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1999/2000 Surnames

Surname Yr Contact
Arnold 99 Margaret Christensen
Bachar, John 00 Richard Songer
Bacon 00 Barbara Hatchell
Banks, John and descendants from Hiawatha & Fidelity areas 00 Paul Kuestersteffen
4845 SW Commanche Rd
Topeka, Ks 66614
Barker, William (died 1870-1890) 99 Carolyn Gang
1115 W. Newman Ave
Stillwater, Ok 74075
Barlow, Andrew Jackson. 99 Rayna Barlow
Baxter 00 Bruce Kennedy
BEECHER Ethel May 1871-1930 g-grandmother m. George Thomas Schilling.Charles P. 1843-1906 gg-grandfather Died in Brown County. 99 David C. Miller
602 Inverness Court
Norman, Oklahoma 73072
Phone: (405) 366-7089
Bowen, William and Sarah (Moore) 99 Marilyn Merritt
Brenneman 00 Jim Hewitt
Bryan, Gilbert and Anna J (Hanney) 99 Marilyn Merritt
Burton 00 Mary Ann Sandy Hope Anderson
Campbell 99 Harold Kottmann
Campbell, Christina (husband Walter Saville) 00 Judy Nacke
8402 Gloxinia Dr
Louisville, Ky 40258
Carlson 99 Barbara Ann Pottorff
CARPENTER 99 Marita Lee
Carpenter 99 Bev Andreas
Clark, Bolivar Lewis and
Clark, Susan Hiatt
99 Susan Clark
COON 99 Glenda Suit
Cornelison 00 Linda Grennan
Christensen, James 99 Jim Christensen
Crutchfield 99 Paul Carter
Davis 99 Harley Kessluk
Davis, family of Hiawatha and info regarding the historical site 99 Kay Suckow
Demming 99 Ballita Schafer
Dittemore 99
Dodd 00 Robert Asher
DRAKE 99 Glenda Suit
Dunn 00 Jim Hewitt
Ebeling 99 Bev Andreas
Ellis, Burell 00 Ruth MIckelson
Garrity, Thomas and Mary Ann 99 Cheryl Armstrong
Gentry 00 Linda Grennan
Gillespie 00 Linda Grennan
Glenn, George W. and children Sarah b 1853 and Alexander b 1856 99 Marilylnn Wienke
Guinn 99 Margaret Christensen
HALDEMAN 99 Glenda Suit
Haflich, Francis H 00 Dean F Sollberger
Hansen 99 Curt Warner
Hart 00 Linda Grennan
Harter 00 Robert Asher
Hayes, James Hamilton 00 Richard Songer
HECKMAN 99 Ballita Schafer
HENRY 99 Glenda Suit
Hewitt 99 Margaret Christensen
Hewitt 00 Jim Hewitt
HOPKINS 99 Tracy
Howard, Albert J. and children Rosillia, Nelson Eugene, Truman S., Roy M., and Cordelia 99 Stanton Baker
Howell, Amos A. 99 Vicki Schaefer
Hrencher 00 Dorothy Wiskup
JONES Owen Carlyle 1885-1975 grandfather Richard Cumro 1860-1933 g-grandfather Buried in Brown County Owen 1828- gg-grandfather Arrived in Brown County abt. 1857, buried there. 99 David C. Miller
Kenedy, George W. and children Martha, Rosette and  Ernest John (was George living with Ernest in the Hiawatha area between 1880 and 1895) 99 Cathie
Kenady, John Warfield and Sarah Alzada 00 Kyke M Condon
KIEFER 99 Ballita Schafer
Klinefelter, Jacob 99 Pat Perry
23122 Chamise Dr
Twain Harte, Ca 95383
Kopietz 00 Dorothy Wiskup
Kruse, Johann Heinrich (John Henry) lived in the Hiawatha area moved there from Bartholomew Co., Ind. and later moved to Topeka. 99 Walter Kruse
LANGDON 99 Tracy
Lawrie, Clara Ruth b., 2/24/1898 in Hiawatha married Elzy Ray Davis in 1928 in Hoisington, Ks 00 Donna Craig
8924 Hardy
Overland Pk, Ks 66212
Long, Peter and children: John, William, Abraham, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, James, Nancy Ellen, Harrison and Daniel W. 99 Stanton Baker
Long, Helena and sons Calvin and Abraham (Abrahams 1st wife was Mary Fair) 00 Bob Gurtler
5124 Williams Fork Trail #107
Boulder, Co 80301
MANN Ann Abt. 1848- gg-grandmother m. J. H. B. Wright. Thomas ggg-grandfather "Colonel Mann?" 99 David C. Miller
Martin, James or John 99 David Perrine
Maxwell 99 Barbara Ann Pottorff
Maxwell, Floyd Vincent, RobertEllsworth,Harmon/
Hiriam, William E.., and Hattie Fitzpatrick
99 Doug Amhof
Eldridge, Iowa
McManus 00 Susan Oleari
McQuilken 99 William C Gilbert
Meek, Richard Moore,Valentine and Sarah (Meek) 99 Marilyn Merritt
Meyer/Myer 99 Gay Christensen-Dean
4605 Merrick Dr
Dayton, Oh 45415
Moll 99 Bev Andreas
Molt 99 Bev Andreas
Moser, John and Susan Stephens 99 Gregg Moser
Moser 99
Nellans 00 Bruce Kennedy
Noel, William Marshall; William Alonzo, Lulu Coz 00 Mrs Noel
Oden 99 Ballita Schafer
O'Neill, Edward 99 Marilyn Merritt
Over 99 Ballita Schafer
Orcutt 99 Bev Andreas
Osborne 99 Pat Perry
23122 Chamise Dr
Twain Harte, Ca. 95383
Page,  Lavina, Harry and Joshua 99 Vicki Schaefer
Plamann 99 Gay Christensen-Dean
4504 Merrick Dr
Dayton, Oh 45415
Poindexter,Sarah A. Poidexter Robinett, b. 1835 Indiana. Came to Kansas about 1866. 99 Gary Clifton
Porter, George M., Margaret Jane Young lived in Horton 00 Carol Blair
Pricer 99 William C Gilbert
RICHARDSON Ballita Schafer
Rinearson 00 Linda Grennan
Rodewald 99 Skip Pickering
ROTZ 99 Glenda Suit
Saville, Walter Aquilla (wife Christina Campbell) 00 Judy Nacke
8402 Gloxinia Dr
Louisville, Ky 40258
Sawyer 99 Curt Warner
SCHILLING Blanche Marie 1889-1969 grandmother m. Owen Carlyle Jones.George Thomas 1867-1939 g-grandfather Adam 1834- gg-grandfather 99 David C. Miller
Schraer 99 Pat Perry
23122 Chamise Dr
Twain Harte, Ca 95383
Scott. Jonathan 00 Marilyn Tower Oliver
Snooks 00 Chris Snooks
SPERRY Cordella 1844-1911 gg-grandmother Died in Brown County, m. CharlesP.Beecher. 99 David C.Miller
Stainbrook/Steinbrook 00 Joan Steinbrook Keene
Stephens 99 William C Gilbert
Waller 99 Harold Kottmann
White 00 Linda Grennan
Whitehead 00 Joan Steinbrook Keene
I am researching my ggrandmother FRANCES ISBEL WILCOX. In her obts, her birth place is listed as BROWN COUNTY, KS, 15 Dec 1867. Her father's name at this time is not know. She was married to my ggrandfather ANTHONY KASTL in Lyndon, KS on 9 Nov 1883 99 Chuck Hunts
Wiles, Lewis Eugene b: 3-10-1889, Bulah Westcott Wiles, Bill, Lee, and Alznah Wiles 00 Stacey Sarakinis
Searching for info on McCameron C. Wilson b abt 1853 IL. Living in Hiawatha, KS. in 1911. He married Sarah E. Diehl 1 Aug 1877 Fulton Co.,IL. His parents were Jephthah Wilson and Lucy A.(Hollister) 99 Joan Nix
WRIGHT Desmond Emma 1868-1946 g-grandmother Buried in Brown County, m.Richard Jones. J. H. B. 1801- gg-grandfather 99 David C. Miller
Zimmerman 99 William C Gilbert


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