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Morris County Links

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Morris County, Kansas Migrations.  They came for a reason, they left and went where?  Why did they go and who went with them?  Please check out this new valuable resource!  Submit your information if you would like!

Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Morris County.  Excellent reference to the early history in Morris County.

Morris County Map (circ 1880) This is a sectional map in B&W of Morris County, scanned from the Cutler's History of the State of Kansas book

Morris County Map (circ 1878) This is a sectional map, in color of Morris County, scanned from the Kansas State Board of Agriculture's First Biennial Report.

Morris County Cemeteries (GNIS)

Morris County Populated Places (GNIS)

Morris County Churches (GNIS)

Morris County Schools (GNIS)

Morris County Historical Newspapers  Microfilmed newspapers stored at the Kansas State Historical Society.  I'll personally vouch that this is an excellent resource, well worth the time to research through.
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Morris County Information

Information on the Web pertaining to Morris County (Lycos)

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