1907 1930 Headstone    
Cunningham Edna   2   23-Aug-1883 Headstone   Dau. of Lewis N & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham Elbethel     11-Jul-1843 05-Jul-1935 Headstone   same stone as Annie
Cunningham Jameson   16   11-Feb-1879 Headstone   son of R & S E Cunningham
Cunningham Lewis Nelson     1853 1933 Headstone    
Cunningham Madaline     1920 1921 Headstone    
Cunningham Mary Peery   1850 1933 Headstone    
Cunningham Mary E     12-Jun-1851 25-May-1933 Headstone   same stone as Robert H.
Cunningham Mary Elsie     1890 1966 Headstone    
Cunningham Nancy Helen     1864 1932 Headstone   same stone as Reason Miles
Cunningham Nora B     1887 1975 Headstone    
Cunningham R     21-Feb-1818 10-Jan-1909 Headstone    
Cunningham Reason Miles     1856 1940 Headstone   same stone as Nancy Helen
Cunningham Robert H     18-Sep-1847 04-Apr-1930 Headstone   same stone as Mary E
Cunningham R. Berton     1881 1945 Headstone   Father
Cunningham Susan E     07-Apr-1821 27-Aug-1907 Headstone   w of R Cunningham
Gibson Annette E     02-Feb-1839 29-Apr-1922 Headstone   same stone as Capt A P
Gibson Capt A.P.     12-Jun-1837 17-Jun-1906 Headstone Civil War Veteran same stone as Annette E.
List G. H.   85 01-Oct-1834 09-Jun-1920 Headstone Civil War Veteran same stone as Mary L
List Mary L   80 19-May-1839 09-May-1920 Headstone   same stone as G.H.
McCracken Mary Angeline   92   03-Sep-1942 Obituary    
Peery Amy I       22-Feb-1884 Headstone   Dau. of B.F. & M.J. Peery
Peterson Carl J     29-Mar-1879 10-Jun-1946 Headstone    
Peterson Gertrude Cunningham   08-Sep-1885 09-May-1966 Headstone    
Russell James       22-Oct-1917 Obituary    

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