Delta Cemetery, Jewell County, Kansas

Location: Section 13 of Washington township. Nine miles east of Mankato on highway 36, 1 mile north, 1/2 mile back west, then south along a trail approximately 1/4 mile.

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Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription Notes
Adams George W.   21 Sep 1852 14 days   Died in Luma, ILL
[Adams Monument
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Adams James M.   29 Apr 1893 62yrs, 5mo, 24ds   h/o Tobitha Adams
[Adams Monument
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Adams Sherman G.   27 Apr, 1875 9yrs, 11mo, 9ds   Died in Madrid, IA
Adams Sterling W.   12 Feb 1875 18yrs, 5mo, 23ds   Died in Madrid, IA
Adams Tobitha   22 Feb 1902 67yrs, 6mo, 3ds   w/o James M.
Brindle Charles Marion 31 Aug 1903 25 Jan 1904     Infant s/o GD & LA Brindle
Brindle Wm Paul 6 Feb 1905 12 Jan 1906   The golden gates were opened wide, a gentle voice said come and angels welcomed our loved one home. Infant s/o GD & LA Brindle
Ellis Lilly M.   1 Aug 1890 6mo, 8ds OUR BABY
Weep not Papa & mama for me, for I am waiting in Glory for thee.
d/o J & Josephine
Farnham infant   18 Dec 1898     s/o JH & L Farnham
Haecker Samuel 17 Oct 1846 31 Aug 1872   A weary pilgrim here at rest.. We hope to meet him with the blest.  
Haecker Susanna   18 Nov 1883 21yr, 4mo, 19ds   w/o JE Haecker
Jacobson Herman Clyde 1882 1965     Jacobson Monument
Jacobson Jacob 1850 1941     View
Jacobson Mary Ruth 1895 1961     View
Jacobson Minda Edith 1889 1969     View
Jacobson Sarah S. 1858 1947     View
Johnson Amy J.   7 Jun 1903 30yr, 6mo, 1d We part on earth with a husbands love, to meet again on the heavens above. w/o Peter Johnson
Johnson Peter 16 Dec 1857 4 Jun 1907 50yr, 5mo, 19ds A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. We loved him.
Kirkpatrick M   1 Jul 1897 81yr, 4mo    
Lacy Elijah R. 14 Jun 1881 14 Jan 1916   At rest with God View
May Maudie 7 May 1887 22 Nov 1889     not sure if May is last name or middle name, Maudie May only names on stone
McClure Willmina E.   4 Dec 1888 14yr, 8mo, 2ds   d/o JH & C McClure
Neal infant sons   19 Sep 1886     I/o WH & OA Neal
Neal Olive A. 16 Aug 1855 19 Sep 1886     w/o WH Neal
Neal WH 1854 1927     View
Orth Harry R. 1907 1994   Married 12 Sep 1946 h/o Martha E.
Orth Martha E. (Jacobson) 1899 1993   Married 12 Sep 1946 w/o Harry R.
Pantier Albert E.   3 Aug 1874 1yr, 2mo, 20ds   s/o BE & EL
Pantier Almia (C or G)   29 Aug 1880 10mo, 5ds   d/o BE & EL
Pantier Edwin R.   14 Oct 1882 6yrs, 9ms, 11ds   s/o BE & EL
Pantier Emma A.   7 Sep 1871 10mo, 2ds   d/o BE & EL
Pantier Hattie A. 4 Sep 1877 14 May 1880     d/o HM & RL
Pantier Jane   1 Jul 1878 83 yrs   w/o D Pantier
Pantier Kearney G. 10 Sep 1883 20 Nov 1884     s/o HM & RL
Pantier Lloyd DeWayne   31 Oct 1903 1yr, 5mo, 5ds Weep not father and mother for me,
for I am waiting in heven for thee.
s/o Mr. & Mrs. AE Pantier
Pantier twin daughters         d/o James & Carrie Panter
Pierce Mary Jane ? ?     w/o EL Pierce
broken stone, parts illegible
Platz Armindie Bell   2 Apr 1890 1yr, 5mo   d/o DC & CS Platz
Family Monument
Platz Clarinda S. 1860 1934     Mother
Platz DeWett C. 1849 1921      
Swaim Mary E   9 Nov 1884     View
Switzer Daniel W.   24 May 1873 3yr, 14ds   s/o ? & EL Switzer
VanMeter Freeman E. 1917 1981     s/w Leo
VanMeter Leo L. 1915 1986     s/o Freeman
VanMeter Louis D. 1878 1947     s/w Emma & William
VanMeter Emma 1894 1919     s/w Louis & William
VanMeter William 1918 1919     s/w Louis & Emma
VanMeter Perry 2 Jul 1860 29 Apr 1932     View
VanMeter Euphrates 1854 1934     s/w Sarah A.
VanMeter Sarah A. 1858 1918     s/w Euphrates
Woolsey Arminda (Adams) 1860 1941     View
? ?   22 May 1876 62yr, 10mo   broken stone, bottom 1/2 remaining

Additional Stones

Initials AV on a limestone rock.
Modern stone with "MOTHER".
Initials S.H. on stone.
Several stones that are illegible.

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