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  1. Allen, Tony Wayne

  2. Blunt, Elizabeth

  3. Bradley, Donald G.

  4. Casselle, Marguerite

  5. Chapman, Robert M.

  6. DeDunnah, Calvin D.

  7. Dodge, Paul Richard

  8. Dorssom, George A.

  9. Erdley, Dean

  10. Fee, Josephine D.

  11. Hall. J.A. (Gus)

  12. Hedrick, Arley

  13. Hedrick, Arvilla (see Arley)

  14. Hedrick, Frank D

  15. Hobbs, Sandra Kay (see McCalister).

  16. Horn, Homer H.

  17. Houchens, Marvin F.

  18. Koons, G. Val

  19. Larson, Amy T.

  20. Legler, Anna Grace Meyer

  21. Lenox, Jack R.

  22. McAtee, Mrs. Robert

  23. McCalister, John Henry

  24. Mez, Rodney Eugene

  25. Mosier,  James H.

  26. Mosier, Joseph F.

  27. Mosier, Joseph F. "Jody"

  28. Mosier, Margaret T.

  29. Mosier, Thomas

  30. Nigus, Vella R.

  31. Ramey, Gladys Marie

  32. Ramey, Timothy P.

  33. Reynolds, Sheila M.

  34. Rhodd, James A.

  35. Rhodd, Theodore

  36. Snodgrass, Emmett L.

  37. Snyder, Robert D.

  38. Strahan, Frank Fenton

  39. Tollefson, Kenneth D.

  40. Tollefson, Maren

  41. Tollefson, Selmer T.

  42. Tolles, Romine F.

  43. VanLiew, Ernest M.

  44. Weibling, Charlotte A.

  45. Wright, Nathan Paul

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