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Feel free to request a look-up from any of the volunteers listed below. Please limit each request to one name and put ANDERSON COUNTY, KS LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidently deleted. Please be as specific as possible and please honor any conditions established by the volunteers. If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time! If you have information you are willing to share or references you can do lookups in, please let me know!

Please note that requesting a lookup is NOT the same as submitting a query. If you would like a query posted on the Queries page, please submit one using the form available at that page. That way your query will be formatted in a standard fashion, and will go into the comprehensive index. You are welcome to submit both lookups requests and queries as often as you wish.






Teresa Lindquist
Dorothy Lickteig has given permission for me to do limited lookups in the Early Gleanings books and the cemetery books. Requests for lookups from these books are limited to one surname. If there is extensive information available for your family, it is recommended that you contact Dorothy Lickteig directly. Copies of the information in these books may also be obtained from the Anderson County Historical Society and/or Dorothy Lickteig. As of June 1, 2000 only Volume 4 is in print. The cemetery book is unfortunately out of print.

I can also do lookups in the Anderson county chapter of Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas".

I also have an extensive database on Anderson county surnames, compiled from various sources, which I will be happy to search for you. Please limit your request to one surname at a time.

I have recently acquired a copy of "The History of Anderson County, Kansas, From its First Settlement to the Fourth of July, 1876", by W.A. Johnson, published 1877. The book contains information on the first 25 years of Anderson county history. I am happy to do lookups in this book, but please limit requests to people that might reasonably have been in the county between 1854 and 1876. An every name index is now available.

Lookups are also available from Judge J.Y. Campbell's 1876 book on Anderson county. Please limit lookups to one surname at a time.

Anderson County Births
Dorothy Lickteig, president of the Anderson County Historical Society has a huge file of extracted births for Anderson county, with sources including church records, bibles, county records, newspaper notices, etc. Please write to her at P.O. Box 217, Greeley, KS 66033 for further information.

Gus Sexton
Has an extensive database on the Lickteig and Schneider families of Anderson county and is willing to share information.

Philip Sutton
Has an extensive database on the ancestors (to Massachusetts 1600's) and descendants of James Sutton, one of the earliest settlers in Anderson county. He is willing to share information on this family and other Sutton Valley settlers.

Charlotte Babicki
Has a booklet called the James Wood Family Record, which includes LIZER and ROBE families from Harris, Anderson Co, Kansas, and would be happy to share this information.

Eric Anderson
Has information on Anderson county Kellys and Paradises that he will share.

C.L. Frost
Has extensive information on the Frost, Karns, and Halstead families of Anderson county.


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