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Biographies / Obituaries / Personal Histories
clinejam.txt James Cline 2K 06/20/98 Virginia Perry
clinejud.txt Judy Cline 2K 06/20/98 Virginia Perry
hainenoe.txt Olive E. Hainen 5K 07/02/01 Michelle Roberts
reedeb.txt Elmer B. Reed 2K 09/23/00 Patricia Seitas
reedse.txt Sarah Elizabeth (Davis) Reed 3K 09/23/00 Patricia Seitas

bergjohn Berg   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
burr_oak Burr Oak Cemetery
selected stones
8/23/03 Glen Stevenson
delta Delta   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
elliot_hawkins Elliott & Hawkins   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
german German: Kellner   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
historical Historical: Bartlett, Dahl, Sutzer, Ward   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
jewellcity Jewell City Cemetery (selected stones)   6/1/05 Janece Carter Streig
lutherane Lutheran Cemetery (East)   10/31/02 Janet Tyler
lutheranw Lutheran Cemetery (West)   5/31/02 Janet Tyler
montana Montana   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
montana2 Montana Cemetery
selected stones
8/23/03 Glen Stevenson
pleasant_view Pleasant View   10/5/01 Janet Tyler
prairie_home Prairie Home Cemetery
selected stones
  11/06 Fred Campbell
st_theresa Saint Theresa Catholic Cemetery   1/1/02 Janet Tyler
star Star Cemetery   6/1/05 Janece Carter Streig
zion Zion Cemetery   10/31/02 Janet Tyler

1870 images 1870 Census Images   10/11/01 Linda Tremblay
with permission of S-K Publications
1880 images 1880 Census Images   12/28/99 Julie Waller
with permission of S-K Publications
polk.html 1912 Polk Directory,
Jewell County, KS
  12/11/99 Bill & Diana Sowers

Deed Books
Deed Extractions McKracken family related   5/2005 Janece Carter Streig
Pre-Nup Agreement McCracken & Jester   5/2005 Janece Carter Streig

1878 Jewell County, KS 1878 History folder 03/04/01 Patricia Seitas

1883.txt Jewell County, KS 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll 15K 01/07/98 Mike Jacobs

burroak1915 1915 Burr Oak, Kansas   11/06 Belva Vestal
esbon22.html 1922 Graduates, Esbon, Kansas   8/30/00 Stacy DeRoberts
esbon25.html 1925 Graduates, Esbon, Kansas   7/12/00 Linda
esbon26.html 1925 Graduates, Esbon, Kansas   7/12/00 Linda
jw1914 1914 Crescent, Jewell, Kansas   3/01 Linda Tremblay
lebanon.txt 1929 Graduates, Lebanon, Kansas 3K 10/15/99 Joy Hyde
mankato40.html 1940 Graduates, Mankato, Kansas   10/08/01 Janet Tyler
mankato41.html 1941 Graduates, Mankato, Kansas   10/11/01 Janet Tyler
mankato42.html 1942 Graduates, Mankato, Kansas   10/11/01 Janet Tyler
mankato43.html 1943 Graduates, Mankato, Kansas   10/11/01 Janet Tyler
mankato86.html 1986 Graduates, Mankato, Kansas   11/22/00 Kay Turner
montrose65.html 1965 Students, Montrose, Kansas   10/06/01 Janet Tyler

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