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THE WESTERN STAR, 4 April 1913
Obituary of H. M. "MACK" HUNT

H. M. Hunt, commonly known as "Mack," met death at his own hands shortly before noon on last Monday at his home nearly 15 miles northwest of this city. No one was in or very near the house at the time. A son was
working in the field and when he came in at noon the father's dead body was found on a bed. On the floor near by lay a 45 caliber Colt revolver, with one empty shell. That the man took his own life with suicidal
intent there is no doubt. In a brief note which he left, he stated that he had been accused of a crime, but positively declared his innocence, and affirmed that while he was innocent, he would rather "die and end
all" than to have the worry and the expense of trying to establish his innocence. He had seemed morose for two or three days and those with whom he was closely associated, had noticed that he was somewhat disturbed and had on one or two occasions, referred to the fact that he "was not far from the other side." He had rolled back the collar of the overalls jumper which he wore and so opened up his other clothing as to expose the body in the region of the heart. He had evidently, as he sat on the side of the bed or stood by it, placed the muzzle of the revolver over his heart and pulled the trigger. The ball passed entirely through the body, and it is evident that death was almost instantaneous. The shot made a frightful wound in the body, after which it entered the wall of the house. As soon as the dead body was found and a telephone could be reached, word was sent to Coldwater and Dr T. _. Crawford and Deputy Sheriff A. L. McDonold were soon on the way to the Hunt home, but they found their trip useless, except to verify the facts, as stated above.

Deceased had lived in this county (on one of the former Frank McLaughlin tracts of land) for a little over 2 years. He lived in Stafford county for several years and taught several terms of school in that county. He also lived for a while in the Marriage ranch in Kiowa county. A son, whose home is in the east, and two sons, Hermon and Ray, of this county, survive. The wife died about 20 years ago. Had Mr. Hunt lived until the
3rd of next June, he would have been 60 years of age. Interment was made in the Coldwater cemetery on Wednesday.
Transcribed and Contributed by Shirley Brier

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